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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Budley to Burlisson

I love woodcuts from the 17 century so here are a few to look at. It really gives an accurate(more or less with the exception of the clothing)view of life during this time. But, as in formal portraits today, people often embellished their clothing, adding their "Sunday best" in these 17th century "photographs".

Haying season


Giles was in Ipswich, Mass. by 1648


Francis was at Warwick, R.I. in 1669.


William, born at Chesterton, Huntingdonshire, England in 1610 before coming to Dorchester, Mass. in 1630. He was also one of the first settlers of Windsor, Conn. in 1635.


Thomas was a Quaker at Salem, Mass. in 1650.


Robert was from Yorkshire, England and came to Salem in 1638.


Edward was born in Stratford-le-Bow, England(near London)before coming to Roxbury, Mass. in 1634.
Richard was a brother of the preceding and came with Winthrop's fleet to Roxbury in 1630.


John was at Salem in 1642.


Richard was a bricklayer who went to Boston in 1630, then to Exeter, N.H. by 1638, and finally to R.I., where he died in 1679.

Buckeley or Buckley

Thomas was at Boston pre-1685.
William was at Ipswich, Mass. by 1648.


Henry was born 1610 and came to Roxbury in 1635. He then removed to Boston and finally to Portsmouth, R.I. in 1638.
Isaac was at Boston in 1653.
John was a feltmaker at Boston in 1658.
Robert was at Saybrook, Conn. by 1653.
Thomas was born in 1610 before landing at Boston in 1635. He then removed to Hartford, Conn. shortly after.
William was living at Cambridge in 1644.


Benjamin was at Watertown, Mass. in 1642. He was raised by his uncle, William(below)when his father died.
George was a freeman at Watertown, Mass. in 1641.
Robert was born at England in 1599. He went to Watertown, Mass. in 1630, dying in 1634 and leaving one son, Benjamin who is listed above.
William, brother of preceding, was born at Kent, England in 1601 and was granted land at Dedham, Mass. in 1635.


John was at Medfield, Mass. in 1649.
Samuel was a freeman at Dedham in 1641.


Phillip was a mariner at Boston in 1663.


David was at Rehoboth, Mass. in 1668.
Henry was born at Essex, England in 1595. He went to Charletown, Mass. in 1635, then to Salem by 1643.
Richard was born at Essex, England and went to Rehoboth in 1643.
Samuel was married at Rehoboth in 1673, but left no issue.


Nicholas was a constable at Saco, Maine in 1664.

Bumpass or Bumpus

Edward was at Plymouth in 1621 but removed to Duxbury, Mass. He then went to Marshfield, Mass. and finally to Dartmouth, Mass. by 1652.


Edward was at Boston in 1640.
Thomas was at Roxbury in 1640.


Thomas was a Scotsman but was born in England in 1612. He settled at Hartford, Conn. in 1636.


John was at Plymouth in 1643. He then went to Boston and finally to Taunton, Mass..


George, was the son of William, who was a French Hugenot, born in England. He came to Ipswich, Mass, then to Topsfield, Mass., where he drowned in 1656.
George was at Charlestown in 1634.


Edward was at Hull, Mass. in 1673, where he married.
Matthew was also at Hull before 1659.

Witch burning


Benjamin was at New Haven, Conn. in 1657.
Solomon, brother of preceding, was at New Haven, Conn. in 1638.
William, brother of both preceding, was from Cheshire, England and came to New Haven, Conn. in 1638.


John, was born in 1600 at England and was at Rowley, Mass. in 1640.
Joseph was born in 1611 at England before coming to Boston in 1635.


John was a tailor who came from Scotland to Woburn, Mass. sometime prior to 1660.


John Henry was a physician from Silesia, Germany before coming to L:ynn, Mass. sometime before 1660.


Francis was at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655.
George was a shoemaker who was born in England in 1615 before coming to Boston in 1635.
Robert was married at Lynn, Mass. in 1650.

Burdett or Burditt

Rev. George was from Yarmouth, Norfolk, England before coming to Salem in 1635. He then went to York, Maine and then back to England.
Robert was born in 1633 at England and was married at Malden, Mass. in 1653.


Robert was at Newport, R.I. pre-1652 before removing to Westerly, R.I. pre-1661.


George was at Boston in 1636.


Henry was a freeman at Salem in 1638.


