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Charleston International Music Competition

I wanted to share a brief post and link to a very special young man. My son Thomas, who is 12 years old, has made the final cut of of this worldwide music competition. He is one out of about 150 who made it this far and the only one from New England. 

Not only do our Yankee roots go back to 1635, but our violin roots go back 6 generations. He is the only 6th generation violinist in the country.

I would like to ask that you click on the link and just listen for 30 seconds at least. He is crazy talented and the hardest working young violinist I have ever heard. So take a moment and give him the gift of you like or view. It would mean the world to him. 

Thank you in advance.

Sunday, July 2, 2023

New England Colonists 1600-1700 Little-Macy


 George was a tailor in Newbury, Mass. in 1640

Richard was in New Haven, Conn. in 1670.

Thomas came from Devonshire, England to Plymouth in 1630 and moved to Marshfield, Mass. in 1650.

Thomas is found to have married at Weymouth in 1657 before removing to Cambridge, Mass. shortly after.


Daniel was an inhabitant of Wells, Maine during the mid-1600s.

Edmund was born in 1590 at Southampton, England and first came to N.E. in 1637. He is seen at Boston a year later, Exeter, N.H. after and by 1645 is founbd at Wells, Maine.

Francis is at Woburn, Mass. in 1646.

John resided at Dedham, Mass. in 1650 and later at Wrentham, Mass..

Thomas is in Dover, N.H. in 1648 and Wells, Maine in 1653.


Richard came to Ipswich in 1634 nd then went to Newbury and Haverhill, Mass..


John came from Barbadoes to New London, Conn. in 1677.


John was the son of Peter and was born at Little Thurlow, Suffolk, England in 1604. He came to N.E. in 1634 where he was a potter at Wethersfield, Conn. In 1639, he went to New Haven and Watertown, Mass. by 1650.

Thomas was at Charlestown pre-1687.

This is why when I go in search of my old families artifacts on Bailey Hill in Topsfield, Maine, I search the bottom of each well I find. Check this out at


Edward is seen at Charlestown pre-1682.

James was a merchant from Bristol, England before coming to Boston and Newport, R.I. pre-1673.

Lobdell, Lobden

Isaac resided at Hull, Mass. in 1658.

John was the brother of Isaac and married at Hull in 1659.

Nicholas is at Hingham, Mass. in 1636.

Nicholas was a resident of Charlestown in 1689.

Simon lived at Hartford, Conn. in 1655, Springfield, Mass. in 1666 and Milford, Mass. in 1671.


John settled at Dover, N.H. in 1644, coming from Yorkshire, England. He was then residing at Hampton, N.H. by 1655.

William was born  in 1628 at Stepney, London, England and came with Nicholas Dais to N.E. in 1634/5. He then moved to Charlestown in 1655, where he married and lastly to Woburn, Mass..


Edmund came with Winthrop's Fleet and he lived at Cambridge.

Richard was born at England in 1632 before settling in Maine by 1672.

Robert was brother of Edmund who first came to Watertown in 1630. He then went to Fairfield, Conn. in 1641 and later to Norwalk, Conn..


Richard was a maltster in N.E. pre-1690.


Alexander was a Scotsman in Charlestown in 1684.

Jacob lived at Watertown, Mass. in 1642.


William was killed by Indians at Swansey, Mass. in 1675, leaving a son named Nathaniel.


John was living in Sudbury, Mass. pre-1652.

Robert settled at Sudbury in 1639.


John was a settler at Barnstable in 1673.

Lombard, Lumbart

John came to Cape Cod from England in 1640, removing to Springfield in 1646.

Thomas is seen at Dorchester in 1630, Scituate and Barnstable by 1640.


Philip was living at Ipswich in 1648 before removing to Boston later.

Richard is seen at Salisbury, Mass. pre-1680.

Robert came to Charlestown in 1635 from Dunstable, Bedford, England.

Robert is married at Newbury in 1647.

Samuel was the brother of Philip and lived in Ipswich in 1648.

Thomas was a resident of Hartford, Conn. in 1665.

Thomas inhabited Roxbury in 1688.


James is at Newport, R.I. in 1660and later at Westerly, R.I..


William was born at County Hants, England ca 1651 before residing at Newbury as a child. He married in 1678 at Newbury.


Richard came to Lynn in 1636.


Thomas is seen at Lynn pre-1646.

Looker, Luker

Henry was in New England pre-1640 and is seen at Sudbury in 1643.

John was at Sudbury in 1646.

Mark belonged to the Baptist church of Newport, R.I. in 1644.

Looman, Loomer, Lomer

Stephen was living at New London, Conn. pre-1687.

Loomis, Lummis

Edward was born in 1608 at England before coming to N.E. in 1635. He is seen at Ipswich in 1648.

Joseph was a linen and woolen draper and son of John. He was born in 1590 at Braintree, England and came to Dorchester in 1638. He went to Windsor, Conn. a year later.

Thomas was a resident of Salem in 1668.


James resided at a fisherman at Nantucket, Mass. in 1672 and is said to have been the first to hunt and capture whales in New England.

                                                            17th century whaling


Abraham is seen at Ipswich, Mass. and Kittery, Maine by 1670.

John is at Kittery in 1651.

John died at Watertown, Mass. in 1669.

Nathan, Nathaniel, came from Kent, England to Kittery, Maine pre-1662 before removing to South Berwick, Maine after.

Robert was born about 1620 in England and is found at Ipswich in 1636.

Thomas was born at England in 1585 near London, England and came to New England in 1635. He was an early settler of Hartford, Conn..

William was born at England about 1590 and is seen at Salem in 1636.


Thomas came from Axminster, Devonshire, England to Dorchester, Mass. in 1634. He removed to Hingham the next year and lastly to Hull, Mass. in 1646.


Francis was a Scotsman and settled at Sagadahoc, Maine in 1675.

                               Cromwell. Here is a great site for all things New England and a quick                   summation of what Cromwell did with his Scottish prisoners.


John was in N.H. in 1692.

Thomas was married at Boston in 1652.


John was born in 1622 at England and settled at Andover ca 1650.

Loveland, Loveman

John died at Hartford in 1670.

Robert resided at Boston in 1645, then New London, Conn. pre-1666.

Thomas settled at Wethersfield pre-1670.

Lovel, Lovell

Alexander was born in 1619 at England and married at Medfield, Mass. in 1649.

Daniel resided at Braintree in 1640.

James resided at Weymouth pre-1665.

John, brother of James, died at Weymouth in 1651.

John is living at Lynn in 1681.

Robert came from Weymouth, England to Weymouth, Mass. in 1635.   

Thomas was born at Ireland in 1620 and is found as a currier at Salem in 1639. He was at Ipswich by 1647.

William was a captain from Dorchester in 1630.


John was from Dedham, Essex, England and lived at Watertown, Mass. in 1636, leaving no issue.

John was at Ipswich and dover, N.H. in 1657.

Mark was a resident of Salem in 1668.

Thomas was the son of William and from Oldham, Suffolk, England. he came to Watertown ca 1663 but left no issue.


Alexander was a hotel keeper at Medfield, Mass. in 1678.

Daniel was a resident of Braintree in 1662.

John was born in 1610 at England and lived at Salem in 1639. 


John was an ensign in Cromwell's army in 1653and settled at Weymouth and Dunstable by 1690.

Low, Lowe

Ambrose was married at Hingham in 1688.

Andrew inhabited New Haven, Conn. in 1639.

