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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Goodridge-Grafton

Goodridge, Gutteridge
John was at Watertown, Mass. in 1637.
John was a tailor at Boston in 1642.
Richard was living at Guilford, Conn.n 1639.
Robert was an innkeeper at Boston pre-1677.
Tomas was  a mariner living in Boston pre-1691.
William settled at Watertown in 1636.

Boston's John Winthrop wrote in his journal sated March 4, 1634, that "Samuel Cole set up the first house for common entertainment..." but this appears to be the FIRST in New England, but not in the new colonies, such as Virginia where the Cole's Inn was established at Jamestown some 20 years previous. This Inn was referred to as the Three Mariners Inn, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. 

Thomas is at Branford, 1667.

Roger is found married at Barnstable, Mass. in 1641.

The inside of a colonial inn.

Goodwin, Goodwyn
Adam was born  in 1617 and came to Providence, R.I. as a servant to John Moulton.
Christopher was a mason at Charlestown. in 1647
Daniel came from Torrington, England to Kittery, Maine in 1652. He was then an innkeeper at Berwick, Maine in 1662.
Edward was a shipwright at Salisbury in 1667.
Edward was at Boston in 1641.
John was married at Charlestown, Mass. in 1669 then moved to Boston.
John was an early settler at Reading, Mass..
Nathaniel, brother of the preceding, was at Reading in 1679.
Ozias was born in 1596 and came to Cambridge and Hartford, Conn. by 1636.
Richard was married at Gloucester, Mass. in 1666.
Richard was married at Amesbury, Mass. in 1677.
William , aka "Elder William" was brother to Ozias and is found at Cambridge in 1632. He is then found at Hartford, Conn. in 1636 and Hadley, Mass. by 1654, leaving no issue.

Isaac was at Kittery, Me. in 1686.

Stephen was at New Haven in 1638 and became Deputy Governor from 1643-1658. He was lost at sea on the way back to England in 1658.

Gookin, Googins
Daniel was born in 1612 and was the fourth generation of Arnold Gookin. He and his father, Daniel, first settled in VA. and then Boston in 1644. He is then found at Roxbury and Cambridge by 1648, attaining thee rank of Major-General during the Indian Wars.

Francis was at Duxbury in 1637 and Charlestown by 1658.

An old woodcut of King Philip's War

Alexander was a native of Scotland, a soldier in the Royalist Army and was sent to Watertown by Cromwell in 1651. He is later found at Exeter, N.H..
John was at Bridgewater in 1682.
Nicholas was an inhabitant of N.H. in 1689.

John is at Roxbury in 1637.

Gorham, Gorum, Goram
Capt. John, son of the following, was at Yarmouth, Me. in 1652 and died at Swansea, Mass. in 1675.
Ralph, son of James, was born at Benefield, Northhamptonshire, England in 1575. He came to Plymouth in 1635, but returned to England where he died in 1643.

John came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630 to Dorchester, Mass. and left no issue.

John is found at Roxbury, Conn pre-1636.
Samuel was born at Groton, Lancaster, England in 1592 before coming to Boston in 1636. He then went to Plymouth and finally to Warwick, R.I. by 1641.
Thomas was a freeman at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655.

Henry was a resident of Boston in 1634.

Edward was at Marblehead, Mass. in 1665.
James came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630 and settled at Watertown the following year.
Philip first came to Roxbury, then removed to Lancaster, Mass. by 1687.
Richard was in  N.H. in 1689.

Charles came with Gov. Endicott in 1628 to Salem. he then moved to Wenham, Mass. in 1654.

Gould, Goold
Adam is found at Gorton, Mass. pre-1683, then Woburn, Mass. later.
Christopher lived at Hampton, N.H. in 1660.
Daniel is at Newport, R.I. in 1655.
Edward was born at Hawkhurst. Kent, England in 1607. He came to Hingham as a pailmaker in 1675.
Francis was at Braintree pre-1655.
Henry is living at Ipswich in 1675.
James was a freeman at Haverhill, Mass. in 1677.
Jarvis, Jarvice, came to New England with the family of Clement Bates from All Hallows, Lydd, Kent, England to Hingham in 1636. Ten years later, he is found at Boston.
Jeremiah was at Newport, R.I. in 1638.
John was born in 1610 at Towcester, Northampton, England and is found at Stoneham, Mass. by 1635.
John was a resident of Newport, R.I. in 1655.
John was married in 1673 at Taunton.
Nathan, son of Nathan, came from St. Edmundsbury, England to Milford, Conn. in 1647. By 1650, he is at Fairfield, Conn..
Nathan was at Salisbury, Mass. in 1660.
Robert was at Hull, Mass. in 1666.
Thomas was born in 1607 and at Boston in 1639.
Thomas was married at Newport, R.I. in 1655.
Thomas was at Charlestown in 1640, then Boston.
Thomas was married at Boston in 1656.
Zaccus was the son of Richard Golde and sixth generation of Thomas Gold(who lived  at Great Monerden, Bucks, England). Zaccus was born in 1589 at Hants Green, Bucks, England and came to New England in 1638. He lived at Weymouth and Lynn by 1644. and is later found at Ipswich/Topsfield, Mass..

