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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Greenman/Grenamon-Gyles

Greenman , Grenaman

David was an early settler of Taunton, Mass. and is later found at Newport, R.I. in 1635.

John was at R.I. in 1638.


William was born in 1639 and a sea captain at Boston in 1669, but left no male issue. William was a shipwright and cousin of the preceding who was born at England and is found at Boston in 1673.


Stephen was at Boston in 1636.

Thomas was at Hartford, Conn. in 1660.

Greenway, Grinway

Clement was at Saco, Maine in 1636.

John was a freeman at Dorchester, Mass. in 1630.

Richard lived at Salem in 1637.


Nathaniel, son of Miles, was born at Norwich, England and came to Boston and married at Weymouth later in 1660.

Samuel was at Boston in 1670.

Thomas was a weaver and son of Miles. He was born at Norwich, England in 1643 and is found at Cambridge, Mass. in 1635 and two years later at Newton, Mass..


Elizaphal was at Windsor, Conn. in 1641.

Henry, son of John and sixth generation from Adam, settled at Boston in 1633, is found at Springfield, Mass. in 1639 and Stratford, Conn. after.

John was at New Haven, Conn. and Norwalk by 1653.

John was at Weymouth, Mass. pre-1669.

Jonas was married at Ipswich in 1653.


Matthew was at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655.

Grice, Grise

Charles was living at Braintree in 1651.

Josiah, brother of preceding, was at Boston in 1690.

Samuel was a freeman at Boston in 1690.


Richard was living at Boston in 1631.

Thomas was born at Essex, England and is found at Cambridge around 1635. He removed to Hartford, Conn., then Farmington and lastly in Northampton, Mass..

Griffin, Griffing

Hugh was at Sudbury, Mass. in 1645.

Hugh was living at Stratford, Conn. in 1654.

Humphrey was born in 1605 at England and is found at Ipswich by 1641.

Jasper was at Marblehead, Mass. in 1674.

John lived at Windsor, Conn. in 1646 and later is found in Simsbury, Conn..

John was a caulker and married at Boston in 1655. Matthew is at Saybrook,. Conn. in 1645, then Charlestown, where he married in 1654.

Phillip is at Salisbury in 1657.

Philip died at Scarborough, Maine in 1668.

Richard was a freeman at Concord, Mass. pre-1657.

Robert was at Newport, R.I. in 1653.

Robert, a Welshman, was born 1590 and settled at Concord in 1639.

Thomas was at New London, Conn. in 1651 and by 1654, at Stonington, Conn..


Joshua was born at England in 1610, went to Cambridge in 1635. William was at Boston in 1676.


George was born in 1593 at London and cam e to Boston in 1635. No m ale issue.

Humphrey died at Braintree, Mass. in 1657.

Stephen lived at Marblehead in 1674.

Thomas was born at England and is found at Roxbury in 1639 and died in 1646. William was a cooper at Boston in 1672.

Grigson, Gregson

Thomas was at Boston in 1637 and later that year is seen at New Haven, Conn. He was lost at sea n 1646.

Grimes George, of Scotch descent, was born in 1650 and lived at Charlestown, Billerica and Lexington.

Henry was at Hartford in 1684, when he died

Samuel was a pewterer at Boston in 1642 before removing to Plymouth in 1636. William died at Greenwich, Conn. without male issue.


Daniel lived at Portsmouth, R.I.. Matthew was born in France in 1602 and is found at Newport, R.I. in 1638 before going to Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655.

Griswold, Greswold

Frncis was at Cambridge in 1639, then Charlestown ten years later. Matthew was the younger brother to Edward and was born at Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England before settling at Windsor, Conn. in 1639, then to

Saybrook, Conn. in 1644 and lastly to Lyme, Conn..


Nicholas was lioving at Mass. in 1651.

Samuel was a mariner at Salisbury in 1650 but returned to England by 1658.

Gross, Grosse

Isaac was born at Cornwall, England and is found at Boston in 1636.


John, son of Sir Richard and sixth generation from Gilbert Le Grosvanor, was born at England in 1641. He is in New England by 1670 and settled at Roxbury

in 1673 before removing to Pomfret, Conn. in 1686.


Capt. John, son of Sir Richard, was born at England and settled at Watertown, Mass. in 1640, then Sudbury, Mass. in 1643. William was at Charlestown in 1664.


Edward was a soldier at Salem and Boston in 1636, leaving no male issue.


Andrew was married at Malden in 1674.

Edmund was a resident of Salem in 1633.

John was at Charlestown in 1634, then to Boston.


John was at Kittery, Maine before removing to Little Compton, R.I..

Phillip was at Hartford in 1642 then went to Stratford, Conn. pre-1650.


John was born in England in 1642 and settled at Ipswich in 1669, where he married.


Gabriel was at the Isle of Shoals, N.H. pre-1677.

Thomas was a leather dresser at Boston in 1634.

Gruman, Grumman, Gowman

John was at Fairfield, Conn. in 1664.


Robert is at Roxbury pre-1679.


John was married at Suffield, Conn. in 1693.

John was from the Isle of Guernsey before coming to Milford, Conn. in 1640.

Guild, Guile

John was a weaver who was born at England in 1616. He first came to N.E. around 1636 before settling at Dedham, Mass. in 1640.


William was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1649.

Gulliford, Gullifer, Gulliver

Anthony was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1656.


Jacob was a resident of Boston in 1677.


Ralph was at Boston in 1643.


Jasper was a physician who was born in 1606 at England and went to Roxbury in 1635, then Hartford, Conn. ten years later and lastly to Milford, Conn. in 1657.

Thomas was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1635 and by 1636, is found at Windsor, Conn..


Hugh was born at England in 1610 an d went to Boston in 1636. He then went to Kittery, Maine in 1646 and lastly to Wells, Maine in 1654.

Guppie, Guppy, Guppey

John was at Weymouth in 1653 and then later moved to Charlestown.

Reuben was at Salem in 1648.

Robert was at Salem in 1647.


William lived at Northhampton, Mass. in 1679.


Edward resided at Cambridge in 1636.

John was born in 1615 at England and is found at Braintree in 1635.

Richard was at Weymouth pre-1665.


Augustine Jean Le Rossignot, son of Edmuch de la Tacq of St. Ownes, Isle of Jersye, England changed his name(or the inscriber of records at the time changed it for him)to John Gustin.


John married at Andover in 1689. William was at Ipswich in 1648.


Henry was at Charlestown in 1652.

John lived at Casco, Maine in 1663.

Nicholas was born in 1585 at England and went to Watertown in 1638.


John was at Charlestown in 1646.

Thomas was married at Boston in 1660.


Thomas lived at Salem very early.