John was a wheelwright at Boston in 1637.

John was a resident of Sudbury in 1641.

John was married at Hingham in 1650.

John resided at Concord in 1661.

Richard was a merchant at Salem in 1672.

Robert was a vintner at Boston in 1649.

Thomas was the son of Captain John and a master of one of Winthrop's ships. He was a malster at Ipswich in 1644.

William lived at Kittery, Maine in 1662.


Richard was an inhabitant of Charlestown in 1638.


Percival was the son of Richard and ninth generation from Walter of Yardley, Worcestershire, England. He was a merchant in N.E..

Percival(not a mistake)was born at Somersetshire, England in 1571 and came to Newbury in 1639.


Mark was at Newport, R.I. in 1635.


Thomas resided at Plymouth pre-1656.

William was married at Middletown, Conn. in 1666.

Luce, Lucy

Henry was born in 1640 at England and is at Rehoboth, Mass. in 1668.

Luckis, Luckin

William is at Marblehead in 1648.


James settled at Weymouth in 1636.

Ludecas, Leudecoes

Daniel resided at Dover, N.H. in 1659.


George came from Norwich, England in 1635 to Hingham. He removed to Braintree and died there in 1648.

William was the brother of George and was born at Norwich, England in 1604.  He was a locksmith at Boston in 1637 and then moved to New Haven in 1660.


William lived at Charlestown in 1642.


Roger lived at Dorchester in 1630, Windsor in 1635, Fairfield, Conn. in 1639 then to Virginia in 1654.


Henry resided at Boston in 1636.


George was at Charlestown in 1687.

Lumpkin, Lumpskins

Richard came to Ipswich in 1638 from Boxted, Essex, England.

William came to N.E. in 1637 and is seen at Yarmouth, Mass. in 1643.


Thomas was at Dunstable, Mass. in 1682.


Henry is at Ipswich in 1633 and Newbury two years later.


Thomas settled at Norwalk, Conn. in 1654.


Eleazer was a founder the the first church of Dedham in 1637.

Luson, Leuson

John was at Dedham in 1639.


John was born at Shrewsbury, England and came to Boston in 1635. He was at Taunton in 1637 and Gloucester in 1642.

Samuel was at Rehoboth in 1662 and later at Swansey, Mass..


John was at Saco, Maine in 1664.

William was at Mass. pre-1657, when he is seen at Exeter, N.H..


James resided at Cambridge in 1637.

Stephen lived at Haddam, Conn. in 1676, leaving no issue.

Lyall, Lysle, Lisle, Loyal

Francis was a barber, surgeon at Boston in 1637, went back to England and returned to N.E. in 1645.


Allen was married at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1661.

Edward was at Boston in 1660.


Francis was a mariner at Boston in 1667 and Exeter, N.h. pre-1680.

John was a minister at Plymouth in 1624, at Nantucket and Cape Ann pre-1620 and died at Virginia in 1627.


Richard was the son of Henry and 24th generation from King Alfred. he was born in 1580 at High Ongar, Essex, England and settled at Charlestown in 1631. He then went with Hooker's Colony to Hartford, Conn. in 1636.


Capt. John was at Malden pre-1685.

Simon was born at London, England in 1624. he was the son of Enoch and was a resident of Boston in 1650.

Thomas was born at England ca 1593 and settled at Charlestown in 1634.

Lynn, Lynne

Henry is at Boston in 1630, York, Maine in 1640 and Virginia a year later.


George was residing at Dorchester in 1669, then Milton, Mass. after.

henry came from Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland to Milford, Mass. in 1648, then to Fairfield, Conn. in 1652.

James was at Roxbury in 1683.

John settled at Salem in 1638 and Marblehead ten years later.

Peter was at Dorchester in 1649.

Richard was the brother of James and settled at Fairfield, Conn. in 1649.

Thomas, brother of Richard, resided at Fairfield, Conn. between 1654 and 1670.

William, son of William, was born at Heston, Middlesex, England in 1620. He came to N.E. at 14 years of age with the family of Isaac Heath and settled at Roxbury.

Macarter, Mecarta

John married at Salem in 1675.

Maccallom, Makcallom

Malcolm was a Scotman of Boston in 1657.


William was a resident of Wrentham in 1670.


Florence was a butcher at Boston in 1686, although he is known to have come over many years before.

Thaddeus was a resident of Boston pre-1683.

Ship’s Galley in a Thomas Phillip print of a first rate ship of the line from the 1690s. Note the ship’s cook with a knife in his right hand wearing an apron and possessing a wooden leg. Image printed in Brian Lavery’s “The Arming and Fitting of English Ships of War, 1600-1815” on page 196.


John was a Scotchman at Haverhill in 1655 and a prisoner from Dunbar or Worcester who was sent to N.E. for sale.

Maccome, Macomb

Alexander was a Scot who lived at Boston in 1659.

James was a Scotchman and a resident of Westerly, R.I. in 1669.

Maccullock, Mccullock, Mccullough

Alexander was a Scot living in Boston in 1684.

Thomas was a Scot living at Boston in 1684.


Dennis resided at Boston pre-1671.

John married at Boston in 1658.


Sturgis was a Scot living at Boston in 1684.


William is at Warwich, R.I. early.


Daniel was married at Woburn in 1677 and then Billerica, Mass. in 1679.


John was born in 1653 at Inverness, Scotland and came to N.E. in 1669. He settled at Salisbury in 1690 then at Lyme, Conn..


Daniel was a Scot living at Newton, Mass. pre-1673.

Mackentire, MacIntyre, MacIntire

Philip was the son of Ebenezer and born at Argyle, Scotland. He is seen at Reading, Mass. in 1651.


John settled at Dedham pre-1659.

Macklathlin, Macklathen

Robert was one of the Scotch prisoners sent by Crowell to N.E. to be sold. He is seen at Brookfield, Mass..

Mackmallen, Mackmillion

Allister was born in 1631 at Scotland and lived at Salem in 1661.


James was a merchant at Windsor, Conn. in 1690 but left no issue.


John was a carpenter from Inverness, Scotland and settled at Taunton, Mass. in 1643.

Thomas was the brother of John and married at Marshfield, Mass. in 1677.

William was the brother of John and Thomas and is seen at Dorchester in 1638, Duxbury in 1641 and later at Marshfield, Mass..

Macoone, Mackoon

John was married at Cambridge in 1654.

John resided at Westerly, R.I. in 1669.


William married at Springfield, Mass. in 1654.


John lived at Newport, R.I.                                   9.


Arthur was at Casco, Maine in 1636 before removing to Saco, Maine.


George was living at Taunton 1643.

Thomas came from Chilmark, Wiltshire, England to Newbury by 1639.

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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Leach-Litherland


It is believed that the Leach family(in particular, Lawrence Leach's ancestors,) descended from John De Leche, who was King Edward III's surgeon. Lawrences coat of arms has three crowns on it, which is said to signify the three Kings of France and Scotland who dined at the house of the surgeon wo had rendered them life saving service while prisoners. John was also given a very large estate. Please read the following free internet archive history of this family here. 



Giles was at Weymouth in 1656 and Bridgewater, Ma. by 1665.

John inhabited Salem in 1637.

Lawrence, the brother of John, was born in England in 1589 before residing at Salem by 1629.

Richard was found at Salem in 1639.

Thomas was born in 1652 at England and married in New London, Conn. in 1680.


Henry was found to have been married at Dorchester in 1660.


George was at Kittery, Maine in 1652.