Giles was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1682.
Thomas was at Lynn in 1635 and then went to Sandwich, Mass. in 1637.

Burgess or Burgiss

Francis was at Boston pre-1654.
James was born in England in 1621 and came to Boston when he was 14 years of age in 1635.
Richard was at Sandwich in 1643.
Roger was at Boston pre-1664.
Thomas came from England to Duxbury in 1637 and moved to Sandwich the following year.
Thomas was at Concord in 1660.


Thomas was at Rowley, Mass. in 1643.


Richard was born in England in 1640 and went to Sudbury, Mass. in 1670. He was granted land at Stow, Mass. in 1686.


Giles was at Ipswich in 1648.

Burlingham or Burlingame

Roger was at Stonington, Conn. in 1654 before going to Warwick, R.I. in 1660. He then went to Providence pre-1670.


Edward at at Suffield, Conn. in 1677.

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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Brownell-Budd


Thomas, born in 1619 in Derbyshire, England and came to Portsmouth, R.I. as early as 1636.

1620 Seal of the Plymouth Colony


Henry was at New Haven, Conn. in 1639.
Joseph was a printer and bookseller at Boston in 1683. He was of Dutch descent and spelled his name, at times, Brunning.
Nathaniel was born in London about 1618 and came to Portsmouth, R.I. in 1640.
Thomas was at Salem, Mass. in 1637 but left no male issue.


John was at Sudbury, Mass. pre-1672.
James was at Haverhill, Mass. in 1677.
Peter was also at Haverhill in 1677.
Roger was living in Marlboro, Mass. pre-1691.


Obadiah was at Marshfield, Mass. in 1640, then to New London, Conn. by 1667. He ended up at New Jersey after that date.


John was a freeman at Watertown, Mass. in 1635, then removed to Wethersfield, Conn..

A 17th century woodcut of a New England earthquake


Henry was a merchant at Boston, and died in 1687 at Boston.


George was a Scotchman and married in 1659 at Woburn, Mass.

Bryan or Bryant

Abraham was a blacksmith at Reading, Mass. by 1644.
Alexander was born at Aylesburg, England in 1602 and settled at Milford, Conn. by 1639. He then removed to Meriden, Conn. and finally settled at Watertown, Conn..
John was at Taunton, Mass. in 1637.
John was born at Kent, England and moved to Scituate, Mass. by 1639. He later went to Barnstable, Mass..
Stephen was living in Duxbury, Mass. in 1643, removed to Plymouth before 1650.
William was an Inn Keeper at Boston pre-1683.

Bryer or Briard

Elisha was at Portsmouth, N.H. by 1689.
Richard was at Newbury, Mass. pre-1665.

The first page of a 17th century New England primer


Joseph was living in Marblehead, Mass. in 1668.


Emanuel or Enoch was at Wethersfield, Conn. pre-1650.
Ephraim was married at Woburn, Mass. in 1671.
Henry was at Wethersfield, Conn. pre-1660.
Isaac was at Scituate ca. 1642.
James was born at Hingham, England and came to Hingham, Mass. in 1638.
John was a brother of the preceding and went to Hingham in 1638 before removing to Scituate in 1650.
William was a ploughwright and was born in 1585. He came to Cambridge, Mass. in 1635 with his only son, Roger.
Roger, son of the preceding, came to Cambridge with his father, William, in 1635.


Thomas was from London and came to Boston in 1637. He settled at New Haven, Conn. the following year before removing to Windsor, Conn..
William came from Weymouth, England and lived at Hingham, Mass. by 1635 before removing to Rehoboth, Mass. by 1658.

An early sketch of the Mystic River in Malden, Mass..


William was at Ipswich, Mass. in 1631 before removing to Salem in 1632. He is then found at Chelsea, Mass. and Malden, Mass. pre-1664.


James was an original proprietor of Sudbury, Mass. in 1640.
Thomas was a descendant of John Buckminster, of Northampton, England. He was a freeman at Sudbury, Mass. in 1636 before removing to Scituate in 1639 and finally to Boston.


William was living in (what is now)Malden, Mass. in 1647.


Edward was a carver and resident of Boston in 1668.
John was at Greenwich, Conn. in 1664 before removing to Milford, Conn. by 1677.
Jonathan was at New Haven, Conn. in 1643.