Friday, October 14, 2016

Off The Beaten Path

Taking a little breather from names, dates and places to show you some pictures that are still part of the theme for this blog post, but a little more pleasant to admire than text only.
My wife and children took a trip to Pemaquid Harbor, Maine last week in order for the kids to, not only, admire the scenery, but to see what our direct ancestor(John Bayley)with his two children must have endured when that great earthquake of August 14, 1635 hit the New England coast.
Chroniclers and historians all agree that this was the worst hurricane in Yankee history.
The Bayley's had to swim to shore once this storm hit and to stand on this rocky coast looking out to the spot where the Angel Gabriel ship was being thrashed around was quite sobering.
During any normal day, this sight is awe-inspiring and frightening to begin with, the sound and sight of the monstrous ocean waves hitting the immovable rocky protrusions made my son and I realize that we could NEVER even think bout taking our kayaks into such waters, and we are avid kayakers!
I just can't imagine the frightening nature of such a life threatening swim during calm waters, let alone a hurricane.
So here are some pictures of the lighthouse and the view of the spot where the Bayley/Bailey family began there journey, with providence on their side naturally.

The ship Angel Gabriel

My two sons
And last, but certainly not least, my 14 year old daughter who decided that rain and cold and wind was far more tolerable when sitting inside our vehicle, LOL. Is she laughing at us fools outside? Maybe..........
(Hey Brian, don't stare too long.....)