Richard is seen at Lynn, Ma. in 1645, Berwick, Maine by 1650 and at Boston in 1647.

Leager, Legare, Leger

Jacob was a tailor at Boston in 1641.

Lear, Leare

John lived at Salem in 1658.

Tobias was married at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1665.

Learned, Lained

William was born in 1590 at England and is found at Charlestown, Mass. in 1632 and then at Woburn, where he died in 1646.


Francis was a shipowner at Topsfield and Rowley early in the 17th century.


Edward was living in Dover, N.H. in 1665.


William was a settler at Roxbury in 1634.


Thomas was born in England and is found at New Haven, Conn. in 1664 before passing away at Woodbury, Conn. in 1683.


Thomas was the town clerk at Rowley in 1643.


John was born in England in 1610 and came to Dorchester, Mass. in 1630. He then went to Hingham, Mass. in 1635.

John was living in N.H. in 1645.

Thomas inhabited Exeter, N.H. in 1639 and then Hampton, N.H. in 1644.

Le Baron

Francis was a surgeon who was bon at France in 1668 before residing in Plymouth pre-1695.

Le Blonde

James was a Huguenot who is seen to have married at Boston in 1689.


Thomas was a lawyer who came from London to Boston and then back to England all by 1640.

Leck, Lecke, Leeke

Ambrose lived at Wickford, R.I. in 1674.

Lee, Lea, Ley

Abraham inhabited Dover, N.H. in 1680 and was killed by Indians in 1689.

Edward resided at Hartford, Conn. in 1650.

Henry was born at Cheshire, England and came to Manchester, Mass. in 1650.

John was born at England in 1598 and settled at Ipswich in 1640.

John was at Saco, Maine in 1645.

John was born in Essex County, England in 1620 and came to Hartford, Conn. at age 13. He then moved to Farmington, Conn. in 1641.

Robert came from London to Plymouth by 1637.

Samuel was residing at Malden, Mass. in 1671 and died at the age of 36 years in 1676.

Thomas was the brother of Henry and John and came to Ipswich in 1648 where he died in 1682 at the age of 82 years.

Thomas died aboard ship on his way to New England in 1641. His widow married Greenfield Larrabeee and she settled at Saybrook, Conn, then Lyme where she had her only son, Lt. Thomas L..

Walter was born at England in 1630 and is first seen in Conn. by 1654. He then removed to Northampton, Mass. by 1656 and Westfield, Mass. in 1665.

                                                      First settling Dover, N.H. in 1623


John was a mariner who was born at England in 1641. He is seen at New London, Conn. in 1674.

John was at Watertown, Mass. around 1680.

Richard was born in 1605 at England and went to Dorchester, Mass. by 1637.

John was an inhabitant of Hingham in 1647.

Thomas was married at Duxbury, Mass. in 1685 then went to Plympton, Mass.  and Windham, Conn. after.


Philip is seen at New haven, Conn. in 1644.


Hugh resided at Saybrook, Conn. in 1648.


William was governor of Conn. and the son of John and the fifth generation of Thomas, who first used the surname Leete. Thomas was of Oakington, England in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Gov. Leete was born in 1612 at Dodington, Huntingshire, England and is seen at Guilford in 1639 and in 1676, he went to Hartford.

Le Favor, Favor

John was at Haverhill in 1641.

Phillip settled at Salisbury around 1660.


Michael was living at Woburn pre-1643.

Lt. Thomas, son of Thomas, was born at White Colne, Essex, England in 1624 and is seen at Saybrook in 1637. He then went to Norwich, Conn. in 1659.


Francis was a Huguenot and goldsmith at Boston in 1690.

A super interesting read about the Huguenots.

Legat, Leggett

John resided at Hampton, N.H. in 1640.

Legge, Legg

John was born at England in 1612 and came in Winthrop's Flee of 1630. He first lived at Salem and then Marblehead by 1635.


Nicholas resided at Salem in 1668.

Leigh, Legh

Joseph was an inhabitant of Ipswich in 1651.


Hopestill was born at Yorkshire, England ca. 1580 before settling at Weymouth in 1624. he then moved to Medfield in 1655.

Lemon, Leamond, Lemond

Joseph was born ca. 1662 at England before residing at Charlestown.

Robert was at Salem in 1637.

Lennox, Lenox

Ralph lived at  New Haven pre-1665.


Robert was a schoolmaster who went to Weymouth in 1637, Newport, R.I. a year later and returned to England 3 years later.


Lawrence was at Ipswich in 1673.


Henry was an ironmaster at Lynn around 1650.

James was the son of Thomas of Pontypool, Monmouthshire, England(with Thomas being the 6th generation of John who was born in 1479 at Knole, Kent, England). He was at Providence, R.I. in 1645 and later lived at Lynn and Taunton, Mass..

John came from Bilston, Staffordshire, England to Springfield, Mass. pre-1638.

Philip was the brother of Henry and is seen at Marshfield, Mass. without male issue.

Rice was a resident of Rehoboth in 1644.

Solomon was born in 1610 at Monmouthshire, England and came to Plymouth before removing to Bridgewater, Mass. by 1645.

Leister, Leicester

Andrew was at Glooucester by 1643 and is then seen at New London, Conn. in 1651.

Lettis, Lettice

Thomas was at Plymouth in 1638.

Walter was a resident of Newport, R.I. in 1649.

Levens, Leavens

John was at Roxbury in 1634.


Thomas came from Boston, Lincolnshire, England to Boston, Mass. in 1633.

Leverich, Loveridge, Leveridge

Caleb was at Conn. in 1664 then Newtown, L.I. after.

Ebenezer, brother of Caleb, was at Newtown, L. I. but left no male issue.

Henry was a tailor at Salisbury, Wiltshire, England and Boston, Mass. in 1635.

William came to N.E. in 1633. He is first found at Salem then Dover, N.H. Boston in 1635, Duxbury by 1637, Sandwich in 1640 and lastley to Long Island.


John was a Scot who settled North Billerica, Mass. by 1677.


Benjamin was at New Haven in 1669, Wallingford, Conn and around 1675, moved to Stratford, Conn..

Edmund was born at England in 1595 and lived Ipswich, Watertown and Lynn, Mass. by 1634.

Francis was a boatman at Boston in 1663.

George was a clothier who was born at East Greenwich, England. He was at Plymouth and Scituate by 1635 and lastly at Barnstable in 1638.

John resided at Charlestown in 1634 and Malden a year later.

John, brother of George, came from Tenterden, Kent, England to Scituate in 1635 and then to Boston.

John inhabited New London, Conn. in 1648.

John was a freeman at Lancaster, Mass. in 1665.

John was a butcher at Boston in 1659.

John was a mariner at Boston in 1669.

John was living at Westerly, R.I. in 1661.

John resided at Roxbury in 1640.

John was married at Hingham in 1682.

Jonas was killed on August 24, 1675 during King Philips War.

Joseph was at Swansey in 1672.

Philip was at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1665 and by 1672, is seen at Dover, .H..

Robert was born in 1607 at England to Salem, then Newbury where he died in 1644.

Thomas was at Saco, Maine pre-1630.

Thomas was of Northampton, Mass. in 1667.

Walter was living at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1648.

William came to Cambridge by 1633, Hartford in 1636 and Hadley in 1659.

William was a freeman at Roxbury in 1642, later going to Lancaster in 1653.


Henry was at Boston in 1657.

