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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Merritt-Monk



A great little sight that my son used for school.


Ezekiel was in Newport, R.I. in 1639.

Henry was born in England around 1590 and settled at Scituate, Mass. by 1637.

James was residing in Boston in 1655.

John, brother to Henry, was at Scituate pre-1643.

Nicholas was an inhabitant of Marblehead, Mass. in 1648.

Thomas settled at Rye, N.Y. in 1673.

William was a constable at Duxxbury, Mass. in 1647.

Merrow, Mero

Henry is seen as married in Woburn, Mass. in 1660.


Cornelius was an Irishman at Northampton, Mass. in 1663.

John resided at Boston in 1663.

Joseph was a Haverhill, Mass. in 1640, wen to Hampton, N.H., Edgartown, Mass. and family tradition says he died at age 103 years old when he died in 1710.

Walter was a shipwright at Boston in 1633.


Henry inhabited Dorchester, Mass. in 1641.


Clement was from the Isle of Jersey, England and is seen at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1673. He later moved to Newington, N.H..


Miles was born 1623 at Wales and came to Milford, Conn. in 1645.


Edward lived in N.H. in 1689.

Messinger, Massenger

Andrew was at Hartford, Conn. in 1639, Norwalk, Conn. by 1672 and lastly New Haven, Conn. in 1687.

Edward was living at Windsor, Conn. pre-1650.

Henry was a joiner in Boston in 1640.

Metcalf, Medcalf

Joseph was a freeman at Ipswich, Mass. in 1635.

Michael was a weaver and tapestry maker(and son of the Rev. Leonard and 6th generation from Brian Metcalf from the Middleton, England Rolls in 1465) who was born in 1586 at Tatterford, Norfolk, England and settled at Dedham, Mass. by 1637.

Stephen was a brickmaker at New Haven in 1639.


Daniel resided at Watertown, Mass. in 1664.


Ellis was at New Haven in 1669.


John was a merchant of Boston in 1689.


Joseph was born at England around 1610 before coming to Concord, Mass. in 1635, settling at Fairfield, Conn. by 1644.


Richard was the son on Edward and came from Warminster, Wiltshire, England to Boston pre-1674.


James was at Dover, N.H. in 1658 before removing to Maine in 1665.

William lived at Boston in 1670.


Thomas resided at Roxbury in 1637 and moved to Rowley in 1637.


William was a minister at Saco, Maine in 1680.

Milbury, Millbury

Henry inhabited York, Maine in 1680.


William was the son of Sir Henry of Essex County, England and enrolled at Harvard University in 1647.

Miles, Myles

John was born at England in 1618 and came to N.E. in 1635, living at Concord by 1639.

John was a minister who was born at Wales in 1621. He was a clergyman at Boson and Weymouth by 1663 and Swansey by 1683.

Joseph is seen at Kittery, Maine in 1652.

Richard was a founder of Milford, Conn. in 1639 and by 1643, had moved to New Haven, Conn..

Richard was at Boston in 1664.

Samuel was a freeman at Dedham in 1645.

Milk, Milke

John was a chimney sweet at Salem in 1663.


John was a tanner at Rehoboth, Mass. in 1643.

Thomas was a resident of Mount Wollaston, Mass. in 1639.


Andrew was a settler of Dover, N.H. in 1674.

Ephraim lived at Kittery, Maine pre-1690.

John, son of Robert and grandson of John, was at Rehoboth in 1643.

John, was the first settler of Wethersfield, Conn. in 1636 before removing to Stamford, Conn. later.

John was from Maidstone, Kent, England and settled at Lynn, Salem, Mass. and East Hampton, L.I. by 1649.

John was born at London, England in 1632 and came to Yarmouth.

John was at Springfield, Mass. in 1690.

Joseph was born 1620 at London, England and came to Newbury, Mass. in 1635. later living at Dover, N.H..

Joseph was of Marlboro, Mass. by 1685.

Nicholas is a Plymouth in 1665.

Paul was at Boston pre-1692 but left no male issue.

Richard was an inhabitant of Charlestown, Mass. in 1637 but left no male issue.

Samuel was at Springfield in 1690.

Sydrach was a cooper at Salem in 1629.

Thomas resided at Rowley in 1646.

Thomas was a planter of Boston pre-1668.

Thomas was seen as married at Springfield, Mass. in 1649.

