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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Gibbons-Givan

Gibbons, Gibbins

Ambrose went to Portsmouth, NH in 1630, and then to Oyster River
Edward was at Mr. Wollaston, MA pre-1631 when he is found at Charlestown, MA. He lastly went to Boston
 Henry was at New Haven, Conn. in 1644 then removed back to England.
James was born in England in 1614 before going to Saco, Maine in 1635.
William was at Hartford, Conn. in 1639, then New Haven, leaving no male issue.
This is a woodcut of a cordwainer. The difference between a cordwainer and a cobbler(shoemaker) was that a cordwainer used new leather to make new shoes, whereas a cobbler fixed shoes.


Francis was at Windsor, Conn. in 1640..
Giles came to Dorcester, MA in 1633 from Devon County, England. By 1635 he is found at Windsor, Conn..
John was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1638.
John went to Cambridge, MA in 1637, then to New Haven, Conn..
Matthew was a resident of Charlestown, MA. pre-1650 and is found at Sudbury, MA by 1634.
Robert was born in England between 1636-1639 and was a descendant of the family of Warwickshire, England. He was the 8th generation from Thomas and his father was Sir Henry. Robert was at Boston pre-1660.
Samuel was living at Sandwich, MA pre-1649.
Thomas was the brother of Samuel and settled at Sandwich by 1643.
William was a hatter at New Haven, Conn. in 1654.

Christopher was a soap boiler at Dorchester, MA by 1630.
John was born in England in 1601 and came to Ne England by 1631. He is found at Cambridge, MA in 1634.
Richard was a clergyman at Portsmouth, NH in 1637, then returned to England by 1642.
William was at Boston and then is found at Lynn, MA by 1665.

George was born at St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1610 before coming to Ipswich in 1635.
John was teh brother of George and is at Ipswich in 1653.

John came to Lynn, MA in 1653.
Stephen was born in England in 1641 and is found at Norwich, Conn. in 1659.
William is at Stamford, Conn. by 1647 and after is found at Sandwich, MA.

Humphrey was born in England in 1615. By 1648, he is living in Ipswich.
John was born in Devonshire, England and came to New England with Winthrop's Fleet of 1630. He settled at Dorchester, MA and is found later at Taunton, MA by 1637.
John settled at Boston where he is found to have married in 1653.
Jonathan was the son of Thomas of Waldcote, England and went to Hartford, Conn. in 1645.
Matthew settled at New Haven, Conn. in 1638, and later went to Boston.
Thomas was born in England in 1600. He went to Windsor, Conn. in 1644, then to Springfield, MA in 1655.
Thomas was a clergyman at Boston in 1661 and then the first minister of Topsfield, MA in 1663. He then went to Charlestown where he died in 1673.
William(spelled his name Gibbard) came from Warwickshire, England in 1647 and is then found at New Haven, Conn. later in life.
William lived at Windsor, Conn. in 1640.
William was a cordwainer at Boston in 1675.

Richard was born in 1601 at Hempstead, Herftfordshire, England before going to Boston in 1635. He then went to Wethersfield, Conn. and Stamford by 1641 and lastly is found at Hempstead, L.I. after.

Gile, Guile, Gyles, Giles
Daniel was a settler at Salem in 1689.
Edward was also at Salem in 1634.
John settled at Dedham in 1636.
John was a schoolmaster at Salem by 1690, then he is found at Boston.
Samuel was the brother of the first John and is at Newbury pre-1640. He is then found at Haverhill, MA..
A portion of a 1642 New England Primer, thanks to the New England Colonial Society

Arthur was a shipwright at Dorchester, MA pre-1639 when he is found at Boston. He returned to England in 1654 where he died in 1655.
John was at Dorchester, MA in 1640 and later at Boston by 1678 when he died there.
John married at Salisbury, MA in 1645.
John was a mariner at Boston in 1649.
Thomas was living in Hingham in 1635.
William was at Salem by 1668 when he is found to have married.

Gillam, Gillian, Gilham
Benjamin was a ship carpenter at Boston in 1635.
Robert is at R.I. by 1638.

Gillett, Gillette
Jonathan came to New England in 1630. He is found at Dorchester in 1635 and Windsor, Conn. in 1636.
Matthew is found at Dorchester in 1634 and two years later at Windsor, Conn..
Nathan was the brother of Jonathan and was living at Dorchester in 1630 and by 1636 is at Windsor, Conn.
Samuel is living at Hatfield, MA in 1668 when he is found to have married.

Alexander was at Marblehead in 1674.

James is seen at Salem pre-1692.

Gillin, Gillon
John was a resident of Lynn in 1637.
Thomas was the brother of John and is at Salem in 1639.

Edward was the son of Robert, grandson of Edward. He was from Caston, England and went to Boston in 1638. He then went to Hingham the same year; Rehoboth, MA in 1643; Ipswich pre-1652 and lastly at Exeter, N.H..
Richard settled at Hartford, Conn. by 1672.

James was a resident of Rehoboth, MA. in 1668.
Joseph was married at Groton, MA. in 1661, then to Chelmsford, MA in 1674 and lastly to Concord later.
Thomas was born in England in 1614 before settling at Concord, MA.
William was at Scituate in 1631.

Thomas was at Ipswich in 1639.

Gingell, Gingle, Gengill, Gingen
John is at Taunton in 1639 and then is found at Dorchester and Salem after.
William was living at Westerly, R.I. in 1661.

francis was at Salem in 1678.

John, a Scotch, was at Boston in 1684.