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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Glading-Goodrich

John is found as married at Newbury, MA in 1666.
John is at Plymouth, MA in 1640, then in Bristln, R.I. later that same year.

Robert was a mariner at Salem in 1665.

Library of Congress. 1721 Conn. Thanksgiving Proclamation

James is found at Plymouth in 1638.
James was married in Boston pre-1688.
Roger, brother of first James, is living in Duxbury, MA in 1637.

John was born in England in 1640 before being found at Woburn, MA in 1663.

Thomas was born at Sulgrave, Northampton, England in 1607. He settled at Watertown, MA in 1652, then to Cambridge in 1651 and finally at Charlestown, MA by 1666.

Charles was a printer in Boston in 1682.

Charles was born at Hampshire, England in 1630 and settled first at Portsmouth, H.H. in 1665. He is then found in Exeter, N.H. in 1677 and finally in 1697 at New Market, N.H..

Charles was a shipwright at Salem in 1632 and went to Gloucester, MA by 1644.
Henry was born in England in 16093 and settled at Ipswich, MA by 1634. In 1642, he is found at Dedham,. MA and then is seen in Boston and New Haven, Conn. during the next 3 years.
John was born at Rainhill, Prescott, Lancashire, England to Thomas in 1600. He lived in Dorchester, MA in 1631 and Boston 20 years later.
Ralph came to New England in 1630 with Winthrop's Fleet but died pre-July, 1633.
Stephen is found married at Gloucester, MA in 1658.

Richard was born in England in 1618 before coming to Roxbury, MA in 1635.

John lived in Concord, MA and later is found in Fairfield, Conn. by 1644.

Thomas came from Marlborough, Wiltshire, England to Boston in 1635.
William came from London to Watertown, MA by 1635.

     Detail from the broadside of Fanny Amlett, who was tried and executed at the age of 17 for drowning her newborn child. The 'Dying Speech,' as these execution broadsides were more generally known, reads: 'Heart-rending execution of Fanny Amlett: a grazier's daughter, near Scarborough, who was basely seduced from home by a naval officer, who brought her to disgrace, and then deserted her. She became pregnant, ... in a fit of despair, and scarce knowing what she did, she drowned her new-born babe: for which she was brought to trial, and executed, in the seventeenth year of her age, together with a copy of plaintive verses.'

Christopher was a resident of Fairfield, Conn. pre-1685.
Francis was a carpenter who was born in England in 1600 before settling at Duxbury, MA in 1638. He then moved to Marshfield, MA and Bridgewater, MA later in life.
George is found at Eastham, MA pre-1663.
George is living at Marblehead in 1668.
John was born in 1632 at England. He is found at Ipswich in 1634 and in Andover, MA and New London, Conn. pre-1667.
Peter is found to have married at Newbury, MA in 1656.
Richard lived at Taunton, MA pre-1650.
William resided at Watertown in 1640 before removing to  Hampton, NH..

George resided at Fairfield, Conn. in 1651.
Henry is found to have been married in Watertown, MA in 1663.
Richard was living at Gloucester, MA in 1666.

Edward came to Watertown, MA from Ipswich, Suffolk, England in 1634.
Jon was a freeman at Newbury in 1639 and died 2 years later leaving no issue.
John  is residing in Boston in 1678.

Henry is living in New Haven, Conn. by 1645, later moving to Guilford, Conn.. He left no male issue.

Joshua was married at Salisbury, MA in 1667.
Ralph was living in MA by 1661.
Richard was killed by Lightening in Wenham, MA in 1678.
Thomas moved to Salem by 1643 and is found soon after at Southampton, L.I..
Zaccheus was a freeman in 1685 at Wenham, MA and is the brother of Richard above.

Thomas was born in England in 1610 and a resident of Roxbury, MA in 1631.

     Confession of the barbarous murder committed by John Holloway on the body of his wife: and cutting off her head, arms, & legs’, depicts the barbarous crime for which John Holloway was executed — murdering and dismembering his wife

William was a cordwainer at Salem in 1637.

Gooch, Gouch/Gutch
Edward was living at Boston in 1685.
John was a freeman at York, ME in 1652.
Robert is found at Salem in 1638 and later near "the mouth of the Kennebek River in Mayne".

Josiah was married pre-1681 at Boston.
Nehemiah is living at Lynn, MA in 1673.
Richard came from Yarmouth, Norfolk, England to Newbury in 1638 and to Salisbury, MA a year later.
Richard was a mariner in Boston in 1665.
Robert was born in 1604 in England and is found at both Ipswich and Salem pre-1637.

Robert is found in MA by 1646.
Thomas was born in 1614 at England before coming to New England in 1638. He is found at Salem by 1640.


                                             Execution broadside

Edmund was born in 1611 at Shaftsbury, Dorset, Wiltshire, England. He went to Sudbury, MA by 1638.
John, older brother of Edmund, was born in England in 1596 and settled at Sudbury, MA in 1638.
Thomas, brother of John an d Edmund, was born in 1608 and lived with his brothers at Sudbuty in 1638. He went to Marlboro, MA later in life.

Isbrand was a servant to Caspar Varlert in Hartford, Conn, in 1658.

Nicholas was born in England in 1675. He came from London to Ipswich in 1635 and was a clothmaker.
William was born in England in 1612. He is found at Ipswich in 1636, being the first of his name in New England.

Daniel is found at Kittery, Maine by 1659.

John was a Mayflower passenger.
John was married at Sudbury, MA in 1656.\
Richard is at Cambridge in 1632. He then went to Hartford, Conn. and later to Hadley, MA..

Bartholomew was a signer of Branford, Connecticut's covenant in 1667.
John lived at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1643.
William was a brother to John and was born at Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England. He came to Wethersfield in 1643