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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Camp-Carter


Edward was living at New Haven, Conn. in 1643.
John was a freeman at Hartford, Conn. in 1669.
Nicholas was born in Nasing, Essex, England pre-1630 before going to Watertown, Mass. in 1638. He then removed to Guilford in 1639 and was lastly in Milford, Conn. by 1646.
William was married in New London, Conn. in 1683.


Duncan was a bookseller in Boston in 1685.
John was the owner of Boston News Letter in Boston in 1695.

Camfield or Canfield

John was at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655.
Matthew was at New Haven, Conn. in 1644 and then went to New Jersey in 1665.
Thomas, brother of the preceding, was born at Yorkshire, England and was living in New Haven before moving to Milford, Conn. by 1646.


Clement was at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1647.


James was at Rowley, Mass. by 1601.


Zaccheus was a proprietor at New Haven, Conn. in 1685.


John was married at Boston in 1661.


Thomas was sent over by Mason to Portsmouth, N.H. in 1631 and then went to Dover, N.H. in 1644.

Cannin or Canon

John was at Plymouth, Mass. by 1621.


Cornelius was at Hingham, Mass. in 1639 but left no male issue.
William first lived in Salem in 1638 before removing to Lynn, Mass. by 1641.


Bernard came from England to Mass. in 1630. He was a proprietor at Dedham, Mass. by 1633 and had only one son named John, who may have came to New England BEFORE his father did.


Benfield or Banfield was born at England around 1660 before coming to N.E. by 1680. He settled at Barrington, R.I. and later to Attleboro, Mass..


Richard was at Newport, R.I. in 1665.


Richard was at Roxbury, Mass pre-1636, when he is found at Boston. The following year he is found at Warwick, R.I..


Edward, was the son of Eramas, mercer of London and the 19th generation from Baldwin de Carleton. Edward was born in 1605 in England and was one of the founders of Rowley, Mass. between 1638-9. He returned to England in 1651 and died the same year. His son, John, came to N.E. after his fathers death.

Carlilie, Carley or Carlisle

Bartholomew was married at Sudbury, Mass. in 1686.
William was at Hingham in 1637 and was one of the first planters of Hull, Mass. in 1642. He was also a founder of Lancaster, Mass. in 1653 before settling at Marlboro, Mass. afterward.


John was at Roxbury in 1631, removed to Long Island afterward, and was also a patentee of Hempstead.


John was at Boston in 1649.
Thomas was at New Haven, Conn. in 1684.


James was a surgeon at Boston in 1685.


David was at Farmington, Conn. when he died in 1651.
John lived at Ipswich, Mass. in 1678.
Thomas was a carpenter who came from Amesbury, Wiltshire, England to Boston in 1636.
William was the ninth generation from John and was born in 1576. He came with his son, William, in 1637. The elder returned on the same ship back to England and his son settled at Providence, R.I. in the same year. He was the founder of the Carpenter branch of the family in that state before living at Weymouth in 1640, was a carpenter by trade and was also one of the founders of Rehoboth.


Caleb was the son of Benjamin and was born at London in 1616 before going to Newport, R.I. in 1638.
George was a shipwright at Ipswich in 1633 and went to Salisbury, Mass. in 1640. He was at Amesbury in 1662.
Richard, born in 1606 and came to N.E. in 1635. He is at Hampton, N.H. in 1640 before removing to Ipswich in 1678.
Robert was a tailor by trade and a brother of Caleb. He was also born in London in 1614 and settled at Briston, R.I. by 1635. He became a resident of Portsmouth, R.I. in 1639 and then went to Newport, R.I. then to "Conanicut Island" in Narragansett Bay.


Thomas was born in Wales around 1630 and is found at Billerica, Mass. by 1674, then Andover, Mass. and finally at Colchester, Conn..


Edward was at Charlestown in 1633.
John was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1644.


Anthony was at Topsfield Mass. in 1661.
Nathaniel was living in Mass. in 1672.


Caleb was married at Charlestown, Mass. in 1678.
John was at Charlestown in 1640 and was an early settler of Woburn, Mass..
Joshua was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1634 and removed to Windsor, Conn sometime before 1647.
Lawrence was at Hadley, Mass. in 1686.
Philip was at Exeter, N.H. in 1677.
Ralph was at Boston in 1676.
Richard was a broadweaver at Boston in 1640 but left no male issue.
Robert was at Malden, Mass. in 1674.
Samuel was at Charlestown, Mass. in 1647.
Thomas is living at Charlestown in 1637.
Rev. Thomas was born at St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England before coming to Dedham in 1641. He was the first minister of Woburn, Mass. in 1642.
Thomas was a planter and born in England. He settled at Ipswich in 1638 and was at Salisbury, Mass. in 1639.
Thomas was at York, Maine in 1663.
William was at Marblehead, Mass. in 1668