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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Hayward-Higgenbottom


Ancient New England, courtesy of Boston Magazine


George is seen at Concord, MA in 1635.

James was born in England in 1613 and settled at Charlestown, MA by 1635 before removing to Woburn.

John is at Watertown, MA in 1632 and moved to Dedham later.

John was a resident of Plymouth, MA in 1643.

John was a scrivener at Boston in 1671 and a postmaster in 1673.

Nicholas was at Salem in 1643 before leaving for Boston before 1665.

Richard was born in Bedfordshire, England and came wtih Higginson to Salem in 1629.

Robert was married at Windsor, Conn. by 1647. He then went to Northampton, MA as a miller in 1659 but returned to Windsor later.

Samuel is at Gloucester, MA in 1641.

Samuel was living in Boston in 1645.

Samuel was born in 1613 in England and settled at Malden(Charleston) in 1635.

Thomas was a tailor who came from Aylesford, Kent, England before settling at Cambridge, MA in 1635. He went to Duxbury, MA in 1638 and Bridgewater, MA by 1651.

Thomas was a resident of Enfield, Conn. pre-1686.

William was a resident of Charlestown, MA by 1637 and a freeman at Hampton, N.H. by 1640.

William, grandson to Sir Robert Harward, Lord Mayor of London in 1570, settled at Bridgewater, MA in 1646.

William lived at Braintree, MA in 1648.

William resided in Braintree, MA in 1648.

William was at Swanzey, MA pre-1672.


Anthony was a resident of Boston in 1671.


Thomas was a ships carpenter at Boston in 1635 and R.I. by 1639. He was also one of the founders of Newport, R.I.. He is then found at Long Island in 1656 where he died in 1669. 

Hazeltine, Hazelton

Charles was living at Ipswich, MA in 1661.

Daniel was at Bradford, MA in 1676.

John was born in England in 1620 and is found in Boston pre-1640, when he is seen at Rowley and then Haverhill, MA later.

Robert, brother of John, came from Bradford, Yorkshire, England to Salem by 1636. He is seen at Rowley by 1640 and Bradford, MA the next year.


Francis was at Boston where he died in 1674.


Edward lived at Rowley pre-1649.


Arthur lived at Portsmouth, N.H. by 1671.

Henry was at Little Compton, R.I. in 1683.

Richard was an inhabitant of Marblehead, MA in 1674.


John was born at Berwick on the Tweed, Northumberland, England before seen at Concord in 1635.

Healey, Haley

Dennis was married at Watertown, MA in 1682.

Nicholas was at Pemaquid, Maine in 1674.

Samuel is seen as married at Salisbury, MA in 1685.

William has been found at Lynn, Roxbury and Cambridge early.


Benjamin was living at Salisbury in 1691.

James was an inhabitant of Kittery, Maine in 1659.

John, brother of James, is also at Kittery pre-1643.

Luke, son of Edmund of Claxton, Norfolk, England, was living in Salisbury by 1640, removing to Ipswich by 1647, the year of his death.

Thomas was at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1630.

William, of Devonshire, England,  resided in Plymouth in 1623.


Bartholomew was born in 1615 at England and settled at Newbury, MA pre-1645, when he is found at Haverhill.

Charles was at Boston in 1683.

Isaac was born in 1585 at England and settled at Roxbury n 1635.

John, brother of Bartholomew, was at Haverhill but had no male issue.

Joseph, brother of Charles, was at Boston early.

Thomas, brother of Joseph, was at Boston in 1676.

William, brother of Isaac, lived at Roxbury in 1632 and Dover, N.H. by 1645.

Heathfield, Hithfield

Matthias is living at New Haven, Conn. in 1660.


James was an inhabitant of New Haven in 1661.

Nathaniel was born in England and was at Boston in 1634.

Hebard, Hebberd

Robert was born in 1612 at England and is seen at Salem by 1646.

Hedge, Hedges

John was born in 1610 at England and is found at Lynn, MA by 1634.

Stephen was a resident of Fairfield, Conn. by 1670.

Tristram was married at Boston in 1657.

William was at Lynn in 1634 before removing to Sandwich, Ma and Yarmouth, MA later.

William was at Taunton, MA in 1648.


John was an inhabitant of Newport, R.I. pre-1676.


William was living at Wickford, R.I. in 1674.


Andrew was at Kittery, Maine in 1640.


John resided at Nantucket, R.I. pre-1682.


Christopher is seen at Exeter, N.H. in 1639, in MA by 1643 and Warwick, R.I. by 1644.


John was married at Saco, Maine in 1658.


Francis was a freeman in MA in 1646.

Hemmenway, Hemingway

Ralph was born in England and removed to Roxbury in 1633. 

Samuel, born in 1636 at England, settled at East Haven, Conn. in 1662.


Robert was at New London, Conn. in 1645.


Arthur was a resident of Windsor and Simsbury, Conn. pre-1697.

Henchman, Hinchman

Capt. Daniel was a school master at Boston in 1666 before moving to Worcester, MA later. He is famous for his bravery and fighting skills in the war against King Philip.

Edmund was at Marshfield, MA in 1652and Chelmsford, MA by 1657.

Joseph was at Scituate, MA in 1680.

