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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 French-Gardiner


Edward was a tailor, born in England in 1590. He first settled Ipswich in 1636 before moving to Salisbury by 1640.
Ephraim was t Enfield, Conn. pre-1674.
Francis came with his uncle William to Cambridge in 1635 when 19 years old, and settled as an  adult at Derby, Conn. in 1654.
John was born at Dorset, England in 1612 and is found at Dorchester,  MA in 1639, and settled at Braintree after.
John was at Northampton, Mass. in 1676 and Rehoboth, Aass. previously.
Richard was at Cambridge, Mass. in 1652 and was a grantee at Billerica, Mass..
Stephen came to Dorchester, Mass. in 1630 then to Weymouth by 1634.
Thomas is found at Boston in 1631 and Ipswich in 1639.
Thomas was a resident of Charlestown, Mass. and Guilford, Conn. by 1650.
Lieut. William, brother of John, was born at Halstead, Essex, England in 1603. He settled at Cambridge in 1635, then Billerica in 1652.

John was a carpenter at Saybrook, Conn. before going to Salem in 1637.

James was at Salisbury in 1667 and after, Newbury.

John is at Stonington, Conn. in 1666.
John was at Ipswich around 1640.

Frisbie or Frisby
Edward was a resident of Brandon, Conn. in 1668.
John was at Brandon also, in 1668.

John is at Bridgewater, Mass. in 1645.

Fussell or Fuzill
James was a Scot at Roxbury in 1656.
John came from Scotland to Braintree pre-1664.
William was also a Scot and married at Concord in 1667.

Colonial Method of Soapboiling

Edmund, son of Rev. John, was born in England in 1610 and is a freeman at Cambridge by 1635.
George was at Saco, Maine in 1636.
Jasper is found at Boston, where he is found to have been married in 1660.
John was a merchant at Boston in 1677 and a proprietor at New Haven, Conn. by 1685.
Joseph married at Boston in 1660.
Nicholas, brother of Edmund, was born at Tiverton, Devonshire, England in 1595 and came pre-1632 to Cambridge. He is found at Portsmouth, N.H. later.
Thomas was married at Sudbuy in 1678.
William came from Nottinghamshire to Fairfield, Conn. in 1639.

William was a Scot who was born near Holderness, Yorkshire, England around 1600. He came with Winthrop's fleet and is found at Charlestown in 1630.

George was a weaver and freeman at Weymouth in 1651.
John was a wheelwright who was born in England in 1601. He came from Baringstoke, Hampshire, England to Newbury in 1638 and then at Andover.

Fryer or Frier
James was at Cambridge pre-1640.
Thomas was at Salem in 1639 and then is found at Gloucester by 1642.

Francis was married at Watertown pre-1693.

Edward was a Mayflower passenger and baptized at the parish of Redenhall, Norfolk, England before coming to Plymouth in 1620. He died the following year.
Giles was at Hampton, N.H. in 1640.
Jacob is found at Danvers in 1690.
James was at Ipswich pre-1673.
John was born in England in 1620 and is found at Ipswich in 1634.
John was a farmer and malster who was born in England and settled at Cambridge in 1635.
Lancelot was at New Haven, Conn. in 1643.
Robert lived at Dorchester, Mass. in 1641, removed to Dedham in 1643.
Robert was a bricklayer and freeman at Salem from 1639- 1658, then at Rehoboth.
Samuel was a Mayflower physician and brother to Edward, settling at Plymouth in 1620.
Samuel married in 1673 at Rehoboth.
Thomas was at Middleton, Mass. in 1638.
Thomas was an inhabitant of Dedham in 1643.
William, brother of John, came to Ipswich in 1635 at the age of 15 years.
William was a gunsmith and miller at Concord in 1637.

A 1679 engraving of the Pequot War

Lieut. William was born at London in 1614 and at Dover, N.H. in 1637.

John was at Marblehead, Mass. in 1668.

John was born in 1607 and was at Cambridge in 1638.
Strong was a soapboiler at Boston in 1643.
William, brother of the preceding, was at Boston pre-1652.

David was born in 1667 and is at Marblehead in 1692.

Fussell or Fuzzell
John was a Scotsman and is found at Weymouth in 1640 then at Braintree in 1664.
Joshua was a resident of Medfield, Mass. in 1649.

Lieut. Walter was born in England and settled at Dorchester in 1634 before removing to Windsor, Conn. by 1636.

John  was the ninth generation from John Gage(fl. ca.1498)and came from Stoneham County, Suffolk, England. He came to Boston by 1630 and then to Ipswich and Rowley by 1669.
Thomas was born in England in 1625 and settled at Yarmouth, Mass. in 1649, then died at sea the following year.

William was a surgeon who came with Winthrop's fleet in 1630 from Suffolk, England. He was a deacon of the first church of Mass. and died Sept. 20, 1630, leaving a son John who would later live at New London, Conn..

Gaines or Gaynes
Henry was at Lynn in 1639.
Thomas was also at Lynn in 1640.

Ambrose was at Salem pre-1663.
Bartholomew was married at Salem in 1662.
Edmund was at Salisbury in 1666, then later is found at Marblehead and Falmouth, Maine.
Hugh was a freeman at Kittery, Me. in 1652.
Richard was at Watertown in 1640.

Gallop or Gallup
John was a fisherman and pilot who settled at Dorcester in 1630, then at Boston by 1632 and he was the father of Capt. John Gallup of the Pequot War in December of 1675..

John was granted land at Salem in 1637.

Philip was born at Somersetshire, England and settled at New Haven, Conn. in 1646. He then went to Fairfield, Conn by 1657, and finally at Rye, N.Y..

Daniel was at Chelmsford, Mass. pre-1691. He then went to Dunstable, Mass where his house was burned by the Indians in 1706.

Gamlyn, Gamlyne, Gamlin or Gamblin
Robert was the son of Robert and came on the ship William and Francis in 1632 with the Rev. Thomas Welde to Roxbury.

Philip was a fisherman at Casco, Maine pre-1690.
Robert was at Pemaquid, Me. in 1674.

Matthew came to N.E. in 1638 and settled at Hingham and Scituate by 1651.
Thomas, brother of Matthew, was at Duxbury and Bridgewater by 1645.

Garde, Gard or Garrart
John was at Warwich, R.I. in 1655 and later removed to New London, Conn. in 1667.

Christopher was a knight of holy order who came from Bristol, England in 1630. He lived at Mount Wollaston, near Boston.
George was son of Sir. Thomas Gardiner, born in England in 1601. He was at R.I. by 1638.
Lion, a Scotsman, came to Saybrook, Conn. in 1635. He and his son David were inhabitants of Conn. where his son was the first white child born in the state. He later removed to Easthamption, L.I.
Richard was a Mayflower passenger who left no issue.

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