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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Hart-Haynor



Edmund came with Winthrop's Fleet in 1630 to Weymouth, MA.

Ephraim was the preceding's brother who is found to be residing in Weymouth by 1634.

Isaac was born in 1614 at Scratby, England and lived in Watertown, Mass. in 1637.

John was a shipwright, born in 1595 England before settling at Salem by 1637. He then went to Marblehead in 1648 and lastly to Boston in 1651.

John was at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1665.

Joseph was married at Lynn, Mass. in 1684.

Lawrence is found in Newbury, Mass. in 1679.

Nathaniel was a resident of Ipswich, Mass. in 1636.

Nicholas was in Taunton, Mass. in 1642 and is found in Boston after.

Richard is seen at Portsmouth,  R.I. by 1687.

Samuel was born in 1622 in England and resided at Lynn, Mass. by 1640.

Stephen was born at Braintree, Essex, England in 1605 and came to New England in 1632. He was a freeman at Cambridge, Mass. in 1634, with Rev. Hooker at Hartford, Conn later and ended up in Farmington, Conn..

Thomas was a tanner at Boston in 1635, resident of Ipswich, Mass. in 1639 and lastly at New Haven, Conn. in 1645.


Thomas was born in Reading, England in 1614 before being found as a residnt of Reading, Mass. in 1648.

Hartup, Hartopp

William was an inhabitant of Duxbury, Mass. in 1643.


William was born in England in the year 1613 before being found at Concord, Mass. by 1636. He is then seen at Chelmsford, Mass. in 1663.


Edmund was a merchant at Milford, Conn. in 1639 before moving to Fairfield, Conn. in 1642.

Joachim is at Newcastle, N.H. in 1669, found later that same year at Great Isle, N.H..

John was a resident of Lyme. Conn. in 1682 and within a year, is at New London, Conn..

Peter was a shipbuilder at Salem in 1692.

Thomas, son of Thomas and sixth generation from Humphrey Harvey, was born in 1485 and is found to have been a famous archer during the reign of Henry VIII. He is found in New England early in the 17th century.

Thomas was born at Ashill, Somersetshire, England in 1617 before he is found at Dorchester, Mass. in 1636. He is then found to have been a proprietor of Taunton, Mass. by 1639.

Thomas was married at Amesbury, Mass. in 1643.

William, brother to Thomas(b. 1617), is living at Plymouth, Mass pre-1639, when he is found at Taunton, Mass..

William is an inhabitant of Boston in 1644.


Andrew was born at Devonshire, England before coming to Boston in 1640.

Edward is seen at New Haven, Conn. in 1641.

George was a carpenter at Boston in 1639 before going to New London, Conn. by 1651.

Henry was with Winthrop's Fleet of 1630 and is first found at Charlestown, Mass. in 1633.

Henry is at Salem in 1638.

Henry was a shoemaker at Boston in 1665, then Casco, Maine by 1675 and lastly returning to Boston by 1683.

John was a tailor at Boston in 1649 but returned to England in 1657.

Nathaniel was the brother of Henry of Charlestown and a cordwainer who came to New England in 1630. He settled at Boston pre-1665, when he is found at Concord and later in Charlestown, Mass..

Robert was a baker at Boston in 1674.

Thomas is found to have married at Boston in 1654.


Nathaniel is at Braintree in 1662.

Hasey, Hazzey

William was living at Rumsey Marsh, Mass.(now Chelsea) in 1652.

Haskell, Hascall

Roger was born in 1613 at England but was of Norman French descent. He is found at Mass. in 1637, settled at Salem and Beverly after.

Tobias was living at Lynn, Mass. in 1645.

Capt. William, brother of Rev, was living in Gloucester, Mass. in 1642.

William was a resident of Salem in 1679.


Stephen was a soap boiler at Salem in 1664.

Haskins, Hoskins

Andrew was living at Windsor, Conn. in 1654.

John came to new England from England in 1630 and settled at Dorchester pre-1631, when he was made freeman. He was also one of the first inhabitants of Windsor, Conn..

Samuel was married at new Haven, Conn. in 1642.

Thomas was at Barnstable, Mass. in 1668.

William was residing in New Haven in 1643.

William was born in England and settled at Plymouth in 1633, then is found at both Scituate and Middleboro, Mass. later in life.


John was a freeman in Ipswich by 1637. He then removed to Rehoboth, Mass. in 1642 but returned to Ipswich by 1648.

Richard was at Cambridge in 1647 and Watertown, Mass. after.


John was a tanner at Braintree in 1643.

Robert was at Haverhill, Mass. in 1677.

Thomas was born in 1605 and is found to have come to New England in 1634, residing in Watertown, Mass. after.


Charles was a fisherman at York, Maine pre-1655.

Joseph is found at Falmouth, Maine in 1630.

Philip was born in 1600 and was living in Maine by 1638 and ten years later, still in Maine at York.

Thomas was at Dorchester, Mass. in 1634 and is found to have died at Scituate in 1646.

William was the brother of the preceding who was a merchant , born at Sandwich, Kent, England. He came to New England in 1630, returned to England by 1633 and again crossed over here, residing at Scituate in 1635.

William was living at new London, Conn. in 1690.


Arthur was married at Marshfield, Mass. in 1643.

John was born in 1617 and is found at Barnstable in 1635, then at Taunton in 1649.