Libby, Libbey

John was born in 1602 at England, coming by way of the Isle of Thanet, Kent, England between 1630-1635 to Scarborough, Maine.


Henry was at New Hampshire in 1677, when he died.

John was at Salisbury first, then to N.H. by 1676.


Francis resided at Lynn in 1636.

John lived at Boston in 1653.

William was an inhabitant of Marblehead in 1674.

Lilford, Lilforth

Francis settled at Rowley in 1643.

Thomas, brother of Francis, was at Rowley in 1643 and Haverhill in 1654.

Lillie, Lilly

Edward was a cooper at Boston in 1670.

George was born in 1638 at England and settled at Reading pre-1659.

John was at Concord ca. 1660.

John was a resident of Woburn in 1690.

Luke resided at Marshfield, Mass. in 1643.

Samuel was a merchant at Boston in 1686.


Daniel was born at Hingham, England in 1619 and settled at Hingham by 1644.

Robert was at Boston in 1646.

Samuel was a weaver who was born at Hingham, England in 1619. He went to Salem in 1637 and Hingham, Mass. later.

Stephen came from Wymondham, England in 1638 before settling at Hingham, Mass..

Thomas was a miller who was born at Norfolkshire, England in 1603. He first ent to Hingham in 1635 and then Taunton, Mass. in 1652.

Thomas was a cooper and son of Thomas. he came to N.E. in 1630 and is found at Hingham in 1636.

Thomas was the brother of Stephen and is seen at Hingham in 1638.

Lindall, Lyndall, Lindale

henry was a resident of New Haven in 1646.

James was of Bridgewater and Duxbury, Mass. between 1640-1645.

Lindon, Lyndon

Augustine was a mariner of Boston in 1652.

Lindsay, Lindsey, Linsley

Christopher was residing at Lynn in 1630.

John was at Guilford, Conn. in 1650 and Branford, Conn. pre-1667.


henry was the son of John Lynbe of Bsdley, Northampton, England and lived at new Haven, Conn. in 1642.

John was a fisherman from Dartmouth, Devonshire, England before dying at the Isle of Shoals in 1675.

Ralph was the brother of Henry and is at New Haven in 1642 and Woodbridge, Conn. in 1689.


Benjamin was at Charlestown in 1636 and New haven by 1640.

Linnell, Lynnell

Robert was born in 1584 at London, England and is seen at Scituate in 1638. He then ent to Barnstable in 1639.


Richard was residing at Medford in 1630, Watertown in 1638 and Lancaster in 1643.

Lippet, Lippit

John was a resident of Providence, R.I. in 1630 and Warwich, R.I. by 1655.


Bartholomew inhabited Dover, N.H. in 1658.

Richard resided at Dorchester in 1640, Boston in 1644, New Jersey in 1655 and Salisbury, N.J. in 1669.

Liscome, Lyscum

Humphrey was a merchant of Boston in 1678.

John lived at Lynn pre-1693.

Nicholas was at Marblehead in 1663.


Lawrence is seen at Boston in 1640, Scituate and finally at Barnstable by 1650, when he died.

Litherland, Lytherland

William came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630 and is at Newport, R.I. within the next 5 years. 

Zebulan was a t Boston pre-1670

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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Lacock-Lazell



Lawrence was a ship carpenter at Boston in 1644.


Lawrence resided in Andover, Mass. pre-1683.

Morgan was at Saco, Maine in 1660.


Daniel was the son of Nathaniel and came from England in 1634. He was at Salisbury, Mass. by 1639 and then Haverhill, Mass. where he died.


Rowland was living in Plymouth, Mass. in 1636 and at Charlestown, Mass. by 1649.

Laighton, Leighton

John resided at Ipswich, Mass. in 1648 but may have been the same John Laighton who is seen as living in Newport, R.I. 10 years previously.

Thomas is at Lynn, Mass. in 1639.

Thomas was an inhabitant of Saco, Maine in 1645.

Thomas was born in England in 1604 before moving to Dover, N.H. in 1633.

Capt. William was born at England around 1625 and settled at "Kelleny", Maine pre-1650. There is no such place as Kelleny, Maine nor has their ever been so the exact town is not known. He was killed by Indians near Swanzey on June 24, 1675.


Henry was a currier at Salem in 1649 before moving to Dorchester, Mass. after.

John was a tailor and freeman at Boston in 1644.

Thomas was at Dorchester in 1641.

Thomas was a merchant and brother of the preceding and resied at New Haven, Conn. pre-1650.


William was a representative from the Isle of Shoals in 1692.


William inhabited Groton, Mass. in 1670. His grandsons, John and William, came to New England with him.


Edward was a resident of Watertown, Mass. in 1633.

John was at New London, Conn. in 1664.

Samuel is seen at Springfield, Mass. in 1690.

Thomas was a merchant in Roxbury, Mass. in 1630.


Ezra was a fisherman at Salem pre-1689.

Francis was at Rowley, Mass. in 1640.

Jesse is seen as married at Milford, Mass. in 1680.

John is also seen as married at Saybrook, Conn. in 1668.

Michael resided at Lynn in 1647.

Robert came from Dartmouth, Devonshire, England to Boston, pre-1665 when he is one of the founders of the Baptist Church.


George was a merchant at New Haven in 1641, a passenger on the "Phantom Ship" that sailed from New Haven for England, never to be heard from again despite intensive investigations.

Phantom Ship, painted by Jesse Talbot in 1850, recalls the "Great Shippe," a New Haven vessel lost at sea in 1647. William K. Sacco / New Haven Museum

See the story below.,lost%20at%20sea%20in%201647.&text=The%20%E2%80%9Cgreat%20shippe%E2%80%9D%20would%20save,colonists%20of%20New%20Haven%20believed.


Thomas inhabited Marblehead in 1666.


Henry was born in England in 1616 before being a cooper at Boston, pre-1660, when he is seen at Hampton, N.H..


Barnabas was at Cambridge in 1635 but died by 1642.

Samuel was an early settler at Reading, Mass., where he was made a freeman in 1677.

Thomas died at New Haven, Conn. in 1664.

William came from Durham, England with Winthrop's fleet and was a freeman at Ipswich in 1637. He often added a "b" or "p" to his last name.


Henry was born in 1610 England and is at Dover, N.H. by 1634.

Joseph is at Salisbury pre-1666.


John was a fisherman at Portsmouth, N.HY. and Kittery, Maine by 1639.

Thomas was born in England in 1613 and located at Lynn, Mass. in 1635 before moving to Sandwich, Mass. in 1637.

William died at Marshfield, Mass. in 1648.

Landfear, Lamphear

George lived at Westerly, R.I. in 1669.


James was at Boston and then Charleston, Mass. by 1670.


Ambrose was a shipmaster at Portsmouth, N.H..

Daniel was at New London, Conn. in 1652 and by 1666, at Brookhaven, Long Island.

Edward was born in England in 1620 and is found at Boston by 1656.

Isaac is found to have married at Middletown, Conn. in 1669.

James, brother of Edward, was a carpenter and the son of James. He settled at Malden, Mass. and Casco Bay, Maine after seen arriving in New England in 1656.

Job was the brother of the preceding and was born at Lancashire, England in 1620. He is at Rehoboth, Mass. in 1644 and Malden, Mass. by 1656.

John was at Milford, Mass. in 1640.

John was a cordwainer at Boston in 1674.

Robert came from Derbyshire, England and settled at Killingworth and Stratford, Conn. by 1665.