Francis was at Plymouth in 1643.

Goulding, Goulden, Golden
Peter was born at Shipman, England in 1635. He is found as a saddler in VA in 1667. He then went to Boston by 1693, Worcester and Salisbury, where he died in 1703.
Capt. Roger was a mariner and brother of the preceding. He is found in R.I. in 1676.
William was a clergyman at Boston in 1646.

Abraham was a mariner at Boston in 1672.

Edward is found at Salisbury pre-1679 and served as first assemblyman from Hampton, N.H. in 1680.
John was a dealer and worker in brass at Charlestown in 1631.
John was the brother of Edward and married at Cambridge in  1658.

Gouring, Gowen
John was at Lynn in 1682.
Nathaniel is living at Reading in 1691.
Richard or Robert was born in Scotland in 1618 and is found at Dedham in 1634. He then went to Wenham, Lynn, Watertown and lastly Lynnfield, Mass. by 1660.

John was at Dorchester in 1635. He then went to Salem in 1642.

Daniel is found at Hartford in 1646.
Nicholas is at Windsor, Conn in 1693, when he died.

Joseph was a mariner at Salem in 1637.
Thomas is found in N.H. in 1689

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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Glading-Goodrich

John is found as married at Newbury, MA in 1666.
John is at Plymouth, MA in 1640, then in Bristln, R.I. later that same year.

Robert was a mariner at Salem in 1665.

Library of Congress. 1721 Conn. Thanksgiving Proclamation

James is found at Plymouth in 1638.
James was married in Boston pre-1688.
Roger, brother of first James, is living in Duxbury, MA in 1637.

John was born in England in 1640 before being found at Woburn, MA in 1663.

Thomas was born at Sulgrave, Northampton, England in 1607. He settled at Watertown, MA in 1652, then to Cambridge in 1651 and finally at Charlestown, MA by 1666.

Charles was a printer in Boston in 1682.

Charles was born at Hampshire, England in 1630 and settled first at Portsmouth, H.H. in 1665. He is then found in Exeter, N.H. in 1677 and finally in 1697 at New Market, N.H..

Charles was a shipwright at Salem in 1632 and went to Gloucester, MA by 1644.
Henry was born in England in 16093 and settled at Ipswich, MA by 1634. In 1642, he is found at Dedham,. MA and then is seen in Boston and New Haven, Conn. during the next 3 years.
John was born at Rainhill, Prescott, Lancashire, England to Thomas in 1600. He lived in Dorchester, MA in 1631 and Boston 20 years later.
Ralph came to New England in 1630 with Winthrop's Fleet but died pre-July, 1633.
Stephen is found married at Gloucester, MA in 1658.

Richard was born in England in 1618 before coming to Roxbury, MA in 1635.

John lived in Concord, MA and later is found in Fairfield, Conn. by 1644.

Thomas came from Marlborough, Wiltshire, England to Boston in 1635.
William came from London to Watertown, MA by 1635.

     Detail from the broadside of Fanny Amlett, who was tried and executed at the age of 17 for drowning her newborn child. The 'Dying Speech,' as these execution broadsides were more generally known, reads: 'Heart-rending execution of Fanny Amlett: a grazier's daughter, near Scarborough, who was basely seduced from home by a naval officer, who brought her to disgrace, and then deserted her. She became pregnant, ... in a fit of despair, and scarce knowing what she did, she drowned her new-born babe: for which she was brought to trial, and executed, in the seventeenth year of her age, together with a copy of plaintive verses.'

Christopher was a resident of Fairfield, Conn. pre-1685.
Francis was a carpenter who was born in England in 1600 before settling at Duxbury, MA in 1638. He then moved to Marshfield, MA and Bridgewater, MA later in life.
George is found at Eastham, MA pre-1663.
George is living at Marblehead in 1668.
John was born in 1632 at England. He is found at Ipswich in 1634 and in Andover, MA and New London, Conn. pre-1667.
Peter is found to have married at Newbury, MA in 1656.
Richard lived at Taunton, MA pre-1650.
William resided at Watertown in 1640 before removing to  Hampton, NH..

