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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Maddocks-Martin


An interesting topic of just how bad this 1717 snow storm was.

Maddocks, Maddock, Mattocks

Edmund was a resident of Boston in 1652.

Henry was at Saco, Maine in 1653 before removing to Boston.

Henry is found to have married at Watertown, MA in 1662.

James came from England to Newbury, Mass. in 1642. He then went to Lynn, Mass..

John was a sawyer and brother of James who was born in England in 1592. He located first at Boston and then Lynn and Newbury.


Robert was of Boston in 1643.


Michael is seen at Casco, Maine pre-1652.

Magoon, Magoun

Henry was at Dover, N.H. in 1657, later seen at Exeter, N.H. by 1683.

John was born in Scotland in 1625 and resided at Scituate in 1655. By 1662, he is at Hingham, MA..

Jonathan was also a resident of Hingham in 1657.

Magvarlow, Macvarlo

Purdy was married at Hingham, Mass. in 1667,

Maine, Mayne, Mayen

Ezekiel is seen at Stonington, Conn. in 1670.

John lived at North Yarmouth, Maine and York, Maine pre-1680 when he is found at Boston.


George was from the Isle of Jersey before coming to Newbury, Mass. by 1671.


Thomas was born at England in 1590 and came to Boston in 1636. He then went to Dorchester, Mass..

Makrest, Makerest

Benoni is found to have been married at Salisbury, Mass. by 1681.


Robert resided at Newport, R.I. in 1675.


Thomas is seen at Boston in 1685 before moving to N.H..

Mallory, Mallery

Peter was living in New Haven, Conn. in 1644.

Malone, Maloon

Hendrick was a resident of Dover, N.H. in 1660.


John was an inhabitant New Haven, Conn. pre-1676.

William was at Branford, Conn. in 1667.


Thomas lived at New Haven, Conn. in 1638 and by 1655, Portsmouth, R.I..

Manly, Manley

William was at Weymouth and Boston by 1690.


Abraham was a resident of Providence, R.I. in 1676.

Francis was at Providence, R.I. in 1673.

James was a freeman in Newport, R.I. in 1653.

John was a baker at Boston in 1670.

Josiah was in Hadley, Mass. in 1676.

Nathaniel was brother of Josiah at Boston in 1670.

Richard was born at Cornwall, England and settled at Scituate, Mass. by 1646. He later wen to Concord, Mass..

Samuel settled at Dedham, Mass. in 1642.

Thomas was a settler at Rehoboth, Mass. in 1676.

William was born at Kent, England in 1607 and lived at Cambridge, Mass. in 1634.


George was a shoemaker at Sudbury, Mass. in 1640 before removing to Boston by 1653.

Return was married at Hingham in 1664 and was later a resident of Boston.

Richard was at Ipswich pre-1669.

Thomas was the brother of the preceding and died at Ipswich at age 74 years.

William was born at Essex County, England in 1592 and went to Roxbury and Cambridge by 1634. He then removed to Boston in 1664.


Andrew was from Exeter, Devonshire, England before coming to Boston by 1636. He then went to Lynn in 1639.

John was at Charlestown in 1684.

John was a freeman at Hingham in 1684.

Richard was the son of Sir John Mansfield(Mayor of Exeter, Devonshire, England)and resided at New Haven in 1639. He died there in 1655.

Thomas was at Lynn in 1642.


Shadrach lived at Newport, R.I. in 1668.


John inhabited Boston pre-1646.

Nicholas was in Gloucester, Mass. in 1658.

Samuel was a Scotsman and is married at Andover, Mass. in 1660.

William was at Charlestown in 1654.


George was born at England in 1622 and came to New England in 1638 as a servant of to Stephen Kent. He is seen at Boston in 1666.

Hugh was a carpenter and brother of preceding who was born at England in 1618. He was also a servant of the same man and later settled at Newbury.


John was born in Ireland in 1662 and lived at Woodstock, Conn. in 1686.


Richard was at New Haven in 1647.


Richard was an inhabitant of Dover, N.H. in 1659.


James came from Dover, England to Falmouth, Maine in 1686. He died in Boston in 1731 at the age of 80 years.


John was born at England in 1620 and was a cordwainer at Watertown, Mass. in 1640 before moving to Boston by 1652.


Patrick was residing in Charlestown in 1677.


There was an F. Marks in 1675 at Scituate, Mass..


Daniel was born at Plumstead Manor, Norwich, England and came to Cambridge in 1655. He then went to Middletown, Conn. by 1667.

Nathaniel was a freeman at Watertown in 1682.

William was at Hadley, Mass. as one of its first settlers. 

Marlo, Marlow

Edward was in Hartford in 1667.

Thomas resided at Westfield, Mass. in 1681.


Nicholas, or Nichols, was at Salem in 1636, later removing to Marblehead by 1648.


John lived at Marblehead, Mass. in 1674.