Joseph was the brother of the preceding and at Taunton in 1657.

Hatherly, Hetherly

Arthur was at Plymouth in 1660.

George is at Boston in 1676.

Thomas was an inhabitant of Boston in 1668.

Timothy was a merchant of Plymouth in 1623 but returned to England the following year. He then came back from the parish of Hatherly, Barnstable, Devonshire, England  and was at Boston in 1632.

Hathorne, Hawthorne

Ebenezer was at Salem in 1669.

John was the son of William and a farmer who was born at Binfield, Berkshire, England in 1615. He removed in Salem in 1635 and is found at Lynn by 1650.

William, brother of the preceding, was born in 1607 at Binfield, Berkshire, England. He came with Winthrop's Fleet of 1630 and settled at Dorchester before removing to Salem by 1636.


Henry came to Salem in 1629 with Higginson's fleet but died the same year.

Richard was a shipwright at Boston pre-1642, when he is found at New London, Conn..

Haven, Havens

Richard came from the western part of England to Lynn in 1645.

William was living at Portsmouth, R.I. in 1639.


Edward was at Boston pre-1657.

William was at Newport, R.I. in 1653.

Haw, Hawes

Daniel was a resident of Wrentham, Mass. pre-1681.

Edmund was a cutler who came from London to Boston in 1635, living at Yarmouth later.

Edward was a mason born in 1620 and lived at Dedham, Mass. in 1648.

Richard was born in England in 1606 and is found at Dorchester in 1635.

Robert was a soap boiler from London in Salem in 1635.

Robert was at Roxbury in 1665.

Capt. Thomas was born in 1590 and settled at Salem in 1637. He then went to Yarmouth, Mass. in 1639. 

William was a resident of Boston in 1652.

Hawke, Hawkes, Hawks

Adam was born in 1608 and came with Winthrop's Fleet of 1630. He is first found at Charlestown, then Lynn by 1638.

John was at Dorchester in 1634 and Windsor, Conn. by 1640.

Matthew came from Cambridge, England and settled at Hingham, Mass. in 1638.

Hawkehurst, Hawxhurst

Christopher was at Warwick, R.I. in 1655.


Thomas was born in 1612 before coming to New England in 1635. He is first found at Salisbury, Mass. in 1640.


Abraham was at Charlestown in 1642.

Anthony was a resident of Windsor, Conn. in 1644.

Gamaliel was a mariner at Salem in 1688.

George was a shipwright at Boston in 1644.

James was an inhabitant of Boston in 1635.

John was a mariner and married at Boston in 1654.

Richard was at Boston in 1637 and is found later at Portsmouth, R.I..

Robert was the son of Sir John and born in 1610. He settled at Charlestown in 1635 before removing to Fairfield, Conn. later.

Robert was at Boston in 1690.

Tomas was a merchant at Charlestown in 1636 and later lived at Dorchester and Boston.

Thomas was a baker and brother to Abraham when he arrived in New England in 1649.

Timothy was a resident of Watertown in 1635.

William was a butcher at Boston in 1666.

William was bornin 1609 and is found at Providence, R.I. in 1635.


Joseph was a yeoman who was born at Parwich, Derbyshire, England in 1603. He came to New England in 1639 and settled at Stratford, Conn. in 1650. 

Samuel was at Norwalk, Conn. in 1657 and Stratford, Conn. in 1666.

Thomas was a resident  of Roxbury, Mass. pre-1651.

Haxie, Hauksie, Hoxie

Lodowich was married at Sandwich in 1664.


James was one of the first year settlers of Reading, Mass..

Hayden, Haydon, Heydon

James was at Charlestown in 1637.

John, son of Gideon and 17th generation from Sir Thomas de Heyden, cam to Boston in 1630. He is then found at Dorchester and Braintree, Mass. from 1632 onward.

William is seen at Dorchester in 1630, removing to Hartford and Windsor, Conn. by 1637, Windsor in 1666 and is also seen at Killingworth, Conn. and Fairfield, Conn. at various times to 1672.


George came from Scotland to New England in 1680 and settled at Windsor in 1682, removing to Simsbury, Conn. after.

John was at Dover, N.H. in 1680.

Nathaniel was living at Norwalk, Conn. in 1652.

Thomas resided at Milford, Conn. in 1645.

Hayman, Heyman

Major John was a ropemaker at Boston in 1662. 

Haynes, Haines

Charles was a resident of New London, Conn. in 1664.

Edmund was at Springfield in 1645 but left no make issue.

James was living at Salem in 1637.

Joh was born in 1594 at Copford Hall, Essex, England and came with the REv. Hooker in 1634. He settled at Hartford in 1637 and was the first governor of Conn..

Mark was at Boston in 1665.

Richard was at Beverly, Mass. in 1671.

Samuel was born in 1611 at Bristol, England and came in 1635. He settled at Pemaquid, Maine before removing to Dover, N.H. in 1640 and Portsmouth, N.H. by 1646.

Thomas was living in Maine between 1658-1665 before moving to Amesbury, Mass. , where he married in 1667.

Walter was a linen weaver who was born at Sutton, Manderfield, Wiltshire, England in 1583. He is found in Boston in 1638, Watertown after and Sudbury by 1639.


William was a tailor from Virginia in Salem in 1660.

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