Thomas settled at Concord and Chelmsford, MA by 1654.

William is found to have married at Boston in 1653.

Hendee, Handy, Hendy

Richard was born in England and lived at Norwich by 1660.


John is seen at Dover, N.H. in 1655 and by 1663, he lived at Springfield, MA, Hartford and Haddam, Conn..

William was a ships carpenter from Glasgow, Scotland before living at Dover, N.H. by 1650.


Daniel was an inhabitant of Hampton, N.H. in 1639 and Haverhill, MA by 1645.

Peter was at Windsor, Conn in 1675 and Wallingford, Conn. in 1712.


Peter resided in Boston in 1643.


Edmund was a mariner at Salem in 1669.

Joseph is found at Salem early.

Hening, Hennen

Richard was In Newbury pre-1671.

Henley, Hanley

Elias married at Boston in 1657 and moved to Marblehead by 1668.

Joseph was at Chelmsford, MA in 1680.


Isaac resided in Medfield, MA in 1675.

John was In Topsfield, MA in 1690.


John is seen at Springfield, MA in 1661 and moved to Haddam and Hartford, Conn. later.

Henshaw, Hinshaw, Hinshew

Daniel was the son of Sir Joshua of Liverpool, England before coming to Dorchester as a minor in 1652. He then married and had one son who died unmarried.

Joshua, brother of Daniel, was born at Liverpool in 1644 and went to Dorchester in 1652.He married, had four sons and left back for England by himself, where he died.

Hensher, Heinsher

Thomas was married at Woburn, MA in 1677.

Hepburn, Hepbourne

George was a leather dresser at Charleston in 1636.

Patrick was from Scotland and moved to Conn. in 1680.

Herbert, Harbert

Henry was married at Charlestown in 1653. 

John was a shoemaker who came from Northampton, England in 1637 before settling at Salem in the same year.

John was a merchant at Braintree, MA in 1641.

John was the captain of the Reading, MA militia in 1680.

Sylvester lived at Boston in 1652.


Benjamin was living at Lynn, MA in 1647 but later moved to Providence, R.I..


George was a shopkeeper at Salem in 1686.

Henry was the son of Sir William, of Beau Manor Park, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England and the 10th generation from Eyryk of Great Streton. He was born at Beau Manor in 1604, first went to VA, then Salem by 1629 and later to Wenham and Beverly, MA..


James was a resident of Dedham in 1642.

Thomas was a freeman at Dedham in 1654.


George was an inhabitant of Boston in 1664.


William was the son of Nathaniel of Reading, Berkshire, England and born in 1596. He came over to New England in 1635 and lived at Hingham in 1638.

Hethersay, Hithersea

Robert was at Charlestown in 1640, Dover, N.H. in 1648 and finally at York, Maine in 1651.


Thomas was a cooper at Cambridge, MA in 1632,lived at Hingham in 1637, Rehoboth, MA in 1645 and Malden, MA by 1658.

Hewes, Hews

Christopher resided at Haverhill in 1646.

George was at Salisbury in 1672.

James lived in Boston in 1669.

John was from Wales was at Plymouth pre-1632,when he is seen at Scituate, MA..

John was born in 1621 at England and at Watertown, MA in 1642.

Joshua was a merchant in Roxbury in 1633, at Wickford, R.I. by 1662 and Boston by 1657.

Robert was living in Lynn in 1642.

Hewett, see Huet

Hewins, Hewens

Jacob settled at Boston pre-1660, when he is found at Dorchester.

Hewlet, Hewlett

Lewis came from Buckinghamshire, England to Charlestown in 1636 and is next found at Hempstead, Long Island in 1647.


James settled at Charlestown and died there in 1642.

John was born  in 1620 at England and settled at Concord in 1650.

Hibbard, Hibbert

Robert was a brickmaker and salt-maker who was born in Salisbury, England in 1613. He is found at Salem in 1635.

Hibbins, Hibbens

Giles was married at Saco, Maine in 1670.

William was a merchant in Boston in 1634 leaving no children.


David was living at Watertown in 1686.

Joseph was brother to David and lived at same place by 1686.

Hichborn, Hitchborn

Davide was born in England and settled at Boston in 1650.

Hickcox, Hicox, Hickox

William was at new Haven, Conn. in 1643, had two sons(Joseph and Samuel of Farmington, Conn.)and moved back to England alone.


Thomas was at Stamford, Conn. early.


John was a resident of Newport, R.I. in 1639 and later removed to Newtown and Hempstead,Lng Island.

Richard was at Boston in 1649.

Robert was a leather dresser who was born in England in 1580. He went to Plymouth in 1621.

Thomas was the brother of Robert and lived in Scituate in 1630.

Timothy was a shipwright at Boston pre-1673, where he is found at Salem.


Robert married at Eastham, MA in 1679.

Walter was a soldier in Hatfield, MA in 1676.


Andrew was born in 1626 at England and came to Rowley in 1655. He is found to have died in 1729 at the great age of 103 years.

Higbee, Higby

Edward was born in England and settled at New London, Conn. in 1647. He went to Middletown, Conn and by 1675, he is found at Jamaica, Long Island.


Richard was a tailor at new Haven, Conn. in 1682 and then moved to Stamford, Conn by 1701.

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