Thomas was a carpenter who was born in Birmingham, England in 1610. He came to Dorchester in 1635, Rowley and Middletown, Conn. by 1653.

William was a planter of Ipswich in 1638 and by 1654, he had moved to Northampton, Mass..

Millerd, Millard

Benjamin was resided at Rehoboth in 1690.

Joseph lived at Rehoboth in 1690.

Robert was also at Rehoboth in 1690.

Samuel was at Rehoboth in 1690.

Thomas was a mariner at Gloucester, Mass. in 1642 but removed to Newbury the same year.

Millett, Myllett

Richard was of Winthrop's Fleet and came to N.E. in 1633.

Thomas was born in 1605 at England and is first seen at Dorchester, Mass. in 1635.


Andrew was at Scarborough, Maine in 1651.

Arthur was brother to Andrew and also a resident of Scarborough the same year.

Hugh, another brother of the preceding 2, was born in 1640 at England and is at Boston by 1681.


Simon was living at Watertown pre-1686.


John was married at Windsor, Conn. in 1668 and removed to Suffield, Conn. after.


Benjamin inhabited Dedham in 1677.

John was a freeman at Boston in 1630 and the clerk of Braintree, Mass. in 1653.

John lived at Scarborough, Maine early.

Joseph was a planter at Kittery, Maine in 1647.

Peter came from Amsterdam, Holland. Hs original surname was Van Molyn but became Mills when he arrived in N.E.. He settled at Windsor, Conn..

Richard was at Stratford, Conn. in 1653, Stamford, Conn. after and by 1663, he is found at Westchester, N.Y..

Robert, brother of Joseph, died at Kittery, Maine in 1647.

Samuel was married at WIndsor, Conn. in 1639.

Samuel came from Lancashire, England to Weymouth pre-1640 before settling at Dedham in 1644.

Simon was a resident of Windsor in 1639.

Thomas was at Wells, Maine in 1653.


George was a resident of New London, Conn. in 1663.


Thomas lived at Hingham, Mass. in 1636.


Jeffery was a freeman at Hampton, N.H. in 1640.

Minor, Miner

Thomas was the son of William of Chew Magna, Somerset, England and 10th generation from Henry(who was a soldier under Edward III). He is seen at Charlestown in 1632, New London, Conn. in 1645 and Stonington, Conn. in 1683.


James was of Boston in 1645.


George was the son of Thomas and 7th generation from Thomas(of Saffron Walden, Essex, England and Archbishop of Dublin in 1363). He was born in 1594 at Saffron Walden and came to Dorchester, Mass. in 1634.

John died at Boston in 1659.


Tobias came from Newfoundland to New London, Conn. in 1672.

Tristam died at New London, Conn. pre-1674.


John was a selectman at Boston in 1691.

Mirick, Myrick

James was the son of Rev. William and was born in 1612 at England.

John, brother to James, was born in 1614 and is at Charlestown in 1641.

Thomas, brother to previous 2, was born in 1620 and is at N.E. by 1645.

William was at Charlestown in 1636 but went to Eastham aned Duxbury later.


Andrew resided at Charlestown pre-1688.

Experience came to Plymouth in 1623, Duxbury in 1631 and lastly to Bridgewater where she died in 1680.

George was a carpenter at Boston in 1644.

John inhabited Hartford, Conn. in 1660.

Matthew was born at South Outram, Halifax, Yorkshire, England in 1590. He is first at Boston in 1635, Concord a year later, Springfield, Mass., Saybrook and Stamford, Conn. by 1640.

Richard was born at the Isle of Wight, England in 1686 before ending at Newport, R.I..

Thomas was at New Haven, Conn. in 1652.

Thomas  lived at Boston in 1664.

Thomas resided at Block Island, R.I. in 1684.

William died at Charleston, Mass. in 1678.

Mitchelson, Michelson

Edward was at Cambridge, Mass. in 1636.

William married at Cambridge in 1654.


Michael was at Falmouth, Maine in 1637.

Mix, Meeks

Thomas is seen at New Haven, Conn. in 1643.

William, brother to Thomas, was also at New Haven, pre-1650.

Mixer, Mixter

Isaac was born in 1603  at England and lived at Ipswich in 1634.


Henry was a householder at Salem in 1676.

Mokum, Mokey

Robert is seen at Ipswich in 1639 and Boston by 1668.


Christopher was in Boston around 1675.

George was a vintner at the sign of the Blue Anchor in Boston ca. 1675.

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