George resided at Fairfield, Conn. in 1651.
Henry is found to have been married in Watertown, MA in 1663.
Richard was living at Gloucester, MA in 1666.

Edward came to Watertown, MA from Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 1634.
Jon was a freeman at Newbury in 1639 and died 2 years later leaving no issue.
John  is residing in Boston in 1678.

Henry is living in New Haven, Conn. by 1645, later moving to Guilford, Conn.. He left no male issue.

Joshua was married at Salisbury, MA in 1667.
Ralph was living in MA by 1661.
Richard was killed by Lightening in Wenham, MA in 1678.
Thomas moved to Salem by 1643 and is found soon after at Southampton, L.I..
Zaccheus was a freeman in 1685 at Wenham, MA and is the brother of Richard above.

Thomas was born in England in 1610 and a resident of Roxbury, MA in 1631.

     Confession of the barbarous murder committed by John Holloway on the body of his wife: and cutting off her head, arms, & legs’, depicts the barbarous crime for which John Holloway was executed — murdering and dismembering his wife

William was a cordwainer at Salem in 1637.

Gooch, Gouch/Gutch
Edward was living at Boston in 1685.
John was a freeman at York, ME in 1652.
Robert is found at Salem in 1638 and later near "the mouth of the Kennebek River in Mayne".

Josiah was married pre-1681 at Boston.
Nehemiah is living at Lynn, MA in 1673.
Richard came from Yarmouth, Norfolk, England to Newbury in 1638 and to Salisbury, MA a year later.
Richard was a mariner in Boston in 1665.
Robert was born in 1604 in England and is found at both Ipswich and Salem pre-1637.

Robert is found in MA by 1646.
Thomas was born in 1614 at England before coming to New England in 1638. He is found at Salem by 1640.


                                             Execution broadside

Edmund was born in 1611 at Shaftsbury, Dorset, Wiltshire, England. He went to Sudbury, MA by 1638.
John, older brother of Edmund, was born in England in 1596 and settled at Sudbury, MA in 1638.
Thomas, brother of John an d Edmund, was born in 1608 and lived with his brothers at Sudbuty in 1638. He went to Marlboro, MA later in life.

Isbrand was a servant to Caspar Varlert in Hartford, Conn, in 1658.

Nicholas was born in England in 1675. He came from London to Ipswich in 1635 and was a clothmaker.
William was born in England in 1612. He is found at Ipswich in 1636, being the first of his name in New England.

Daniel is found at Kittery, Maine by 1659.

John was a Mayflower passenger.
John was married at Sudbury, MA in 1656.\
Richard is at Cambridge in 1632. He then went to Hartford, Conn. and later to Hadley, MA..

Bartholomew was a signer of Branford, Connecticut's covenant in 1667.
John lived at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1643.
William was a brother to John and was born at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. He came to Wethersfield in 1643

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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Gibbons-Givan

Gibbons, Gibbins

Ambrose went to Portsmouth, NH in 1630, and then to Oyster River
Edward was at Mr. Wollaston, MA pre-1631 when he is found at Charlestown, MA. He lastly went to Boston
 Henry was at New Haven, Conn. in 1644 then removed back to England.
James was born in England in 1614 before going to Saco, Maine in 1635.
William was at Hartford, Conn. in 1639, then New Haven, leaving no male issue.
This is a woodcut of a cordwainer. The difference between a cordwainer and a cobbler(shoemaker) was that a cordwainer used new leather to make new shoes, whereas a cobbler fixed shoes.


Francis was at Windsor, Conn. in 1640..
Giles came to Dorcester, MA in 1633 from Devon County, England. By 1635 he is found at Windsor, Conn..
John was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1638.
John went to Cambridge, MA in 1637, then to New Haven, Conn..
Matthew was a resident of Charlestown, MA. pre-1650 and is found at Sudbury, MA by 1634.
Robert was born in England between 1636-1639 and was a descendant of the family of Warwickshire, England. He was the 8th generation from Thomas and his father was Sir Henry. Robert was at Boston pre-1660.
Samuel was living at Sandwich, MA pre-1649.
Thomas was the brother of Samuel and settled at Sandwich by 1643.
William was a hatter at New Haven, Conn. in 1654.

Christopher was a soap boiler at Dorchester, MA by 1630.
John was born in England in 1601 and came to Ne England by 1631. He is found at Cambridge, MA in 1634.
Richard was a clergyman at Portsmouth, NH in 1637, then returned to England by 1642.
William was at Boston and then is found at Lynn, MA by 1665.

George was born at St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1610 before coming to Ipswich in 1635.
John was teh brother of George and is at Ipswich in 1653.

