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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Habberfield-Hammatt, Hammett


William was a clothier in Boston in 1683 and later in Lynn, Mass. in 1691.


William was born at Plymouth, England before settling at Taunton, Mass. in 1660.


William was a resident of Lynn, Mass. in 1650.


Jabez is found at Lynn, Mass. in 1644 and Taunton, Mass. by 1654.

Captain William was a mariner at Salisbury, Mass. pre-1657, when he is found at Dover, N.H.. Ten years later, he is seen at Exeter, N.H..

Hadden, Haddon

Jared or Gerard was part of Winthrop's Fleet of 1630 when he settled at Salisbury in 1640.


Dennis was born in 1650 at England before settling at Sudbury, Mass..

George was born in England in 1600 and lived at Ipswich, Mass. in 1639. He then removed to Rowley and Ipswich from 1665 to his death.


James was born in England and lived at Salem pre-1669, when he is found at Roxbury, Mass..

Nathaniel was at Charlestown, Mass. in 1643, then to Lancaster, Mass. in 1658.

Haffell, Haffield

Richard was born in 1581 at England before coming to Ipswich in 1635, leaving no male issue.


Founders monument, listing William Hagar.

William was born in England in 1625 and one of the founders of Watertown, Mass. by 1645, where he died in 1683.

Hagborne, Hackborne

Abraham was a shoemaker at Boston in 1639, and probably before.

Samuel was t Roxbury in 1635.


Henry was at Salem in 1642 and after 1676, found at Wenham, Mass..


William was at Taunton in 1640 and Boston in 1646.

Halbridge, Holbridge

Arthur was at Boston in 1635 and New Haven, Conn. by 1639.


Gershom was an inhabitant of Springfield, Mass. in 1698.

John was born at Berwick on the Tweed, England before settling at Roxbury and Cambridge around 1631. He is then seen at Concord, Mass. as one of the first settlers.

Robert was born in 1609 in Kent, England and lived at Charleston, Mass. in 1632,

Samuel was born in 1610 at England and lived at Hartford, Conn. in 1640. He is then found at Wethersfield, Conn. in 1642, Norwalk, Conn. in 1654 and back to Wethersfield in 1660.

Thomas, brother of Samuel, was at Roxbury in 1634, Hartford, Conn. in 1636 and by 1656 is found at Norwalk, Conn.. He was a lifelong bachelor.

Thomas was a glover who was born in 1606, the only son of Thomas H., from Walton-at-Stone, Hertfordshire, England. he settled at Newbury, Mass. in 1635, Haverhill, Mass. by 1649, back to Newbury in 1652 and Salem in 1659.

Thomas was a freeman at Saco, Maine in 1653.

Thomas is found married at Charlestown, Mass. in 1639.

Thomas is found married at Hadley, Mass. in 1676.

Timothy is found married at Windsor, Conn. in 1663 and went to Suffield, Conn. by 1680.

William died at Billerica, Mass. in 1668.


Colonial woodcut of a shoemaker's business

Andrew was a fisherman at the Isle of Shoals, N.H. and York, Maine by 1684.

John was married at Hadley, Mass. in 1681.

Thomas lived at Wells and Saco, Maine pre-1650.


Benjamin was a Quaker at Dover, N.H. in 1659 before removing and marrying at Portsmouth, N.H. by 1676.

Benjamin was married at Wrentham, Mass. in 1692.

Christopher was an inhabitant of Groton, Mass. in 1672.

Daniel was a merchant at New Haven, Conn. in 1670 and died at Barbadoes in 1675.

Edward was at Cambridge in 1636.

Edward was born at Hinborough, England as the son of Francis H.. He lived at Duxbury in 1636, Taunton in 1641, Bridgewater in 1645 and Rehoboth in 1652.

Francis was born at Kent, England and was the son of Gilbert H.. He was an attorney in Rev. Henry Whitfield's company when they came from Milford, Surrey, England. He settled at New Haven in 1639, Fairfield, Conn. in "the 1650's" and lastly at Stratford, Conn. by 1659.

George was from Devonshire, England and came to Duxbury by 1637. He was at Taunton in 1643.

Henry was at Westerly, R.I. in 1664.

Job was a resident of New Haven in 1646.

