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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Carthrick - Champney

An 1882 Howard Pyle painting of a Mass. Governor stopping Christmas festivities in Puritanical N.E..

Carthrick or Cartrack

Michael was a carpenter at Ipswich, Mass. in 1625.


Arthur was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1666.
Edward was a mariner of Boston in 1662.
Edward was at Nantucket, Mass. pre-1678.
Nicholas was a resident of Nantucket, Mass. pre-1706.


Ezekiel was at Boston in 1674.


John, of the Mayflower, was the first governor of the Plymouth Colony but left no issue.
Richard was born in 1578 at Cratly, Norfolk, England and came to Watertown, Mass, in 1638. He died in 1641 without issue.
Robert was a planter and the son of Isaac as well as the nephew of Gov. John Carver. He was born at Boston, Lincolnshire, Engalnd in 1594 and settled at Marshfield, Mass. in 1638.

Carrwithen or Carwithen

David was at Salem, Mass. in 1644.
Joshua was a mariner and married at Boston in 1657.
Philip was at New London, Conn. in 1650.


James was of Bristol, England before coming to Charlestown, Mass, in 1639.
John was a brother of the preceding and the son of William. He was born in 1609 before coming to the Plymouth Colony. He was among the first settler sof Duxbury and Bridgewater, Mass..
Nathaniel was at Salem in 1637.


Ebenezer was married at Roxbury, Mass. in 1690.
Edward was at Watertown, Mass. in 1638 and was also one of the incorporators of Taunton, Mass. .
John was a farmer and landowner who was born at Aylesham, England in 1616. He came to New England by 1635 and settled at Hartford, Conn. before removing to Newtown, L.I.. He went to Windsor, Conn. in 1656 and settled at Simsbury, Conn. by 1667.
Richard, brother of the preceding, was at Hartford, Conn. in 1660.
William was at Newport, R.I. in 1655.

Caseley or Casley

Edward was at Scituate, Mass. in 1638 and then went to Barnstable, Mass. in 1639.
William was at Lynn, Mass before removing to Sandwich, Mass..


Thomas was at Newport, R.I. in 1658.


William was a mariner of Salem, Mass. pre-1662.


William was at Concord, Mass. by 1642.


James was at Westerly, R.I. in 1669.
John was at Hampton, N.H. in 1644.

Cassell or Cassiley

George was living in Mass. in 1657.
Robert was at Ipswich, Mass. in 1637 before removing to Hampton, N.H. in 1639.

A 1659 Public Ban on Christmas in Massachusetts


Henry was an early settler of Woodbury, Conn..
Matthew was married at Charlestown, Mass. in 1687.
William was a mariner at Boston in 1673.


Thomas at at Marblehead, Mass. in 1671.


Arthur was at York, Maine in 1680/6.


John was at Boston pre-1682.


'Humphery' came over to Portsmouth, N.H. by Mason in 1631.
James was at Kittery, Maine in 1677.
William was at Kittery in 1631.


William was born in Wales before coming to Newport, R.I. in 1692.


Richard was at Lynn, Mass. in 1636 then went to Sandwich, Mass. the next year.
Thomas was the brother of the preceding and born in 1611 at England. He came to Salem in 1636, then to Lynn, then to Sandwich, Mass. He removed to Charlestown in 1670 and finally back to Lynn.


Charles was born in England in 1596 and was a freeman at Charletown in 1630.
John was a brother of the preceding and is found at Watertown in 1656 as a freeman. He then went to Malden, Mass..
Samuel was married at Reading, Mass. in 1685.
Thomas was a brother of John and was born in England in 1655. He went to Newbury, Mass. by 1679 before ending up at Watertown.

Chaffee or Chaffin

Ebenezer was at Boston pre-1690.
Matthew was a ships carpenter and a freeman at Boston in 1636.
Thomas was at Hingham, Mass. in 1635, He is then found at 'Nantasket', Mass. by 1642 and then at Hull and Rehoboth, Mass..


Richard was at Salem in 1668.

Challis or Chalice

Philip was born in England in 1612 before being found at Ipswich, Mass. by 1637. 


Alexander was married at Saybrook, Conn. in 1637.

Chalkley or Chaukley

Robert was a freeman at Charletown, Mas. in 1646.

Chamberlain or Chamberlin

Edward or Edmund lived at Woburn, Mass and married at Roxbury, Mass. in 1647 before removing to Chelmsford, Mass. by 1655.
Henry was a shoemaker and came from Hingham, Norfolk, England in 1638. He settled at Hingham and then to Hull, Mass. in 1660.
John was a currier at Boston in 1651.
John was at Charlestown and Woburn, Mass. pre-1652.
John was at Malden, Mass. in 1690.
John was a resident of Cambridge, Mass. in 1635.
Joseph was a freeman at Cambridge in 1654 before moving to Billerica, Mass..
Richard was a resident of Braintree, Mass. in 1642 and then went to Roxbury and later to Sudbury, Mass..
Thomas was a brother of Edmund and William. He was at Woburn in 1644 before moving to Chelmsford after.
William is living at Boston in 1647 and is found in either Hinghma or Hull, Mass. by 1649.
William was a brother of Edmund and Thomas and born in 1620 at England. He settled at Woburn in 1648 and later at Billerica by 1654.

Chambers or Chalmers

Thomas was at Scituate, Mass. in 1640 before removing to Charlestown in 1658.


Francis was at Kittery, Maine in 1639, Portsmouth, N.H. in 1646 and York, Maine in 1665.


Henry was at Saybrook, Conn. in 1647 before being found at Lynn, Conn..


Geoffrey, or Jeffery, was born in England in 1621 before moving to Portsmouth, N.H. in 1638 or before. He is then found at Newport, R.I.


Christopher is at Cambridge, Mass. in 1644.
John is also at Cambridge in 1635.
Josheph was a freeman at Cambridge in 1654 before moving to Billerica, Mass..
Richard was the brother of John who came from Lincolnshire, England to Cambridge where he was a freeman in 1636.