John came to Lynn, MA in 1653.
Stephen was born in England in 1641 and is found at Norwich, Conn. in 1659.
William is at Stamford, Conn. by 1647 and after is found at Sandwich, MA.

Humphrey was born in England in 1615. By 1648, he is living in Ipswich.
John was born in Devonshire, England and came to New England with Winthrop's Fleet of 1630. He settled at Dorchester, MA and is found later at Taunton, MA by 1637.
John settled at Boston where he is found to have married in 1653.
Jonathan was the son of Thomas of Waldcote, England and went to Hartford, Conn. in 1645.
Matthew settled at New Haven, Conn. in 1638, and later went to Boston.
Thomas was born in England in 1600. He went to Windsor, Conn. in 1644, then to Springfield, MA in 1655.
Thomas was a clergyman at Boston in 1661 and then the first minister of Topsfield, MA in 1663. He then went to Charlestown where he died in 1673.
William(spelled his name Gibbard) came from Warwickshire, England in 1647 and is then found at New Haven, Conn. later in life.
William lived at Windsor, Conn. in 1640.
William was a cordwainer at Boston in 1675.

Richard was born in 1601 at Hempstead, Herftfordshire, England before going to Boston in 1635. He then went to Wethersfield, Conn. and Stamford by 1641 and lastly is found at Hempstead, L.I. after.

Gile, Guile, Gyles, Giles
Daniel was a settler at Salem in 1689.
Edward was also at Salem in 1634.
John settled at Dedham in 1636.
John was a schoolmaster at Salem by 1690, then he is found at Boston.
Samuel was the brother of the first John and is at Newbury pre-1640. He is then found at Haverhill, MA..
A portion of a 1642 New England Primer, thanks to the New England Colonial Society

Arthur was a shipwright at Dorchester, MA pre-1639 when he is found at Boston. He returned to England in 1654 where he died in 1655.
John was at Dorchester, MA in 1640 and later at Boston by 1678 when he died there.
John married at Salisbury, MA in 1645.
John was a mariner at Boston in 1649.
Thomas was living in Hingham in 1635.
William was at Salem by 1668 when he is found to have married.

Gillam, Gillian, Gilham
Benjamin was a ship carpenter at Boston in 1635.
Robert is at R.I. by 1638.

Gillett, Gillette
Jonathan came to New England in 1630. He is found at Dorchester in 1635 and Windsor, Conn. in 1636.
Matthew is found at Dorchester in 1634 and two years later at Windsor, Conn..
Nathan was the brother of Jonathan and was living at Dorchester in 1630 and by 1636 is at Windsor, Conn.
Samuel is living at Hatfield, MA in 1668 when he is found to have married.

Alexander was at Marblehead in 1674.

James is seen at Salem pre-1692.

Gillin, Gillon
John was a resident of Lynn in 1637.
Thomas was the brother of John and is at Salem in 1639.

Edward was the son of Robert, grandson of Edward. He was from Caston, England and went to Boston in 1638. He then went to Hingham the same year; Rehoboth, MA in 1643; Ipswich pre-1652 and lastly at Exeter, N.H..
Richard settled at Hartford, Conn. by 1672.

James was a resident of Rehoboth, MA. in 1668.
Joseph was married at Groton, MA. in 1661, then to Chelmsford, MA in 1674 and lastly to Concord later.
Thomas was born in England in 1614 before settling at Concord, MA.
William was at Scituate in 1631.

Thomas was at Ipswich in 1639.

Gingell, Gingle, Gengill, Gingen
John is at Taunton in 1639 and then is found at Dorchester and Salem after.
William was living at Westerly, R.I. in 1661.

francis was at Salem in 1678.

John, a Scotch, was at Boston in 1684.

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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Garfield-Gibbard

Edward was born in England in 1575 and lived in Watertown, Mass. in 1635.

Jarvis was a freeman at Salem in 1639.

George lived in Maine in 1659.
Jabez was at Dover, N.H. pre-1690.
John was born in England in 1621 and is found at Hampton, N.H. by 1650.
Peter resided at Charlestown, Mass. in 1637.

Joseph was at new London, Conn. in 1651 and is found to have been charged with witchcraft at Easthampton, Long Island a couple years later.

1770 Maryland note

Garner or Garnier
Edmund was living in Cambridge, Mass. in 1635.
Thomas was a merchant at Boston in 1648.

Garnet or Garnett
John is found at Ipswich, Mass. pre-1650, when he is found at Hingham.

Henry was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1655.
Joseph was an inhabitant of New Haven, Conn. in 1647, then is found to have married in 1659 at Stamford, Conn..
Joseph was married at Milford, Conn. in 1673.
William was a freeman at York, Maine in 1652.