Samson came from Teignmouth, Devonshire, England on request by Mason to Portsmouth, N.H. in 1631. He returned to England shortly after.

William came from Yorkshire, England in 1635 and lived at Dorchester, Mass. and Hartford, Conn..

William was a cordwainer and resident of Boston in 1650.


Jacob was at Weymouth pre-1680.


John resided at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1695.


Gregory lived at Pemaquid, Maine in 1674.


David inhabited Boston pre-1685.

George was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1636, then to Springfield and Northampton, Mass. later.

John was a sailmaker at Boston in 1649.

John is at Farmington, Conn. in 1653.

John resided at Boston pre-1686.

Philip was a mariner and brother of John of Farmington who went to Boston in 1675.

Tobias settled at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1664.


Henry was at Boston in 1645.

Richard settled at Hingham, Mass. in 1635/6.

Langford, Lanckford

John was a freeman at Salem in 1645.

Richard was at Plymouth in 1632.

Langhorne, Longhorne

Richard lived at Rowley in 1649.

Thomas inhabited Cambridge in 1644.

Langley, Longley

Abel was at Rowley in 1651.

Daniel was a mariner at Boston in 1689.

John is seen as married at Hingham in 1666.

Richard settled at Lynn in 1635.

William, son of John of Frisby, Lincolnshire, England , was born in 1614 and is seen at Lynn in 1639 before removing to Groton, Conn. by 1659.

Langmead, Langmaid

Richard was a mariner who died at Boston in 1660.

William was living in N.H. by 1675.


Henry was sent by Mason to Portsmouth, N.HY. in 1631.

Langton, Lanckton, Lankton

George was at Springfield, Mass. in 1646.

Roger was a freeman at Ipswich in 1635.


Andrew resided at Newport, R.I. in 1656.


John married at Malden,  Mass. in 1671.

John was born in 1635 at England and is seen as married at Providence, R.I. in 1673.

Thomas resided at Scituate, Mass. in 1635.


Stephen was at Scarborough, Maine in 1640.


Cornelius was born at England in 1653 and settled at Beverly in 1681.


John married at Saybrook in 1659 and is found at Branford, Conn. in 1672.

William lived at Hingham in 1635 before moving to Cape Cod.


Henry was a  resident of Boston in 1646 but left no male issue.


Mordecai was at Beverly in 1681.

Thomas lived in Dover, N.H. in 1640 but returned to England the following year.

Larkin, Larkins

Edward was at Charlestown in 1638.

Edward was at Newport, R.I. in 1655 and moved to Westerly, R.I. in 1669.

John, brother of the first Edward, was at Charlestown pre-1643.

Larrabee, Larabee

Greenfield settled at Saybrook, Conn. pre-1648.

Isaac was living in Falmouth, Maine in 1680 and later moved to Lynn, Mass..

Stephen was born in France in 1630 before settling Malden, Mass. by 1655. He later went to North Yarmouth, Maine.

William is found married at Malden in 1655.


Cornelius was at Exeter, N.H. in 1677.


John settled at Hingham pre-1647.


Hugh was a freeman at Salem in 1639.


Cary was at Cambridge pre-1639 and later went to New London, Conn..

Robert, brother of Cary, was at Cambridge, then Marshfield, Mass. by 1643. He is found at Plymouth by 1649.

William was a servant to Governor Carver on the Mayflower and is seen at Duxbury in 1637. He is then at Marshfield in 1643 but returned to England by 1649. He died of starvation in the Bahamas within the next few years.

Lathrop, Lothrop

John was born at Elton, Yorkshire, England in 1584. He was the first minister of Scituate and is seen at Boston by 1634. A year later he is at Scituate, then Barnstable by 1639.

Mark, brother of John was baptized at Elton, England in 1597 and moved to Salem, then Duxbury by 1643. He is lastly found at Bridgewater, Mass. in 1656.

Thomas was at Salem in 1634. He died, leaving no issue, at the battle of Bloody Brook as the captain of the Flower of Essex.

Lattimore, Latimer

Christopher was a resident of Marblehead in 1648.

John was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1646.

Robert was a mariner at Boston and New London, Conn. pre-1664.

Latting, Letten, Lettin

Richard was at Concord, Mass. before 1641, when he removed to Fairfield, Conn. then to Huntington, L.I..


Thomas was at Boston in 1660.


Andrew was living in Hingham in 1654.

John was born in England around 1635 and settled at Concord in 1656.

Richard is found at Watertown, Mass and Wethersfield, Conn. by 1638 before finally seen at Stamford, Conn. later.

William settled at Rowley by 1643.


Francis was a weaver who was born at Norwich, England and settled at Boston by 1637.


David was in N.H. in 1683.

George was married at Watertown in 1657.

Henry settled at Charlestown in 1638.

John was born at Wisset, Suffolk, England in 1609 and at Watertwon by 1637, later going to Groton by 1668.

John was at Ipswich in 1634, Hempstead, L.I. in 1644, removed to New Yourk after 1655.

John was living at Muddy River, now Brookline, Mass. pre-1657.

John was a  resident of Wrentham, Mass. in 1684.

Nicholas is at Charlestown in 1648.

Richard was at Branford, Conn. in 1646 and Passaic,N.HY. by 1668.

Robert settled at Sandwich, Mass. and Falmouth, Maine by 1680.

Thomas was married at Hingham in 1638.

Thomas was an original settler of Milford, Mass. in 1639 and died in 1648.

Thomas was an inhabitant of Stamford in 1670 and brother of John. He later moved to New York.

William was living at Duxbury in 1643.

William, brother to John and Thomas, came to N.E. at age 12 in 1635. He lived first at Ipswich and was married multiple times, with his second ex wife marrying Sir Philip Carteret, Governor of New Jersey.

                                                          Elizabeth Lawrence Carteret

Here is a link to some love letters between Elizabeth and her new husband, Sir Philip.




Christopher was a cooper at Exeter in 1639 and later went to Swan Island on the Kennebec River in Maine.

Deodate was a minster and son of the Rev. Thomas of Denton, Norfolk, England. He was at Boston in 1680, Salem in 1683, Scituate in 1686 and by 1698, he was dismissed as a minister.

James was at Dartmouth, Mass. in 1684.

John was residing at Boston in 1690.

Roger was a  mariner at Boston in 1690.


George was one of the first settlers of Portsmouth, R.I. and later at "Aquidneck" in 1638.

John died at Suffield, Conn. in 1690.

Lay, Ley

Edward was at Hartford, Conn. in 1640 and Saybrook, Conn. by 1648.

John Brother of Edward, was at Saybrook in 1648 and Lyme, Conn. in 1667.

Robert was first at Lynn in 1638 and Saybrook, Conn. in 1647.

William was living in Boston pre-1690.


Henry was at Barnstable in 1637.

Friday, February 3, 2023


I had to add this post because up here in New England, we are having one heck of a chill this weekend. So my mind is on cooking, not genealogy for the next few days.  

Amazing Italian Grape-nut Pudding 

Although Grapenuts was first produced in the late 19th century, within the next couple of years, these little grains were used as a crispy topping for baked custard. Here in New England, Grape-nut Pudding was at its culinary pinnacle in the 1920s and has stayed popular for almost 100 years. I created this recipe because my children dislike custard. So if I could reproduce the flavor of this classic Yankee dessert, without the overpowering flavor of eggs, than I could keep this dish alive, hopefully for another century. And this did the trick. Creamy and smooth, the flavor and crunch of Grape-nuts isn't lost, but that eggy flavor is. Don't be dismayed however, the creaminess and a sweet crust forms all throughout and around this classic, making it even better!

