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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Marvin, Marven to Merriman


Marvin, Marven

Matthew was born at Great Bentley, Essex, England in 1600 before coming to N.E. in 1635. He is seen at Hartford, Con. in 1638 and Norwalk, Conn. in 1650.

Marvin was born in 1541 at Rumsey, England.

Reynold or Reginald, was the brother of Matthew, who was the son of Edward and grandson of Rynalde. He is at Hartford, Conn. in 1638, Farmington, Conn. in 1640 and then went to Lyme after.

Mascall, Maskell

John was living at Salem in 1651.

Robert was a servant in the home of William Pierce in 1640 before returning to England by 1646.

Thomas inhabited Windsor, Conn. pre-1662.


Arthur is found to have married at Boston in 1655.

Edmund was at Watertown, Mass. in 1642.

Edward was an early settler of Wethersfield, Conn in 1640 but left no male issue.

Elias was at Salem in 1642.

Henry lived at Scituate in 1643 before moving to Dorchester, Mass. later.

Hugh was a tanner who was born in 1606 at Ipswich, Suffolk, England. He came to Watertwon, Mass. in 1634.

Major John was born  at England in 1600 and came with Winthrop's Fleet. He first went to Dorchester, Mass, then to Windsor, Conn by 1635. He then is seen at Saybrook, Conn. in 1647, Norwich in 1660 and became quite famous during the Pequot Wars.

John was at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655 and Westerly, R.I. in 1669.

John brother to Hugh, was a settler at Watertown, Mass, and died there in 1678 at the age of 73 years.

John was a bricklayer who is seen as married at Charlestown, Mass. in 1659. He is then seen at Salem two years later.

John was a resident of Concord and died there in 1677.

John resided at Hartford, Conn. where he died in 1698.

John was a merchant from London, England and came to Boston by 1678.

Joseph lived at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1670 but left no male issue.

Nicholas was at Saybrook, Conn. in 1648.

Ralph was a joiner who was born at Southwark, England in 1600 and went to Boston in 1635.

Robert was at Roxbury in 1637 and then died at Dedham in 1667.

Robert was the grandson of John Mason, changing his mother's last name from Tufton to Mason. He lived at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1680.

Roger was at Hartford, Conn. in 1670.

Sampson was a shoemaker from Dorchester, Mass. in 1651, then moved to Rehoboth in 1657 and Swansey in 1667.

Samuel is seen as having been married at Hingham, Mass. in 1670. He died "August 24" during King Phillips War.

Thomas was of Watertown, Mass. in 1637 and then at Northampton, Mass. in 1656.

Massey, Massie

Jeffery was at Salem pre-1634.


John came with Winthrop's Fleet to Cambridge pre-1631.


Richard resided at Plymouth in 1629.


Richard was a minister, son of Thomas, grandson of John and was born at Lowton, Winwich, Lancashire, England in 1598. He came to Boston in 1635 and settled at Dorchester in 1636.

Matson, Matteson

Henry was born at Denmark in 1646 and is seen at East Greenwich, R.I. by 1678.

Thomas was a gunsmith who came to Boston in 1630 but removed to Braintree by 1636.


Francis came to Portsmouth, N.H. in 1631, moved to Exeter, N.H. in 1639 and Dover, N.HY. in 1647.

Hugh married at Newbury in 1683.

James was at Charlestown, Mass. in 1634 and Yarmouth pre-1639.

John was at Roxbury by 1642.

John lived at Rehoboth and Springfield by 1644.

John was a tailor at Boston in 1645.

John was married at Charlestown in 1659.

John resided at Marlboro, Mass. in 1681.


James settled at Providence, R.I. in 1658.


David was at Braintree in 1650.

James was a cooper from Bristol, England who settled at Boston pre-1635.

Richard is seen to have married at New Haven in 1669.


Herbert was at Kittery, Maine in 1652.

Philip was an inhabitant of Springfield and Deerfield, Mass. by 1686.


Daniel was a minister from Bristol, England and came to Boston in 1635. Was also the first minister of Dover, N.H. but left no issue.

Maudsley, Moseley

Henry was born in 1611 at England and came to Braintree in 1635.

John was at Dorchester in 1639.

Maule, Mauld

Thomas was a shopkeeper and a Quaker at Salem in 1669.


Antipas was at the Isle of Shoals in 1647.

Elias was at Charlestown in 1633 and then oved to Winnesemet(now Chelsea), Mass. later.

John came from Plymouth, England to Dorchester in 1630.

Moses, brother of Elias, was at Salem in 1634.

Samuel was born in 1602 at England and went to Noodles Island(Boston Harbor) pre-1628. He is known for building a fort using only "four small pieces of artillery"..


Moses was a Huguenot from France who settled East Greenwich, R.I. ca 1685.

Mawry, Morey, Mowry

Roger was at Salem in 1631.


Clement resided at Taunton and Dorchester by 1658.

James was a cordwainer at Boston in 1675.

John was of Salisbury, Mass. in 1652 and Gloucester by 1679.

Maxson, Maggson

Richard was a blacksmith at Newport, R.I. in 1638.


Alexander went to Wenham, Mass. in 1690.

James was a Scotsman in N.E. in 1684.

John was a freeman at Andover in 1669.


John was born in 1590 at Mayfield, Sussex, England and is found at Roxbury in 1640.

Jonathan was married at Hingham in 1686.


Henry was a butcher at Boston in 1686.

Robert resided at Boston in 1683.

Thomas was from Norfolk, England and is seen at Hingham in 1638.


John was married at Lynn, Mass. pre-1666.