Garrett, Garrad or Garrart
Daniel was a prison keeper at Hartford, Conn in 1640.
Hiram or Herman was living at Concord, Mass. pre-1638, when he is found at Charlestown, Mass..
James was a freeman at Charlestown in 1639 but was lost at sea in 1657. His ashes were scattered at sea by his widow on her return to England the same year.
Richard was a shoemaker who came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630. He was at Charlestown the same year but lost  at sea leaving no issue.
Richard was the first town clerk of Boston pre-1636.
Robert was also a mariner who married at Boston pre-1643.

Gascoyne, Gaskin or Gaskell
Edward was a shipwright and was granted land at Salem in 1637.

Gatchell, Getchell or Gitchell
John was born in 1611 and is found at Salem by 1637, then removed to Marblehead by 1648.
Samuel was at Salem and Hampton, N.H. by 1641 before being found at Salisbury, N.H. by 1648.

Capt. George was born in England in 1634 and came to New England in 1651. He was at Haddam, Conn. in 1661.
Stephen was the son of Thomas and tenth generation from Thomas Gates of Higheaster and Thurstebic, Essex, England(Thomas being born in 1327). Stephen was of Hingham, Norfolk, England and came to Hingham, Mass. in 1638, then to Cambridge, the Lancaster by 1654 and lastly back to Cambridge 2 years later.

1775 two shilling Rhode Island note

Gatline or Gattliffe
Thomas was a miller at Braintree, Mass. in 1656.

Peter was at Lynn, Mass. and then Sandwich, Mass. by 1637.

John was a freeman at Watertown in 1635, removed to Dedham in 1636.

Samuel was of Nantucket, Mass pre-1691.
William, brother of Samuel, was married at Nantucket pre-1673.

Gaylord, Gaylor, Gayler, Gallard or Gallerd
John was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1632.
William, brother of John, was a deacon and born at Exeter, Devonshire, England. He was one of the founders of Dorchester, Mass. in 1633 before removing to Windsor, Conn. in 1636.

Gears, Geer or Geers
George was born in England in 1621 and found at Boston by 1635 before being granted land at New London, Conn. by 1651.
Thomas, brother of George, is found at Enfield, Conn. in 1682.

Geary, Gery, Gerry or Gary
Arthur was at Roxbury, Mass. in 1639.
Denis was born in England in 1605 and came from London to Lynn, Mass. in 1635.
Henry was at Salem, Mass. in 1648. Thomas was born in 1638 and came to Charlestown, Mass. in 1668.
William was a freeman at Salem in 1641.

Gedney or Gidney
James was born at England in 1603 and came from Norwich, Norfolk, England to Salem by 1638.

Peter was a fisherman at Boston in 1667.

1780 Rhode Island note

Genery or Chenerie
Lambert was at Watertown in 1636, then at Dedham, Mass. later.

Eleazer was at Salem in 1668.
Gideon came from Yorkshire to Salem in 1680.
James is at Haverhill in 1652, then to Salisbury in 1653.
John was an apprentice to Gov. Winthrop in 1641 the a resident of Charlestown in 1657 and is found at Boston after.
Nicholas was an innkeeper at Dorchester in 1666.
Peter is found at Braintree pre-1643 and by 1670, he had moved to Block Island, R.I. by 1670.
Richard was married at Boston in 1655.

Gerard, Geraerd, Garriard or Geraerdi
John, of Dutch descent, was in "Narragansett country" in 1651 and was made a freeman at Warwick, Rl.I. in 1655.

William was born at Bristol, England  between 1616-1621 and settled at Newbury in 1639 before removing to Boston by 1678.

Henry was at Salem in 1648.

Gibbard(see Gilbert)

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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 French-Gardiner


Edward was a tailor, born in England in 1590. He first settled Ipswich in 1636 before moving to Salisbury by 1640.
Ephraim was t Enfield, Conn. pre-1674.
Francis came with his uncle William to Cambridge in 1635 when 19 years old, and settled as an  adult at Derby, Conn. in 1654.
John was born at Dorset, England in 1612 and is found at Dorchester,  MA in 1639, and settled at Braintree after.
John was at Northampton, Mass. in 1676 and Rehoboth, Aass. previously.
Richard was at Cambridge, Mass. in 1652 and was a grantee at Billerica, Mass..
Stephen came to Dorchester, Mass. in 1630 then to Weymouth by 1634.
Thomas is found at Boston in 1631 and Ipswich in 1639.
Thomas was a resident of Charlestown, Mass. and Guilford, Conn. by 1650.
Lieut. William, brother of John, was born at Halstead, Essex, England in 1603. He settled at Cambridge in 1635, then Billerica in 1652.

