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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Garfield-Gibbard

Edward was born in England in 1575 and lived in Watertown, Mass. in 1635.

Jarvis was a freeman at Salem in 1639.

George lived in Maine in 1659.
Jabez was at Dover, N.H. pre-1690.
John was born in England in 1621 and is found at Hampton, N.H. by 1650.
Peter resided at Charlestown, Mass. in 1637.

Joseph was at new London, Conn. in 1651 and is found to have been charged with witchcraft at Easthampton, Long Island a couple years later.

1770 Maryland note

Garner or Garnier
Edmund was living in Cambridge, Mass. in 1635.
Thomas was a merchant at Boston in 1648.

Garnet or Garnett
John is found at Ipswich, Mass. pre-1650, when he is found at Hingham.

Henry was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1655.
Joseph was an inhabitant of New Haven, Conn. in 1647, then is found to have married in 1659 at Stamford, Conn..
Joseph was married at Milford, Conn. in 1673.
William was a freeman at York, Maine in 1652.

Garrett, Garrad or Garrart
Daniel was a prison keeper at Hartford, Conn in 1640.
Hiram or Herman was living at Concord, Mass. pre-1638, when he is found at Charlestown, Mass..
James was a freeman at Charlestown in 1639 but was lost at sea in 1657. His ashes were scattered at sea by his widow on her return to England the same year.
Richard was a shoemaker who came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630. He was at Charlestown the same year but lost  at sea leaving no issue.
Richard was the first town clerk of Boston pre-1636.
Robert was also a mariner who married at Boston pre-1643.

Gascoyne, Gaskin or Gaskell
Edward was a shipwright and was granted land at Salem in 1637.

Gatchell, Getchell or Gitchell
John was born in 1611 and is found at Salem by 1637, then removed to Marblehead by 1648.
Samuel was at Salem and Hampton, N.H. by 1641 before being found at Salisbury, N.H. by 1648.

Capt. George was born in England in 1634 and came to New England in 1651. He was at Haddam, Conn. in 1661.
Stephen was the son of Thomas and tenth generation from Thomas Gates of Higheaster and Thurstebic, Essex, England(Thomas being born in 1327). Stephen was of Hingham, Norfolk, England and came to Hingham, Mass. in 1638, then to Cambridge, the Lancaster by 1654 and lastly back to Cambridge 2 years later.

1775 two shilling Rhode Island note

Gatline or Gattliffe
Thomas was a miller at Braintree, Mass. in 1656.

Peter was at Lynn, Mass. and then Sandwich, Mass. by 1637.

John was a freeman at Watertown in 1635, removed to Dedham in 1636.

Samuel was of Nantucket, Mass pre-1691.
William, brother of Samuel, was married at Nantucket pre-1673.

Gaylord, Gaylor, Gayler, Gallard or Gallerd
John was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1632.
William, brother of John, was a deacon and born at Exeter, Devonshire, England. He was one of the founders of Dorchester, Mass. in 1633 before removing to Windsor, Conn. in 1636.

Gears, Geer or Geers
George was born in England in 1621 and found at Boston by 1635 before being granted land at New London, Conn. by 1651.
Thomas, brother of George, is found at Enfield, Conn. in 1682.

Geary, Gery, Gerry or Gary
Arthur was at Roxbury, Mass. in 1639.
Denis was born in England in 1605 and came from London to Lynn, Mass. in 1635.
Henry was at Salem, Mass. in 1648. Thomas was born in 1638 and came to Charlestown, Mass. in 1668.
William was a freeman at Salem in 1641.

Gedney or Gidney
James was born at England in 1603 and came from Norwich, Norfolk, England to Salem by 1638.

Peter was a fisherman at Boston in 1667.

1780 Rhode Island note

Genery or Chenerie
Lambert was at Watertown in 1636, then at Dedham, Mass. later.

Eleazer was at Salem in 1668.
Gideon came from Yorkshire to Salem in 1680.
James is at Haverhill in 1652, then to Salisbury in 1653.
John was an apprentice to Gov. Winthrop in 1641 the a resident of Charlestown in 1657 and is found at Boston after.
Nicholas was an innkeeper at Dorchester in 1666.
Peter is found at Braintree pre-1643 and by 1670, he had moved to Block Island, R.I. by 1670.
Richard was married at Boston in 1655.

Gerard, Geraerd, Garriard or Geraerdi
John, of Dutch descent, was in "Narragansett country" in 1651 and was made a freeman at Warwick, Rl.I. in 1655.

William was born at Bristol, England  between 1616-1621 and settled at Newbury in 1639 before removing to Boston by 1678.

Henry was at Salem in 1648.

Gibbard(see Gilbert)