Alexander was of Braintree in 1654.

George came from Hingham, England to Hingham, Mass. in 1635.

John was born at England in 1618 and came to Cambridge in 1635. He went to Hartford, Conn. in 1636 and Hadley, Mass. in 1656.

John was the son of John who came from Branktry, Essex, England to Salem in 1633. John was a resident of Charlestown, Mas. in 1638.

Jonathan was at Milford, Mass. in 1649 and Norwalk, Conn. by 1655.

Samuel was an inhabitant of New Haven, Conn. pre-1648.


Edmund was born at England in 1598 and is seen at Salem by 1636 before moving to Ipswich by 1646.

Edward was a settler of Warwich, R.I. in 1658.

Edward lived at Reading early.

Francis was born at England in 1605 and is a master mariner at Boston in 1635.

John came from Leahorn, Kent, England to Duxbury, Mass. pre-1631.

John lived at Providence, R.I. in 1639.

John was born at England in 1621 and came to N.E. in 1634. He is the brother of Christopher who came to N.E. but returned to be a divinity student in England. John was living in Boston in 1640.

John was born at England in 1632 and is at Billerica, Mass. in 1656.

John was a mariner from Barnstable, Devonshire, England who settled at Boston where he died in 1662.

John resided at Boston pre-1661.

Peter was at Newbury pre-1689.

Richard was seen as married at Taunton in 1676.

Capt. Samuel settled at Windsor, Conn.  in 1637.

Samuel was a freeman at Charlestown in 1690.

Samuel was at Boston in 1681.

Thomas lived at Dorchester in 1635.

Thomas was a shoemaker and ferryman at Boston in 1634. He also came from Boston, England.

Thomas was a tailor at Boston in 1643 and removed to New Haven, Conn. later.

Thomas was born at England in 1613 at came to Boston and Reading, Mass. by 1635.

Thomas was living at Salem in 1657.

Thomas was an inhabitant of Middlesex, Conn. in 1669.

Thomas is seen at Andover where he died in 1708 at almost 100 years old. 

Thomas settled at Charlestown in 1684.

Thomas resided at Hartford, Conn. in 1670.

William was born at England in 1595 and came to Salem in 1635.

William is seen as married at Charlestown in 1666.

Marshcroft, Mashcroft

Daniel was married at Roxbury in 1665.


Thomas was at Windsor, Conn. before dying at Springfield, Mass. early.


John was born at Ormsby, Norfolk, England in 1612 and came to New England in 1637. He is seen as a servant of a widow named Mary Moulton before settling at Salem.

John was married at Barnstable in 1657.

John was a resident of Andover in 1667.

Robert was at Hampton, N.H. in 1637.

Capt. Samuel died in Dec. of 1675 as a result of King Philip's War.

Thomas was at Salem in 1636 before removing to Hampton, N.H..

Capt. William was brother to Thomas who was born at Marston Moor, England in 1592. He is seen at Salem in 1637 before going to Hampton, N.H. by 1640. He went back to Salem after.

Martin, Martyn, Marsden

Abraham was a weaver at Hingham in 1635 and Rehoboth  in 1643.

Ambrose was at Weymouth in 1638 before removing to Concord, Mass. in 1639.

Anthony was married at Middletown, Conn. in 1661.

Charles is at York, Maine in 1680.

Christopher was a mayflower passenger who left no male issue.

Edward was at Boston in 1679.

Emanuel lived at Salem in 1668.

George was a blacksmith for Samuel Winsley when he came to N.E. in 1639. He lived at Salisbury in 1643 and Amesbury in 1650.

James was born at England in 1630 and is at Rye, N.H. in 1675.

Isaac inhabited Rehoboth in 1643.

John was a freeman at Charlestown in 1638.

John married at Barnstable, Mass. in 1657 then moved to Martha's Vineyard.

John lived at Swansey, Mass. pre-1675.

John married at Rehoboth in 1681.

Michael was a mariner at Boston in 1656.

Richard resided at Casco, Maine in 1646.

Richard was a merchant in Boston in 1654.

Richard settled at Rehoboth in 1663.

Richard was one of the first settlers of Portsmouth, N.H. in 1671.

Robert was the brother of the 3d Richard who came from Badecombe, Somersetshire, England in 1635.. He settled at Weymouth pre-1640, moved to Rehoboth and Swansey, leaving no issue.

Robert was living at New Haven in 1646.

Robert was born at England in 1633 and is seen at Marblehead in 1666.

Samuel was at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1646.

Samuel was married at Andover in 1676.

Solomon was born at England in 1619 and is at Gloucester, Mass. in 1635 as a ships carpenter.

Thomas was at Charlestown in 1639 and later at Cambridge, Mass..

Thomas was a mariner and married at Boston in 1670.

Thomas was a freeman at Marlboro, Mass. in 1690.

William was living in Reading, Mass. in 1641.

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