John was a carpenter at Saybrook, Conn. before going to Salem in 1637.

James was at Salisbury in 1667 and after, Newbury.

John is at Stonington, Conn. in 1666.
John was at Ipswich around 1640.

Frisbie or Frisby
Edward was a resident of Brandon, Conn. in 1668.
John was at Brandon also, in 1668.

John is at Bridgewater, Mass. in 1645.

Fussell or Fuzill
James was a Scot at Roxbury in 1656.
John came from Scotland to Braintree pre-1664.
William was also a Scot and married at Concord in 1667.

Colonial Method of Soapboiling

Edmund, son of Rev. John, was born in England in 1610 and is a freeman at Cambridge by 1635.
George was at Saco, Maine in 1636.
Jasper is found at Boston, where he is found to have been married in 1660.
John was a merchant at Boston in 1677 and a proprietor at New Haven, Conn. by 1685.
Joseph married at Boston in 1660.
Nicholas, brother of Edmund, was born at Tiverton, Devonshire, England in 1595 and came pre-1632 to Cambridge. He is found at Portsmouth, N.H. later.
Thomas was married at Sudbuy in 1678.
William came from Nottinghamshire to Fairfield, Conn. in 1639.

William was a Scot who was born near Holderness, Yorkshire, England around 1600. He came with Winthrop's fleet and is found at Charlestown in 1630.

George was a weaver and freeman at Weymouth in 1651.
John was a wheelwright who was born in England in 1601. He came from Baringstoke, Hampshire, England to Newbury in 1638 and then at Andover.

Fryer or Frier
James was at Cambridge pre-1640.
Thomas was at Salem in 1639 and then is found at Gloucester by 1642.

Francis was married at Watertown pre-1693.

Edward was a Mayflower passenger and baptized at the parish of Redenhall, Norfolk, England before coming to Plymouth in 1620. He died the following year.
Giles was at Hampton, N.H. in 1640.
Jacob is found at Danvers in 1690.
James was at Ipswich pre-1673.
John was born in England in 1620 and is found at Ipswich in 1634.
John was a farmer and malster who was born in England and settled at Cambridge in 1635.
Lancelot was at New Haven, Conn. in 1643.
Robert lived at Dorchester, Mass. in 1641, removed to Dedham in 1643.
Robert was a bricklayer and freeman at Salem from 1639- 1658, then at Rehoboth.
Samuel was a Mayflower physician and brother to Edward, settling at Plymouth in 1620.
Samuel married in 1673 at Rehoboth.
Thomas was at Middleton, Mass. in 1638.
Thomas was an inhabitant of Dedham in 1643.
William, brother of John, came to Ipswich in 1635 at the age of 15 years.
William was a gunsmith and miller at Concord in 1637.

A 1679 engraving of the Pequot War

Lieut. William was born at London in 1614 and at Dover, N.H. in 1637.

John was at Marblehead, Mass. in 1668.

John was born in 1607 and was at Cambridge in 1638.
Strong was a soapboiler at Boston in 1643.
William, brother of the preceding, was at Boston pre-1652.

David was born in 1667 and is at Marblehead in 1692.

Fussell or Fuzzell
John was a Scotsman and is found at Weymouth in 1640 then at Braintree in 1664.
Joshua was a resident of Medfield, Mass. in 1649.

Lieut. Walter was born in England and settled at Dorchester in 1634 before removing to Windsor, Conn. by 1636.

John  was the ninth generation from John Gage(fl. ca.1498)and came from Stoneham County, Suffolk, England. He came to Boston by 1630 and then to Ipswich and Rowley by 1669.
Thomas was born in England in 1625 and settled at Yarmouth, Mass. in 1649, then died at sea the following year.

William was a surgeon who came with Winthrop's fleet in 1630 from Suffolk, England. He was a deacon of the first church of Mass. and died Sept. 20, 1630, leaving a son John who would later live at New London, Conn..

Gaines or Gaynes
Henry was at Lynn in 1639.
Thomas was also at Lynn in 1640.

Ambrose was at Salem pre-1663.
Bartholomew was married at Salem in 1662.
Edmund was at Salisbury in 1666, then later is found at Marblehead and Falmouth, Maine.
Hugh was a freeman at Kittery, Me. in 1652.
Richard was at Watertown in 1640.

Gallop or Gallup
John was a fisherman and pilot who settled at Dorcester in 1630, then at Boston by 1632 and he was the father of Capt. John Gallup of the Pequot War in December of 1675..

John was granted land at Salem in 1637.

Philip was born at Somersetshire, England and settled at New Haven, Conn. in 1646. He then went to Fairfield, Conn by 1657, and finally at Rye, N.Y..

