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New England Colonists, 1600-1700 Graham-Greenland

Benjamin was a resident of Hartford, Conn..
James was at Boston as the Attorney General

Samuel was a pewterer at Boston in 1642.

An old New England tavern scene, drinking from pewter mugs.

Byron is found at Sal;em in 1637.
Launcelot came to Ipswich in 1648 before removing to Newbury within the next couple of years.
(A Mr. Granger was shot in the leg on Oct. 27, year unknown, during the war with King Philip.)
Edward was married at Hartford, Conn. in 1655 before removing to Hadley, MA in 1670. He is lastly found at New Haven, Conn..
John, brother of preceding, is found at New Haven in 1677.

Alexander is seen in Boston pre-1657.
Caleb was a mason at Watertown, MA in 1670.
Christopher was born in England in 1608 before settling as a glover at Watertown, MA in 1634.

From historicipswich.org comes this image of colonial funeral gloves often worn at early funerals. One of the rare instances where lavishness was allowed.

Edward was a shipwright and is found married in Boston in 1658.
James was at Charlestown, MA in 1658 before removing to York, Maine.
James was a resident of Dedham, MA in 1664.
John was living at Newbury, MA in 1690. and at Rowley, MA a year later.
Matthew was born at Devonshire, England in 1601 and came to Dorchester, MA in 1630. He is then found at Windsor, Conn. in 1636.
Peter is at Boston pre-1657 before removing to Hartford, Conn..
Robert is at Ipswich in 1685.
Seth was at Cambridge, MA in 1632 and left for Hartford, Conn. where he died in 1647.

Francis was a resident at Salisbury, MA pre-1690.
George was at Hartford, Conn. pre-1656.
John was born at England pre-1585 and is living at Concord, MA in 1643.
John came to Roxbury, MA in 1633. where  he died in 1644.
John was a cordwainer at Ipswich in 1685.
Mark was at Lynn, MA pre-1657.
Richard is found at Boston in 1656.
Robert was a resident to Ipswich in 1638.
Samuel settled at Lynn, MA in 1630 and by 1645, is found at Hartford, Conn..
Samuel was a feltmaker and married in 1658 at Ipswich.
Thomas was a n engineer at Charlestown, MA in 1629 before returning to England in 1632.
Thomas was born in England in 1585 and settled at New Haven in 1637. He then went to Hartford and Hadley, MA by 1645.
Thomas, aka Admiral Thomas, was born at Radcliffe, England in 1605 and lived in Charlestown, MA in 1639.
William was a Dover, NH in 1659.

Ebeneezer was a resident at Hartford, Conn. in 1638.
Edward was a merchant at Plymouth, MA in 1643.
Edward was born at Lancashire, England and is found at Boston in 1686.
Henry was married at Fairfield, Conn. in 1643.
James is at Providence, R.I. in 1671.
John, brother to Henry, was at Fairfield, Conn. in 1643.
John was married at Yarmouth, MA in 1643.
Joseph was married at Taunton, MA n 1668.
Robert was born at England in 1634 before living at Salem in 1669.
Samuel is found married at Boston pre-1684.
Samuel was married at Salem in 1671.
Samuel was a goldsmith at Boston before removing to New London, Conn. where he died in 1713 at "under 29 years of age" leaving no issue.

An old woodcut of Puritan goldsmithing/silversmithing.

Thomas purchased Nantucket Island from the Indians in 1622, then went to Salem and Marblehead by 1648, a lifelong bachelor.
Thomas was the elder brother of Edward of Plymouth when he came to Plymouth in 1643. He died there in 1652.
Walter is at Hartford, Conn. in 1644.

Greeley, Greeely, Greelee
Andew was a miller who was born in England in 1617 and is found at Salisbury, MA by 1640. He later is seen at Haverhill, MA in 1669.
Nathaniel was the brother of preceding and is in Salisbury in 1649.

Greene, Green
Abraham was at Hampton, NH by 1678.
Bartholomew was at Cambridge, MA in 1634 before gong to Hartford, Conn. by 1636.
Charles lived at Marblehead in 1668.
Daniel was at Wickford, R.I. in 1671.
Henry was of the clergy at Reading, MA in 1645 and died there in 1648.
Henry was born at England in 1620 and is found at Charlestown, MA in 1647, later removing to Malden, MA..
James lived at Romney Marsh(Chelsea) MA and by 1661, he is seen as married at Dorchester, MA..
James was a mariner at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1669.
John came from London to Charlestown in 1632.
John was a surgeon  and grandson to Richard and son of Richard. He was born at Bowridge Hill, Gillingham, Dorsetshire, England around 1590. He first settled at Salem in 1635, then Providence, R.I. a year later and by 1639, is found at Wickford, R.I..

A dramatized sketch of a barber/surgeon in ancient days.
Why these two professions were merged is beyond me.

John was at Sandwich, MA in 1643.
John is at Kittery, Maine in 1652.
John is at Fairfield, Conn, in 1648.
John was born at England in 1630 before coming to Stamford, Conn. by 1657.
John was a mariner and brother to James of Chelsea. He is found at Malden in 1673.
John was an inhabitant of Newport, R.I. in 1655.
John was married at Woburn, MA in 1671.
Joseph was at Plymouth n 1643.
Joseph was a resident of Weymouth in 1632.
Nathaniel was married at Boston in 1657.
Nicholas died at York, Maine in 1663.
Percival , brother of Bartholomew, was born at England in 1603 and is found at Cambridge in 1636.
Ralph was at Boston pre-1642 before removing to Malden pre-1654.

Richard came to New England in 1622 where he is found at Weymouth at Weston's Plantation.
Richard was a mariner at Boston in 1654.
Robert was married at Hinghma, MA in 1666.
Thomas was born at St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England in 1600 and came to Lynn, MA in 1635. He is then found at Ipswich and then moved to Malden around 1655.
Tobias was at Hull, MA in 1675.
William is found at Charlestown(later Woburn) in 1644.
William was a mariner and hotel keeper at Boston from 1659-1677.

A colonial mariners life was life threatening every time
they went out to sea.

William is at Providence, R.I. in 1671.
William was at Groton, MA in 1660./

Samuel was a weaver who was born at Norwich, Norfolk, England in 1610. He came to Salem in 1637, then Hampton, N.H. and lastly to Exeter, N.H. by 1645.
Thomas was at Sandwich in 1643.

Samuel came from Staplehurst, Kent, England to Cambridge, M.A. in 1634 and ending at Hartford, Conn. in 1636.

Henry was a "physick" who was born at England in 1628. He is found at Newbury from 1662-1675.
John was at Charletown in 1644.

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