John was born in 1605 at Coventry, England and came with Winthrop's Fleet of 1630, settling at Charlestown and then Barnstable by 1640. He is lastly found at Yarmouth, Mass. in 1653.

John was t Kittery, Maine in 1640.

John was born in 1617 at England and a freeman at Charlestown in 1635. He removed to Dover, N.H. by 1648.

John was born at Kent, England in 1584, at Boston in 1635, Hartford by 1636 and Middletown, Conn. in 1654.

John was a selectman at Boston in 1657.

John was a resident of Newport, R.I. in 1638.

John was born at England in 1605 and at Boston in 1633, Hartford and New Haven by 1639 and Wallingford, Conn. in 1670.

John  was married at Taunton in 1671.

John was a freeman at Roxbury in 1684.

John  lived at Wethersfield pre-1692, when he died there.

John was born at England in 1627 and lived at Billerica, Mass. by 1652. He is then found at Concord and Medford later.

Mary was a widow at Cambridge in 1653 with three sons, John, William and Stephen.

Nathaniel was a resident of Dorchester, Mass. in 1633.

Ralph, brother of John, was born in 1619 at Dover, England. He was at Charlestown in 1647, Dover, N.H. in 1650 and Exeter, N.H. by 1664.

Richard was at Dorchester in 1644. 

Richard was born at Stratford on the Avon, England before settling at Dorchester. He is found at Bradford, Mass. by 1672.

Samuel was living at Salisbury in 1640.

Samuel is at Taunton in 1666.

Samuel was a freeman at Dorchester in 1670.

Thomas, brother of Edward, was at Cambridge in 1648.

Tristam is at Barnstable, Mass. in 1645.

William was a resident of Portsmouth, R.I. in 1638.

William was the brother of Francis and settled at Guilford, Conn. by 1640.

Halladay, Halliday

Walter was a resident of Springfield, Mass. in 1673.


John came from Barbadoes to Stonington, Conn. in 1677.

Nicholas, brother of John, was married at New London, Conn. in 1686.

Hallett, Hollett

Baptismal record of Andrew Hallett.

Andrew came to the Plymouth Colony in 1637, at Dorchester a year later and afterwards is found at Sandwich, Mass. and Yarmouth, Mass..

Hallock, Halleck

David was at Dorchester in 1640 and Boston in 1644.

Peter is a resident at New Haven in 1640 and at Southold, L.I. a year later.

Hallowell, Holloway

Andrew was at new Haven in 1654.

Timothy is found at Taunton in 1643.

William is found at Marshfield or Taunton in 1643 before removing to Boston in 1650.


George was a blacksmith who was born in 1614 at England. He is found at Dorchester pre-1642, when he is seen at Boston.

James was a mathematician at Boston in 1690.

Thomas was born at England in 1591 and is found at Lynn, Mass. by 1637 before removing to Southampton, L.I. later.

William is seen living at Boston in 1654.


Henry is a resident of Concord in 1648.

Nathaniel was a freeman at Dedham in 1641.


John was born in England in 1640 before settling at Dover, N.H. by 1665  and after, went to Casco, Maine.


David was a descendant of Lanarkshire Hamilton's before coming to Charlestown, Mass. from Hamilton, Scotland in 1652. He was on e of the prisoners sent by Cromwell after the battle of Worcester. He settled at Dover, N.H. while working "for his liberty".

John is seen at Charlestown by 1658 before moving to Concord in 1667 and lastly to Marlboro, Mass. in 1671.

William was found married at Boston in 1654.


William was born in 1614 at England before moving to Watertown by 1642. He then removed to Cambridge in 1645 and Billerica, Mass. in 1656.

Hamlin, Hamblin

Ezekiel was married ta Boston in 1654.

Capt. Giles was born in England in 1622 and settled at Middleton, Conn. by 1654.

James, son of Giles, grandson of John Hamely, was living at Cornwall, England in 1570 before going to St. Lawrence, Reading, Berkshire, England and then  to Barnstable in 1639.

John, brother of preceding, is found at Barnstable in 1639.

A John White watercolor of Native's fishing in the Puritan era. 


Francis settled pre-1650 at Dedham, Mass., then went to Medfield later.

Hammatt, Hammett

Thomas was at Mass. in 1658 and later at Scarborough, Maine.

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