Daniel was at Chelmsford, Mass. pre-1691. He then went to Dunstable, Mass where his house was burned by the Indians in 1706.

Gamlyn, Gamlyne, Gamlin or Gamblin
Robert was the son of Robert and came on the ship William and Francis in 1632 with the Rev. Thomas Welde to Roxbury.

Philip was a fisherman at Casco, Maine pre-1690.
Robert was at Pemaquid, Me. in 1674.

Matthew came to N.E. in 1638 and settled at Hingham and Scituate by 1651.
Thomas, brother of Matthew, was at Duxbury and Bridgewater by 1645.

Garde, Gard or Garrart
John was at Warwich, R.I. in 1655 and later removed to New London, Conn. in 1667.

Christopher was a knight of holy order who came from Bristol, England in 1630. He lived at Mount Wollaston, near Boston.
George was son of Sir. Thomas Gardiner, born in England in 1601. He was at R.I. by 1638.
Lion, a Scotsman, came to Saybrook, Conn. in 1635. He and his son David were inhabitants of Conn. where his son was the first white child born in the state. He later removed to Easthamption, L.I.
Richard was a Mayflower passenger who left no issue.

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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Forbes-Freeze

John was born in Scotland and was at Sudbury, MA in 1636 before removing to Bridgewater, MA in 1645.

Daniel was also of Scottish descent and was born in 1620. He is found at Cambridge between 1656-1660, then at Concord, MA, then onto Marlboro.

Forbush, Forbish or Forbas
Alexander was married at Charlestown, MA in 1674.
Daniel was born around 1620 in Kellar, Scotland and was living at Cambridge, MA in 1662, then went to Marlborough, MA in 1681.

Andrew was a freeman in Weymouth, MA in 1654 and moved to Abington, MA after.

John lived at Falmouth, MA in 1621 and removed to Marshfield, MA after.
Martin was married at Bradford, MA in 1685.
Thomas arrived at Dorchester, MA in 1630.
Thomas resided at Milford, Conn. in 1646.
Thomas was at Boston, MA in 1690.
Timothy was at Charlestown, MA in 1637 and then is found at New Haven, Conn. in 1639.
William, brother of John, settled at Dixbury, MA as early as 1643.

Rev. Robert is found at Cambridge and Sudbury, MA early as 1640, before being found at Southampton, R.I. later.

Abraham was at Boston

Eli was a resident of Marblehead, MA in 1674.

Samuel came from Devonshire, England around 1666 to Windsor, Conn..

Stephen came from Lincolnshire, England to Charlestown, MA in 1635.

John is found at Charlestown, Ma. as early as 1658.

John settled at Dover, N.H. in 1665.

Andrew was born in England in 1579 and is found at Andover, MA by 1669.
Bartholomew was married at Gloucester, MA in 1669.
Christopher was born in 1603 at England and settled in Lynn, MA by 1635, then went to Southampton, L.I. after.
Edward, son of Timothy, was born in England in 1610. He came with his uncle Timothy Hatherty to Plymouth in 1623 and settled at Scituate in 1633.

Edward was at Marblehead in 1668.
Edward is at Springfield, MA in 1661.
Edward was an inhabitant of Middletown, Conn. in 1670.
Hopestill was a brewer, son of Hopestill, and came with his mother at the age of fourteen to Dorchester, MA.
John was born in England in 1618 before settling at Salem in 1649.
Reginald was born at Bramton, England in 1595 and settled at Ipswich in 1638.
Samuel was born in England in 1619 and is found at Dedham, MA in 1647. He removed to Wenham, MA in 1650, then to Chelmsford in 1655.
Thomas was at Boston in 1641.
Thomas was a freeman at Weymouth in 1647, removed to Braintree and Billerica, MA after.
Thomas, son of John of Kingsware, England was a resident of New London, Conn. in 1666.
Timothy was born in Devonshire, England and went to Plymouth in 1623. He returned to England, then came back again to Scituate in 1633.
William was a resident of Newport, R.I. in 1638.
William was a resident of Boston in 1644.

Aaron was married at New London, Conn. in 1680.

Fowkes or Fooks
Henry was a freeman at Dorchester in 1635, the went to Windsor, Conn. where he died in 1640, leaving no issue.

Fowle, Fowler or Fowlar

Ambrose was a resident of Windsor, Conn. in 1640 and then removed to Westfield, Mass. in 1671.
George was of Scottish descent and came to MA in 1638. He first went to Concord, then Charlestown.
Henry was at Providence, R.I. in 1655.
Philip was a clothworker at Marlborough, Wiltshire, England before coming to Ipswich, MA in 1634.
Samuel was at Salisbury, MA in 1665.
Thomas was at Boston pre-1635, and went back to England in 1646.
William came with Rev. John Davenport to Boston in 1637 before removing to New Haven, Conn. the following year. In 1661 , he settled at Milford, Conn..