Nonstick cooking spray

1 1/2 cups ricotta cheese

4 eggs

3/4 cup raisins

1/2 cup sugar

1/3 cup Grape-nuts cereal *

1/4 cup milk

1 tablespoon vanilla

1/2 teaspoon each cinnamon and nutmeg

Grease an 8-inch square pan with nonstick cooking spray; set aside. Preheat oven to 350-degrees F. Blend all ingredients in a bowl with an electric mixer until as smooth as possible, on low speed. Pour into prepared pan and bake 34-36 minutes, or until firm to the touch in the center. Remove from oven to cool before covering to refrigerate completely.

*If you don't want to spend the money for an entire box of this cereal, your favorite granola makes a fantastic substitution.

Apple Pie Fritter Bread
On a day like this, I don't need to tell you how good this would taste sitting at home. 

Apple mixture:
2 apples
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
Spice Mix:
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup oil(I used canola)
2 eggs
2/3 cup brown sugar
1(6-oz.)container vanilla or plain yogurt or use milk
1 teaspoon almond or vanilla extract
1 1/2 cup flour
1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves or allspice, optional
2 tablespoons butter or margarine

Grease a loaf pan; set aside. Preheat oven to 350-degrees F. Peel, core and dice apples very small and mix with sugar and cinnamon; set aside. in a small bowl, blend brown sugar and cinnamon; set aside. In a large bowl, beat oil, brown sugar,
eggs, yogurt and extract until smooth. Add flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Continue beating until well incorporated. It does not have to be lump free. Pour half the batter in prepared pan. then half the apple mixture evenly over the top, then half the spice mix evenly over the apples. Repeat , this time pressing the apples just slightly into batter. Dot with the butter and bake 75 minutes, or until the middle bounces back when pressed. Remove from oven to cool before glazing with a mixture of 1/2 cup powdered sugar with 3 tablespoons milk or water.

Crispy Cheesy Potatoes au Gratin, Two Ways
Who doesn't like that crispy edge often found around a great mac and cheese? Now take that a step further and give this recipe a try. Not only is it far easier to prepare(and foolproof I might add), but you get that same cheesy crispness in every single bite!

2 pounds russet potatoes, peeled
11 tablespoons butter or margarine, divided
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1 large Spanish onion, peeled, halved and sliced thin
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
1 teaspoon minced garlic in oil
1/4 cup flour
2 cups milk
1/2 teaspoon both salt and black pepper
1/2 cup(2 ounces)shredded milk Cheddar cheese
1/2 cup(2 ounces)Gruyere cheese, shredded

Begin by slicing potatoes 1/2-inch thick. Place in a large saucepan, cover with water and boil until just fork tender, about 8 minutes. Carefully pour into a strainer allowing to drain and dry while making Caramelized Onions and cheese sauce. 
Prepare Caramelized Onions first by placing 2 tablespoons butter with olive oil and maple syrup in a large skillet over medium high heat. When butter has melted, add onions and cook for about 20 minutes, stirring often, or until browned. Remove from heat and immediately transfer to 9-inch square baking pan, or equivalent; set aside to cool. It may harden, which is perfect.
Preheat oven to 400-degrees F.
Melt 3 tablespoons butter and mix with panko crumbs evenly; set aside.
Melt remainder of butter, with garlic, in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Cook 3 minutes. Whisk in flour until smooth. While still on heat, add milk, salt and pepper, blending well. Continue cooking and whisking until milk has thickened. Add both cheeses and remove from heat. Sir until cheese has melted.
To assemble, layer cooked potatoes over the onions. Pour cheese sauce over the top evenly and sprinkle panko crumbles over the top. Cook 20-25 minutes, or until bubbling and lightly browned. Remove to serve hot. 

NOTE: If you don't care for the Caramelized Onion layer, simply omit the entire process and follow directions for the rest of the recipe.

Bacon Cheeseburger Soup

This is probably one of my best soups for winter. And I hate to even call it a soup, more like a cheeseburger chowdah to be honest. Creamy, cheesy, thick and delicious. Many will make it a Deluxe or even a Royal with the addition of diced tomatoes and/or onions. By all means double it if you are cooking for more than two. After all, what soup isn't tastier the second day?

3 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted
2 tablespoons flour
4 ounces ground beef
4-6 ounces yellow American cheese, thinly sliced
4 strips cooked bacon, crumbled
2 cups milk
2 egg yolks, lightly beaten
1/4 teaspoon black pepper

Whisk the melted butter and flour in a small bowl; set aside. In a medium saucepan, add ground beef over medium heat, breaking apart with a spatula or large spoon. Cook, continuing to break apart, until cooked through. Carefully drain grease and return to stove. Add bacon, milk, yolks and pepper, stirring well. Bring to scalding, stirring frequently and add cheese, bacon and butter mixture(roux). Stir well and continue cooking and stirring until thick, creamy and cheese has completely melted. Serve hot.

If you decide to make this either a Deluxe or Royal version, simple add diced tomatoes at the very end or cook a quarter cup diced onion with burger.

Blueberry Coffee Cake

With the wind gusting and the temperature already in the minus category, I have absolutely no issue starting up the oven and keeping it going all day long. I remember my father saying that HIS father used to repeat "Maine has 2 seasons. Winter and August". It is almost true. So sitting down to a great tasting New England coffee cake is a feel good snack or dessert. Even a husband can make this delightful cake.

1/3 c. brown sugar
3 T. flour
1/2 t. cinnamon
2 T. butter or margarine, melted
Nonstick cooking spray
2 c. flour
3/4 c. sugar
1 T. baking powder
1/4 c. butter or margarine, melted
3/4 c. milk
2 eggs
1 T. lemon juice
1 1/2 c. fresh or frozen blueberries

Preheat oven to 350-degrees F. Grease an 8-9-inch square baking pan or cake pan liberally with nonstick cooking spray; set aside.
In a small bowl, blend together brown sugar, flour and cinnamon. Add melted butter and stir until flour mixture is entirely moist; set aside.

In a large bowl, place all cake ingredients at once, except blueberries, and beat with an electric mixer until smooth. Fold in blueberries. Pour batter in prepared pan and evenly sprinkle crumb topping over the top. Bake 45-50 minutes, or until the topping is crisp and the cake bounces back when touched in the middle. Use a toothpick if needed to make sure it comes out clean. Remove from oven to cool slightly before cutting to serve.

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A Few Great Reads


Before continuing on with our line up of the first Yankee settlers, I wanted to give you three links to some great information and fascinating reading. They are all about the widespread "throat distemper" that began in 1737. This disease is close to my heart because all of the previous 6 or7 siblings of my direct ancestor, Nathaniel Bailey of Newburyport, Mass.)died, as well as his fathers first two wives. His father was the Deacon Edmund Bailey and he survived to marry a third time and have Nathaniel as well as other children. 

These history lessons, below, outlines some fascinating details, scope and numbers, along with places, of this awful scourge. I couldn't stop reading until I had finished.

This second link is a little closer to home and may not be so enticing to many of you as it was for me, but it truly does have some great insight into what life was like in New England in the 1700s. 

The Centennial Commemoration of Dennysville, Maine has some data on child deaths, leading calamities at the time and so much more. 

