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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Fisher-Fop

A boys 17th century frock. Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Anthony, son of Anthony of Syleham, Suffolk, England, was born in 1501 at Sylehan and is found at Dedham, Mass. in 1637.
Anthony was a freeman at Dorchester, Mass. in 1645.
Daniel settled at Taunton pre-1666, when he is found to have married at that place.
Edward was a freeman at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1655.
Eleazer settled at Wrentham, Mass. pre-1688, when he is found to have married there.
Joshua, brother of the first Anthony, came to Mass. in 1640 and settled at Dedham the same year, later moving to Medfield, Mass..
Oliver is at Wrentham in 1689.
Samuel was married at Boston in 1659.
Samuel was a resident of Wrentham pre-1670.
Thomas came from Winston, England to Cambridge in 1634, later removing to Dedham in 1637.
William was married at Marshfield, Mass. in 1684.

Benjamin was married at Medfield, Mass. in 1674.
David was at Watertown, Mass. as early as 1635.
James, son of Thomas of Suffolk, England, is found at Salem in 1641 but later moved to Haverhill.
Rev. John, 8th generation from Lord Symond Fiske, brother of David, was at Dedham in 1638. He then went to Watertown, Mass..
Nathan, brother of David and John, was a freeman at Watertown in 1643, then removed to Wrentham.

James was a tailor at Boston in 1635 and was born in 1605. He later moved to Brookline, Mass. in 1638.
Rev. James was born at Bocking, Essex, England in 1622 and is found at Saybrook, Conn. by 1638. He settled at Norwich, Conn. by 1660 and by 1696, he is found at Lebanon, Conn..
Jeremiah was at Lynn in 1634 and Reading in 1644.
John was a resident of Windsor, Conn. pre-1676.
John was married at Gloucester in 1667.
Joseph, brother of Rev. James and son of Thomas, came from Braintree, England to New England with his mother in 1638. He was at Norwalk, Conn. in 1652, Northampton, Mass. in 1655, Hartford and lastly Windsor, Conn..
Richard, brother of James, is found at Brookline in 1638.
Samuel was a schoolmaster at Milford, Conn. in 1644, Hartford in 1650 and Wethersfield, Conn. by 1652.
Thomas, brother of Rev. John, came to New England in 1638 and settled at Norwalk, Conn. by 1652.
Thomas was a cordwainer at Boston pre-1656.
Zachary, brother of Rev. John, was at Reading by 1640.

Old woodcut of Cambridge University

Fitts or Fitz
Richard, son of Walter of Taverstock, Devonshire, England settled at Ipswich in 1635 before removing to Newbury later.
Robert, brother of the preceding, was born in England in 1600 and is found at Salisbury in 1639 before settling at Ipswich.

Edward was at Scituate in 1637 and at Barnstable in 1639.

Cotton was at Boston in 1634 at Brookline later.

Flagg or Flegg
Thomas was a yeoman who was born at Scratly, England and one of the hundred of East Flegg, Norfolk, England who came to New England as a servant of Richard Carver in 1637. He was a proprietor of Watertown by 1641.
William was killed during King Philips War.

Stephen was born in England around 1620 and is found at Salisbury in 1640.

Flatman or Flackman
Thomas was at Salem before being found a freeman at Braintree in 1640.

Abraham was born in 1595 in England before coming to New England in 1635.
John was at Watertown in 1639.
Robert lived at Stonington, Conn. in 1669.

Edward was a cutler and minister at Boston in 1640, but left no male issue.
Henry was at Reading ca. 1662.
John lived at Wethersfield, Mass. pre-1641. He removed to Milford, Conn. where he died in 1662.
Robert was of Welsh and English descent and born at Yorkshire, England in 1592. He is found at Concord in 1630 and is also one of the founders of Chelmsford, Mass. and is found at Middletown, Conn. later in life.

Rev. Henry was born at Matlock, Derbyshire, England and came to Boston in 1635. He is found at Braintree one year later.
Thomas, brother of Rev. Henry, came to Boston in 1635 and settled at Concord 2 years later.
Thomas was born in Wales and is found at Salem between 1650 and 1653, when he died at that place.
Wiliam, brother of the preceding, was at Salem in 1645.

Flood or Floyd
Henry was at Boston pre-1666.
James was of Boston as early as 1668.
John, merchant, was at Scituate in 1640 and Boston by 1653.
Capt. John resided at Lynn in 1680 before removing to Chelsea.
Joseph resided at Dorchester in 1635.
Philip was born at the Isle of Guernsey, England and came to Newbury, Mass. by 1680.
Richard was at Boston in 1642.
Robert was born in 1620 and is found to have resided at Wethersfield, Mass. in 1646.

Old Newbury, MA map

Flower or Flowers
Lamrock was an inhabitant of Hartford, Conn. in 1686.
John was a resident of Watertown, Mass. ca. 1639.
Robert lived at Stonington, Conn. in 1669.

John was at Duxbury in 1636 and later is found at Bridgewater, Mass..

Ralph was at Plymouth in 1633, Salem by 1634 but returned to England pre-1652.
Samuel was born in England in 1600 and came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630. He settled at Hampton, N.H., post 1638.

John came from Norwich, Norfolk, England in 1635 and settled at Martha's Vineyard after.

Thomas was born in England in 1640 and came to Portsmouth, N.H. pre-1667, when is is found at Newbury, Mass..

Philip was at Dover, N.H. by 1671.
Robert was an inhabitant of Salem in 1671.
William resided at Dover, N.H. in 1651.

Adam, son of Adam, grandson of Roger, came from Hingham, England to Boston early.
John, born at England in 1617 and brother of preceding, came to Hingham in 1638. He removed to Exeter, N.H. in 1655,
Nathaniel was at Reheboth, Mass. in 1676.

Capt. John settled at Newport, R.I. in 1659 and after at Jamestown and Kingstown, R.I..

Foote or Foot
Nathaniel, son of Nathaniel, was born in England in 1593 and is found at Watertown in 1634 and Wethersfield, Conn. in 1636.
Pasco was granted land at Salem in 1637.

Thomas was a resident of Dover, N.H. in 1648.

Discipline in Colonial schools

Daniel was at Hingham in the early 1670's.