John was a miller at Charlestown, MA in 1645 and went to Cambridge in 1655.

David was at Woburn, MA in 1678.
Isaac was at Medford, MA in 1679.
Nicholas was at Marblehead, MA in 1674.
Thomas was the son of Samuel, grandson of John(of Boston, Lincolnshire, England) and was born in 1608 before coming to Concord in 1638. He then went to Cambridge in 1649.
Thomas was a descendant of the author of the Book of Martyrs and is found at Cambridge in 1644.

Foxcraft or Foxcroft
Francis was the son of Daniel and mayor of Leeds, Yorkshire, England in 1665. He dame to Boston in 1679.

John was at Braintree in 1643.
Richard was at Salem and Boston around 1630. He went to Scituate in 1634 and Barnstable in 1646.
Richard was at Piscataqua, N.H. pre-1631 before removing to Scarabrough, Maine in 1636.

Jeffrey was a mariner at Boston in 1676, but left no issue.
John was also a mariner of Boston in 1671.

George was at Charlestown, MA pre-1637, when he is found at Lynn, MA.

Thomas was a tailor at Amesbury, MA in 1677.
Francis was at Reading in 1657.
John was at Braintree in 1650.
Richard was a bricklayer at Cambridge in 1640.
Robert was a resident of Wethersfield, Conn. in 1651.

John was a cooper at Boston in 1652.
John was at Roxbury, MA in 1664.
Johnathan was an inhabitant of Hadley, MA in 1678.
William was a blacksmith at Ipswich in 1634 and is found at Newbury, MA a year later.

John came to Dedham pre-1640 and is later found at Medford, MA.

Frazer or Fraser
Colin was at Newbury, MA and moved to Rowley, MA, all pre-1685.
William was at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1645.

John was a merchant at Boston in 1660.

William was at York, Maine in 1652.

Freeborn or Freeborne
William was born in England in 1594 before coming to Boston in 1634., he then went to R.I. in 1637 and then at Newport, R.I. a year later.

Nicholas was at Casco, Maine in 1680.

Morris was married at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1681.

Edmund was born in England in 1590 and settled at Lynn in 1637 before removing to Duxbury, MA.
John was at Salisbury, MA in 1639.
Jonathan was a freeman at Hampton, N.H. in 1678.
Joseph was married at Sudbury, MA in 1680.
Ralph was born in England in 1630 and was at Dedham in 1651.
Samuel was born in Kent, England and came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630, and settled at Watertown, MA after.

Freeze or Frieze
James was a ship builder at Salisbury and Amesbury, MA from 1667.

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They STILL Don't Understand!

I was watching a show on television last night called America's Hidden Stories on the Smithsonian Channel. I love this show and find it very intriguing and informative.....except for one particular episode called Salem's Secrets. One of their tag lines is:

 "Today, a group of historians uncovers new information about the infamous witch hunt in an effort to answer its most enduring mysteries."

Boy did my "gander" get up! I just cannot believe that with our supposed, evolving intelligence, these so-called experts, historians and psychologists are still reaching for straws when it comes to explaining the actions of these wretched girls who cast unfounded aspersions of the poor souls of Salem in 1692.

    They were on the program alluding to a NEW psychosis/disorder in order to explain what Occam's Razor has already, and I elaborate in my book Witch Hunts. There is NO psychosis, no medical or psychological reason and absolutely no sickness involved in this hysteria. And the answer is right in front of you, actually in that one word at the end of the previous sentence.

    Everything and everyone has to have a label now, which is absurd. It is as if my father's premonition is coming true. He told me before he died in 2001 that he was glad he was departing this life because slowly our world, especially our country, is becoming a blameless society. Nobody will accept fault for their actions, nor will those who have the intelligence place blame. Rather finding a "rational" label for their behavior, which is irrational on its face.

    These experts are furthering foolish labeling only to have their listeners think they are so intelligent in their assertions and diagnosis that everyone should believe them. THEY are the last word on a subject that needs no intelligence to understand, conclude and answer. Simply common sense, a level head and the attitude of not caring about notoriety or publicity.

    Purely propaganda, notoriety, self grandiose attention were the SOLE reason for the dangerous behavior in 1692. And think about this. We are STILL using the same exact behavior today, and have over the centuries since Salem. Further proof that we have not evolved in intelligence, but still allow our attention seeking soul to override common sense.

Read my book, Witch Hunts, and you will completely understand and with any luck, you will heed the past and actually evolve intelligently.