This is an image of the living room of the Lincoln House in Dennysville, Maine, found at

I promise to get back to listing our ancestors arrival here in New England within the next two weeks. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

New England Colonists 1600-1700 Keeler-Knox


Ralph was at Hartford, Conn. in 1640 and Norwalk, Conn. by 1668.


Edward came from London to N.E. as early as 1635 and is then found at New Haven, Conn. in 1685.

Keen, Kean

Arthur died in Boston in 1687.

John was a mariner from Southampton, England in Boston very early.

Josiah was married at Duxbury, Mass. pre=-1669.

William was at Salem in 1638.

Keeny, Keeney

Alexander was a freeman at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1667 and died there in 1689.

William was living in Gloucester, Mass. pre-1649 and is then seen at New London, Conn. in 1651. He died there in 1675.


John was an inhabitant of Springfield, Mass. in 1660 and was killed there by Indians in 1676.


John was married at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1682.


James was the first minister of Bridgewater, Mass in 1664. He was born in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1643 and came to New England in 1662. He died there in 1719.

Kellen, Killin, Kelling

James is seen as married at Charleston, Mass. in 1679.


Daniel was the son of Martin and was baptized in 1630 in Great Leighs, England . He is at Norwalk, Conn. in 1655.

Joseph, also son of Martin, was the fifth generation from Nicholas and was baptized at Great Lehigh, England in 1626. He was a weaver at Farmington, Conn. in 1654, at Boston in 1655, Roxbury by 1659 and in 1661, he is seen as a lieutenant at Hadley, Mass..

Nathaniel settled at Hartford, Conn. in 1640 and moved to Farmington, Conn. in 1653 where he died.


Thomas was at Boston in 1661.

Thomas was also a resident of Boston in 1687.

Kelly, Kelley

Abel was at Salem in 1641.

Benjamin was a freeman at Mass. in 1669.

David was living in Boston pre-1653.

Edward went to Boston in 1635.

Reginald resided at Pemaquid, Maine in 1674.

Roger lived at the Isle of Shoals, N.H. in 1668.


William was born in England and went to Cambridge, Mass. in 1632. He then went to Hartford and Killingworth, Conn. by 1663.


Thomas was living at Boston in 1664.

Kemp, Kempe

Edward was a blacksmith at Dedham,. Mass. pre-1638 before going to Wrentham, Mass. in 1651. He lastly is found at Chelmsford, Mass. in 1655.


Daniel was a freeman at Cambridge, Mass. in 1647.


Daniel was residing in Cambridge pre-1653.


Ephraim is in the Plymouth Colony in 1627 and moved to Scituate in 1643 where he died two years later.

Manasseh, brother of Ephraim, was at Plymouth a year later than his brother. H3e died at Dartmouth in 1663.


Robert was at Reading, Mass. early.


Francis, son of John, was born around 1620 in England and came to Charlestown around 1640. He is seen at Woburn, Mass. in 1645.

Thomas was brother to Francis and was known as Deacon Tomas. He is at Lynn, Mass. in 1648 and Reading four years later.

Kendrick, Kenrick

Caleb was a resident of Boston in 1652.

George was at Scituate in 1635 and Rehoboth in 1645.

John was living in either Rowley or Ipswich when he married in 1657.

Thomas was seen as married at Rehoboth in 1681.


John was born around 1640 in England and resided in Dover, N.H. in 1663.


Edward came from Kent, England and settled at Portsmouth, N.H. around 1660.

John was married at Haddam, Conn. in 1674.

Kennedy, Cannady

Alexander was a resident of Plymouth in 1678.

Daniel inhabited Salem in 1681.

Kennicut, Kinnicutt

Roger was married at Malden, Mass. in 1661 and moved to Swansey(now Barrington)Mass. in 1677.

Kenniston, Kiniston

Allen was at Salem in 1638 but died ten years later.

William was living at Dover, N.H. in 1646. He is not seen there in 1671.

Kenny, Kenney, Kinney

Andrew was at Malden in 1690.

Henry was born in 1624 at England and is seen first at Roxbury. By 1653, he is living at Salem.

John died at Salem in 1670.

Richard was of New Hampshire in 1680.

Thomas was at Gloucester in 1664.


James is at Newbury in 1634.

John was at Dedham in 1645 and Charlestown after.

Joseph was brother of John and went to Dedham in 1645, then to Taunton after.

Joshua, brother of preceding, was at Dedham in 1643 but returned to England a year later. He came back to Dedham in 1645, bringing his brother Joseph. He resided at Block Island, R.I. and Swansea, Mass. after.

Oliver was at Dover, N.H. in 1648 and died there in 1679.

Richard, brother of James, settled at Ipswich in 1634 and Newbury a year later.

Stephen was the brother of Richard and is found at Newbury in 1639. He then went to Haverhill and Woodbridge, N.J. after.

Thomas settled at Gloucester in 1643 and Sudfield, Conn. where he died in 1658.

William was married at Boston in 1662.


John was born in 1605 at England and lived at New Shoreman(Block Island), R.I..

Kerley, Carsley

William is at Hingham in 1637, Sudbury in 1641 and lastly at Lancaster, Mass. in 1647.


Henry was living at Boston in 1656.


Edward was at Ipswich in 1635.


John resided at Gloucester pre-1658.

Richard was a butcher at Charlestown in 1635.

Robert was the brother of John and lived at Gloucester in 1653.

Key, Keys, Keyes

John was at Dover, N.H. pre-1657 and removed to Berwick, Maine where he was killed by Indians in 1690.

Robert was at Watertown in 1633, Newbury in 1643 and Sudbury in 1645.

Solomon was married at New bury in 1653.


George was a tanner at Lynn in 1639 before removing to Salem after.

Thomas was a shipmaster and merchant and brother of George. He is living in Lynn in 1638 where he was involved in the slave trade.

Kibby, Kibbe, Kibbee

Arthur was a fisherman at Salem in 1659, they year he married.

Edward was a sawyer who was born in Exeter, England in 1611. He settled at Muddy River in Boston in 1639 and died there in 1661.

Henry was a tailor at Dorchester in 1642.

Joseph was married early at Salem.

William was at Hull, Mass. in 1642.


John resided at Duxbury in 1640.

Lewis was a fisherman at Boston in 1640.

Kid, Kidd

James lived at Dover, N.H. in 1657.


James was the son of James and born at East Gunstead County, Sussex, England in 1626. He settled at Cambridge in 1649.

Stephen was under Mason at Berwick, Maine in 1633.

Thaddeus was residing at Marblehead in 1674.

Kilbourn, Kilborne

George was the son to Thomas and bapt. at Wood Ditton, Cambridge, England in 1612. He moved to Roxbury in 1640.

Thomas was born at same place as George, in 1578 and is found at Boston in 1635. He is afterwards settled at Wethersfield, Conn, where he died in 1639.


Christopher was a resident of Boston in 1694.

Edward is seen as married at Boston in 1662.

John, brother of Cristopher, lived at Boston in 1686.


William was a sieve maker at Boston in 1649 before removing to Charlestown.

Kilham, Killiam, Kelham

Daniel was living at Wenham, Mass in 1645.


Robert came from England to New England pre-1690 and settled at Providence, R.I..

Kimball, Kemball

Ebeneezer was at Rowley in 1691.

Ephraim was a freeman at Wenham in 1690.

Henry was born in England in 1590 before going to Watertown, Mass. in 1634.

Henry was married at Charlestown in 1656,

John was married at Newbury in 1665.

John was at Amesbury in 1690.