Robert was the son of William of Goldyngland, St. Giles, Cripplegate, England.

John was a mariner from Devonshire, England was is seen as married at New London, Conn. in 1676.

Robert Parkhurst was a mercer and 14th generation from William. He came to Boston in 1631, settled at Watertown and Martha's Vineyard by 1645.

Thomas was a merchant who was born in 1591 at Tisbury, England . He settled at Watertown in 1633, Martha's Vineyard by 1647 and died at Edgartown, Mass. in 1682. Robert Parkhurst(above) may have been his son because Thomas married a Parkhurst. 


John was at Cambridge in 1634 and within 10 years, moved to Hartford, Conn..

John  was at Duxbury in 1640.

John was born in 1610 at Cambridge, England and came to Cambridge, Mass. in 1634. He was at Sudbury in 1640 and Marlboro by 1656.

John was a carpenter at Boston and Dorchester by 1648.

William came from Hampshire, England to New London, Conn. when and where he married in 1678.


John was a minister at Boston in 1638 before removing to Eastham in 1646. He then returned to Boston by 1655 and later is seen at Barnstable, Eastham and Yarmouth, Maine.

John came from Rawling, Kent, England to Roxbury in 1632 with Robert Gamblin, Jr. as a youth.

McDonald, McDonell

John was residing at Boston in 1657.


Allister lived at Boston in 1658.

McEwen, McCane

Robert was a tailor and Scotchman at Stratford, Conn./ in 1685.

McIntire, McIntyre

Philip was born in 1648 at Argyle, Scotland and came to Reading pre-1666.


John was living at Scarborough, Maine in 1668.


Mordecai, his wife and 2 of their children died by the Indians during King Phillip's War.


Jeremiah was a fuller at Salem in 1660.


Gabriel was born in 1587 at England and is seen at Dorchester in 1638.

James was an inhabitant of Wrentham, Mass. pre-1694.

Joseph is seen at Stamford, Conn. in 1657 and Greenwich in 1662.

Nicholas is at Charlestown in 1680.

Richard was a freeman at Roxbury in 1665.

William, brother to Gabriel, came from England in 1635 and settled at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1641 before going to Stamford, Conn..

William, brother to Richard, died at Roxbury in 1683.


John came from Durham, England in 1650 and lived at Boston and Dover, N.H. by 1653.

Meakins, Meekins

John was at Hartford in 1669.

Meane, Means

John resided at Cambridge in  1638.


Robert was a tailor who was born in 1592 at London, England. He is first seen at Boston in 1635.

Measure, Masuer

William was married at New London, Conn. in 1664.

Mecock, Meacock, Maycock

Thomas was at Milford, Mass. in 1658 and Guilford, Conn. in 1667.


John lived at Swansea pre-1682.


Richard was at Marblehead in 1668.


Robert was married at New Haven, Conn. in 1651 and moved to Fairfield, Conn. pre-1670.

William resie3d at New Haven, Conn. in 1657.


Vincent was born at Devonshire or Dorsetshire, England in 1583. He came to N.E. in 1637, settling at New Haven by 1644 and Guilford, Conn. in 1644.


Edward lived at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1684.

Mellin, Mellen, Melyen

Isaac was a Dutchman at New Haven, Conn. in 1657 before moving to Virginia in 1664.

Jacob was a leather seller and brother of the preceding at New Haven, Conn. in 1655.

Richard was at Weymouth in 1639 and Charlestown pre-1642.

Samuel was brother of Isaac and died at Fairfield, Conn. pre-1660.

Mellows, Mellhouse

Abraham was living at Charlestown in 1634 and died five years later at the same place.

Oliver resided at Boston in 1634 and moved to Braintree where he died in 1638.


Daniel was a merchant at Barnstable in 1691 before removing to Eastham, Mass. later.


John was a tailor at Charlestown pre-1676.

Mendam, Mendall, Mendon

Robert was a hotel keeper at Duxbury in 1638 before going to Kittery, Maine pre-1647.

William is seen at Braintree in 1667.

Mepham, Mapham, Mipham

John is at Guilford, Conn. in 1639.


Thomas died in Boston in 1699.

Merchant, Marchant

John was a settler at Braintree in 1639, Woburn in 1642 and Yarmouth in 1648.

William was an inhabitant of Watertown in 1639.

Meredith, Ameredith

John resided at Kittery, Maine in 1670.


George is seen at Concord in 1641.

John was a freeman at Boston in 1647.

Joseph was a clothmaker and merchant, and the son of William of Kent, England. Joseph was born in 1600 and settled at Concord in 1638.

Robert, brother of Joseph, was at Concord in 1639.

Samuel resided at Charlestown in 1691.

William came from Hudlow, Kent, England to Concord in 1645 and then went to Lynn, Mass..


John lived at Hampton, N.H. in 1649.

Merrick, Myrick

James was at Marblehead in 1668.

John died at Hingham in 1647.

Thomas was born in 1620 at Wales and was at Hartford, Conn. by 1638. He then remvoed to Springfield, Mass. later.

William was a farmer and brother to Thomas who was also born at Wales in 1603. He is seen at Charlestown in 1636, Duxbury in 1640, Bridgewater and Eastham later.

Merrill, Merle, Merrells

Jeremiah was at Boston pre-1652.

John was at Newbury in 1640.

Nathaniel was the brother of John and was born at Wiltshire, England in 1610. He came to Newbury in 1635.

Thomas was at Hartford, Conn. around 1646.


Capt. Nathaniel was born in 1613 at Tenderton, Kent, England and came to New Haven, Conn. pre-1663. He is also at Wallingford, Conn. in 1670

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