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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Dibble-Downer

Ebenezer, died on Dec. 19, 1675 during King Philip's War.


Azariah(sometimes written as Dickenson) was killed in King Philip's War on August 24, 1675.
John was at Salisbury, Mass. in 1640.
Nathaniel, son of William and 16th generation from Walter De Kenson, was born at Ely, Cambridge, England in 1600. He went to Watertown, Mass. in 1634, then to Wethersfield, Conn. in 1636 and finally to Hadley, Mass. by 1659.
Philemon was a tanner at Salem in 1639 before removing to Southhold, L.I. pre-1662, when he is found in Conn..
Thomas was at New Haven, Conn. in 1642 before removing to Fairfield, Conn..
Thomas is on record at Rowley, Mass. in 1643.

Wiliam, a Scot, was at Cambridge, Mass. in 1642.

Abraham was an inhabitant of Dorchester, Mass. pre-1656.
Anthony was born in England and settled at Plymouth in 1623.
Richard was married at Gloucester, Mass. in 1667.

Edward was born at Bitteswell, Leicestershire, England and came to Lynn, Mass. in 1630 before removing to Sandwich, Mass. in 1637.
John, borther of the preceding, was at Boston in 1630 and then moved to Ipswich, Mass..

John was a ropemaker at Lynn, Mass. in 1647 and moved to Kittery, Maine in 1652.
John was at New London, Conn. in 1674.
Thomas lived at Fairfield, Conn. where he died in 1658.

Elder Thomas was born in England and settled at Dorchester, Mass. in 1635. He then went to Hingham, Mass. in 1638, then to Scituate in 1639 and the next year, he is found at Barnstable, Mass. as one of the founders.

Dinely or Dyneley
William was a "barber surgeon" at Boston in 1635.

John was at Lynn, Mass. before removing to Sandwich in 1637, and at Marshfield, Mass. by 1644.

Dinman, Diman or Dimond
Thomas was at Farmington, Conn. and Easthampton, L.I..

Peter came to Rye, N.Y. from England in 1660 and then went to Stamford, Conn..

John was at Lynn, Mass. in 1643.

Anthony was at Plymouth in 1623 and then moved to Charlestown and Salem.
Edward was with Winthrop's Fleet and is found at Boston in 1630.
John lived at Taunton, Mass. in 1669.
Leonard was born in 1624 and is found at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1645. He is granted land at Branford, Conn. in 1648 where he settled with his brother, John.
Ralph was a fisherman at Ipswich in 1647.
Ralph was at Reading, Mass. before being a freeman at Malden, Mass. in 1685.
Samuel was born in Norwich, England in 1594 and settled at Boston in 1637.

Dixie or Dixey
John was at Salem in 1639.
Thomas is found at Salem in 1637 and Marblehead by 1674.
William was an inhabitant at Cape Ann by 1629 and later is found at Lynn, Mass..

Jermiah is one of the 7 founders of the Church at New Haven, Conn. in 1639.
William was living at Charlestown, Mass. between 1633 and 1638. He is found as a freeman at Kittery, Maine by 1649 and later moved to York, Maine.
Death warrant for King Charles

John was one of the regicides(meaning he was one of the signers of a death warrant for King Charles of England before coming to America)and came to New Haven, Conn. by 1664.

Thomas was a resident of Boston pre-1670, when he died.

Dodd or Dod
Daniel was at Bradford, Conn. in 1644.
George was a mariner and an inhabitant of Boston in 1645.
Thomas was at Marblehead in 1674.
William lived at Salem in 1644.

Richard was the son of John of East Coker, Somersetshire, England, and born in 1602. He settled at Salem in 1638 and became one of the founders of Beverly, Mass. in 1667.
Tristram came from Suffolk, England to Newfoundland in 1647, later to Mass. and was one of the first year settlers of Block Island, R.I. in 1661.
William was the brother of Richard above and settled at Salem in 1629 before moving to Beverly in 1637.

Anthony was at Scituate in 1650.

Nicholas is found at Oyster Bay(Durham, N.H.) in 1667.

Richard, son of William and grandson of Richard of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England, was bapt. at Ringworth, Gloucestershire in 1622, came to Newbury, Mass. in 1639 where he was a tanner. He was an apprenctice to John Towler as a glover. He later moved to Rowley.

Doliber or Doliver
Joseph was at Salem in 1648.
Samuel was the son of Robert, and bapt. in 1608 at Stoke Abbott, Dorsetshire, England. He is found at Marblehead in 1642 and later at Gloucester in 1652.

Donnell or Dunnell
Henry  was at Kittery, Maine in 1652 before removing to Falmouth, Maine.

Abraham was born in England in 1619 and is found at Boston in 1640. He settled at New Haven in 1644 and then  Wallingford, Conn. by 1670.
John was at Lynn in 1643 and to Chelsea in 1653.

Anthhny settled at Hingham, Windsor, Conn. and Springfield, Mass., all by 1649.

Edward was at New Haven, Conn. in 1657.
Thomas is found at Ipswich in 1635, then Rowley and finally at Topsfield, Mass. where he died.

Edward was at Roxbury pre-1674.

Doryfall or Dorifield
Barnaby was at Boston in 1633 and Braintree after 1637.

Dotey or Doten
Edward, a Mayflower passenger, was a London youth who came to New England as a servant to Stephen Hopkins, later settling at Yarmouth, Mass..

Roger was a currier at Boston in 1674.

Francis was at Taunton in 1639 before removing to L.I. by 1641.

Douglass or Douglas
Deacon William was the son of Robert and a cooper who was born in Scotland in 1610. He went to Gloucester by 1640, Boston by 1645 and lastly to New London, Conn sometime after.

Matthew was at Salem in 1654.

Francis was born at Salisbury, Wiltshire, England and settled at Salisbuy, Mass. pre-1650.
Henry was the son of Henry and the 4th generation from John Dow of Tylner, Norfolk, England who died there in 1651. Henry was born at Runham, England in 1608 and settled at Watertown, Mass. in 1637 and went to Hampden, N.H. by 1644.
John was at Haverhill in 1668.
Robert was at Salisbury pre-1676.
Samuel is living at Hartford, Conn. pre-1665.
Thomas is found at Newbury in 1642 and later at Haverhill by 1654.

Dowd, Dowde, Dowdy
Henry came from Surrey or Kent, England to Guilford, Conn. by 1639.

Leonard is at Boston in 1679.

Deerman was at Braintree in 1646.
John, brother of the preceding, was at Boston by 1645.

Downe or Downes
John was a miner at New Haven, Conn. in 1648.
John was at Boston pre-1657.
Robert is found at Milford, Conn. in 1660.
Thomas was born in England in 1610 and came to Boston in 1635. He is also at Dover, N.H. by 1657.
William was in Mass. by 1635.

Joseph was at Newbury in 1660.

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