Richard was a wheelwright and brother of the first Henry. He was baptized at Rattlesden, Suffolk, England in 1595. He first settled Watertown in 1634 and went to Ipswich four years later.

Thomas was a merchant at Charlestown in 1653.

Thomas was at Bradford and had a wife and 5 children who were taken by the Indians after killing him.


William was at Dover in 1668.


George was married at Dorchester in 1653 and moved to Cambridge in 1664.

Kincade, Kincaid

Daniel came from Scotland to New Hampshire in 1689.


Arthru was residing at Boston in 1646.


Alexander was at Wickford, R.I. in 1674.

Clement resided at Malden in 1668 and removed to R.I. after.

Daniel was a merchant at Lynn in 1647.

Hezekiah was at Weymouth in 1679.

James was the son of William and fifth generation from Thomas Kyne(who was born in 1538). He was born at Ugborough, England in 1647 and went to Ipswich pre-1674, then to Suffield, Conn. by 1675.

John was living at Hartford in 1645 and later is found at Northampton.

John was born in England in 1600 before being seen at Weymouth pre-1655.

Mark was of Charlestown in 1658.

Peter was a deacon in Sudbury in 1654.

Philip came from England to Weymouth in 1672.

Ralph was living  and married in Lynn in 1648.

Richard was at Salem in 1635.

Samuel resided at Plymouth in 1643.

Samuel was at Weymouth in 1659.

Thomas was born at England in 1615 and at Watertown in 1640.

Thomas was born at Shaston, Dorsetshire, England in 1600 before settling at Sudbury in 1642.

Thomas(Elder) was the son of George of Cold Norton, Essex, England and was born there in 1604. He settled at Scituate in 1635.

William was born in England in 1608 and settled at Salem in 1635.

William died at the Isle of Shoals, N.H. in 1664.

William was at Boston in 1655.


Henry was of Welsh descent and is found at Weymouth in 1636.


Ephraim was at Haverhill and the son of Henry below. He was killed on May 3, 1676 by Indians.

Henry was the sixth generation from John Kyngesbury and came from Assington, Suffolk, England with Winthrop's Fleet. He is seen at Ipswich as a founder in 1638.

Johwas at Watertown in 1636 and later that year, at Dedham.

John, brother of the preceding, also came with Winthrop and settled at Dedham in 1637.

Josephwas the brother of Henry and John and is seen at Dedham in 1637.

Kinglsey, Kinsley

John came from Hampshire, England to Dorchester in 1635, removing to Rehoboth in 1648.

John was married at Milton, Mass. pre-1676.

Samuel was at Billerica in 1651.

Stephen settled at Braintree, Mass. in 1640, then to Dorchester and Milton after.

Kingsnorth, Kngsworth

Henry was at Guilford, Conn. in 1639.


Robert came from England to Boston in 1634, then to Ipswich in 1637.


John was born at Rowington, Warwickshire, England in 1624. At twelve years old, he came to Plymouth, then to Hartford by 1645 and nine years later to Cromwell, Conn..

Richard was the brother of John and came to Lynn in 1636. He then went to Lynn  then is seen at Sandwich in 1637 as a Quaker.

William was at Boston in 1642 and was well known at the city executioner in 1657.


Henry was at Dover, N.H. in 1665.

Zechariah was living in Boston in 1686.

Kirkham, Kirkman

Thomas was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1648.


John was in Lynn in 1633.

Kirtland, Kirkland

Nathaniel was born in 1616 at Sherington, Bucks, England and settled at Lynn in 1635.

Philip was a shoemaker and brother of Nathaniel who settled at Lynn in 1635.

Kiskeyes, Keskeys

Henry was married at Boston in 1656.


Robert was at Guilford, Conn. in 1639 before removing to New Jersey later that year.


John was a shoemaker at Salem in 1643.

Kitcherell, Kecherell

Joseph was at Charlestown in 1636.

Samuel was residing at Hartford pre-1646.

Kitredge was a seaman at Billerica in 1660.


Aaron went to Plymouth in 1638 and then to Tauin 1643.

Nicholas was born in England and came to New England in 1630. He settled at Watertown then by 1646, is seen at Stamford, Conn..

Roger was at new Haven in 1643.

William was a carpenter who was born in England in 1578 before living at Watertown in 1630.


Edward was born in Scotland in 1580 and came to New England in 1630.

John was born at England in 1632 and is in Boston in 1657 as one of the founders of the Scots Charitable Society.

Philip was residing in Lynn in 1637.

Knell, Kneale

Nicholas was at Stratford, Conn. in 1650.


Alexander came from Chelmsford, England to Ipswich in 1635.

Ezekiel was living in Salem in 1637 then moved to Wells, Maine and finally to Braintree.

Francis was at Pemaquid, Maine in 1648.

George was born at Barrow, Suffolk, England before coming to Hingham in 1638.

George died at Scarborough, Maine in 1671.

George was living at Hartford in 1671.

John was a tailor from Romsey, Hants, England  and settled at Newbury in 1635.

John was a maltster at Watertown in 1636, Sudbury in 1642 and Woburn in 1653.

John resided at Lynn pre-1657.

John was at Northampton in 1676.

Jonathan was a resident of Salem in 1670.

Joseph was a freeman at Woburn in 1652.

Mautlyn or Macklin resided at Boston in 1643.

Michael married at Woburn in 1657.

Richard was a slater at Weymouth in 1637 and by 1642, was at Boston.

Richard was a merchant at Hampton, N.H.  and Portsmouth, N.H. by 1643. He was also at Dover, N.H. by 1659 and at Boston by 1668.

Richard was a resident of Boston in 1652.

Richard was a carpenter at Newport, R.I. in 1648.

Richard was a bricklayer of Boston in 1673.

Robert was at Hampton, N.H. in 1640 before moving to Boston later.

Robert was at Kittery and York, Maine.

Roger was sent over to N.E. by Mason in 1631 and settled at Portsmouth, N.H..

Samuel was married at Roxbury in 1685.

Toby settled at Newport, R.I. in 1638.

Walter was born in 1587 at England and is seen at Salem as early as 1626 before moving to Duxutry by 1638.

William was a mason at Salem in 1637.

William was at New Meadows, now Topsfield, Mass. in 1638.


George was at Lynn and Sandwich, Mass. by 1637.

Richard was a surgeon at Marblehead in 1678.


George was a resident of Charlestown in 1631.

Thomas was the brother of George and at Charlestown in 1631.

Knowles, Knoll

Alexander was a freeman of Mass. in 1636 before moving to Fairfield, Conn..

Henry was born in 1609 at England before being seen at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655. He is also seent at Warwick, R.I. after.

John was the second minister of Watertown and born at Lincolnshire, England. He came to N.E. in 1638 and settled as pastor at Watertown in 1640 but returned to England by 1651.

John was a mariner at Hampton, N.H. pre-1660.

Richard was born in England in 1638. He settled at Cambridge, then Hampton, N.H. where ie died in 1682.

Richard was at Plymouth pre-1639, the moved to Eastham, Mass. by 1653.

Thomas was living at New Haven in 1645.


John was at Ipswich in 1641.

Jonathan was at Malden pre-1688.

Nathaniel lived at Ipswich in 1683.

Samuel was a freeman at Wenham, Mass. in 1680.

Thomas was the brother of John and at Ipswich in 1648.

William was a Captain from Kent County, England. He was on his way to N.E. in 1638 but died on the voyage, leaving four sons...John, Samuel, Thomas and William.


John was a resident of Watertown pre-1686.