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New England Colonists 1600-1700 Johns-Keayne

Johns, Johnes
Edward was the son of Richard of Somerset, England who came to Charlestown, Mass. in 1630, later settling at Boston by 1637.
                                                   Fort William and Mary, 1705

Charles was living in New London, Conn. by 1690.
Davy is found at Dorchester, Mass. in 1630.
Edmund was born in England in 1612 and is found in Hampton, N.H. by 1639.
Capt. Edward was the author son of William and born at Hermehill, Kent, England in 1598. He came with Winthrop in 1630 and settled at Charlestown and Salem before returning to England in 1635. He then again came to Charlestown 2 years later and is found at Woburn, Mass. in 1642.
Edward was living at Branford, Conn. in 1690.
Francis was an inhabitant of Salem in 1631.
Isaac inhabited Charlestown in 1676.
James was a glover who was born in England in 1602 before being seen at Boston in 1636.
James was an agent of Mason in Portsmouth, N.H. in 1630.
Jeremiah was living in New Haven, Conn. in 1662.
John was born at Waterham, Hernshill Conaterbury, Kent, England and came to N.E. with Winthrop in 1630 and is a resident of Ipswich, Mass. in 1635.
John was of Newport, R.I. in 1638 and later at Wickford, R.I. by 1674.
John was a resident of Sandwich, Mass. in 1643.
John was born in 1609 at England and although he came to N.E. in 1635, he is first recorded at New Haven, Conn. in 1643.
John was born in 1612 at London, England and was a resident of Guilford, Conn. in 1669.
John is seen to have married at Rowley, Mass. in 1650.
John was in Lancaster, Mass. in 1654, Salisbury and Marlboro, Mass. later.
John was a blacksmith who is recorded to have married at Charlestown in 1656 and then removed to Haverhill by 1662.
John is living at Watertown, Mass. in 1650, married there the same year and removed to Lexington the following year.
John was married at N.H. in 1661.
John was a resident of Rehoboth, Mass. in 1673.
John was of Norwich, Conn. in 1677.
John was a Huguenot who came from Rochelle, France to Oxford, Mass. in 1685. He was killed by Indians in 1696 along with 3 of his children.
John was a lighterman in Salem in 1691.
Peter was a resident of Fairfield, Conn. in 1649.
Return was at Hampton, N.H. in 1678.
Richard was born in 1612 at England and settled at Charlestown in 1630, removing to Watertown and Lynn, Mass. later.
Robert came from Kingston-on-Hull, Leicestershire, England to New Haven, Conn. in 1638.
Robert was an inhabitant of Marblehead, Mass. in 1674.
Samuel was a mariner at Boston in 1653.
Samuel was of Lynn, Mass. in 1664.
Solomon was born at England in 1615 and came to Sudbury, Mass. in 1638. He later removed to Marlboro, Mass. by 1653.
Stephen is fist seen at Ipswich, and then Andover, Mass. where he was married in 1661.
Thomas was a cobbler at Hartford, Conn. in 1640.
Thomas was born at England in 1610 and came to N.E. in 1635 but drowned at Boston Harbor in 1656.
Thomas was of New London, Conn. in 1682.
Thomas was seen to have married at Andover in 1657.
Timothy was living at Andover in 1674.
William, brother of Capt. Edward, was born at Hernehill Canterbury, Kent, England in 1605 and was a resident of Charlestown, Mass. in 1634.
William was married and living at Guilford, Conn. in 1665.
William inhabited Stonington, Conn. by 1670.
William is seen as married at Andover in 1678.
Wingle, Windle, was married at new Haven in 1664.
Zechariah, Zachariah was a resident of Charlestown in 1672.

Daniel was a Huguenot was was born at Rochelle, France in 1668 before being seen at Oxford, Mass. in 1686.

Abel was a freeman at Northampton, Mass. in 1690.
Abraham resided at Hull, Mass. in 1657.
Alexander was an agent of Mason and is found at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1631.
Benjamin was living at Malden, Mass. by 1681.
Charles was born in 1614 England before on record at Dorchester in 1635.
Cornelius settled at Stamford, Conn. by 1652, the year of his death.
David was a freeman of Dorchester in 1665.
Griffin, Griffith, settled at Springfield in 1646.
Henry lived at Lynn, Mass. in 1642.
Hugh came from Wiscanton, Somersetshire, England to Salem in 1650.
Jacob died at New Haven, Conn. in 1675.
Jeffrey was living at Southold, L.I., N.Y. in 1664 and four years later, removed to Salem.
Jenkin was a settler at Dover, N.H. by 1666.
John was a clergyman and son of William and was born at Abergavonny, Monmouth, England. He si first seen at Concord in 1635.
John was of Providence, R.I. in 1655.
John  was born at London, England in 1615 and came to  Portsmouth, N.H. in 1635, leaving no issue.
John was born in England in 1620 and came to N.E. in 1635. His first recoded home was at Cambridge in 1648.
John was a resident of Boston pre-01665.
John was at Charlestown in 1672.
Lewis was born in England in 1600 and settled at Roxbury and Watertown, Mass. between 1635-1650.
Lewis was of Saybrook, Conn. in 1667.
Matthew lived at Boston in 1645.
Morgan was a clergyman and son of John. He was born at Newport, Monmouth, England before being seen at Killingworth and Branford, Conn pre-1680, when he is recorded at Newtown, Lng Island, N.Y..
Ralph settled at Plymouth pre-1643 and is also found at Barnstable by 1654.
Rice was at Boston in 1651.
Richard was at Dorchester in 1635, dying there in 1641.
Richard was at Farmington and Haddam, Conn. before dying at the latter in 1670.
Robert was at Hingham, Mass. in 1637 and Rehoboth by 1644.
Robert was married at Salisbury in 1659.
Robert was born at England in 1633 and is seen at Amesbury, Mass. in 1666.
Stephen was of Dover, N.H. in 1672.
Teague was an inhabitant of Yarmouth, Mass. in 1653.
Thomas was born at England in 1595, came to Dorchester in 1635 and died there in 1667.
Thomas was living at Newbury in 1637 before removing to Hampton, N.H. in 1639 and lastly to Kittery, Maine.
Thomas was a tailor who was bornin 1602 at Caversham, Oxfordshire, England. he is seen at Hingham, Mass. by 1638.
Thomas was bornin 1598 and is first seen at Gloucester in 1642,  then New London, Conn. by 1651.
Thomas was of Taunton in 1659. 
Thomas settled at Guilford, Conn. in 1639 but returned to England in 1651.
Thomas was married at Boson in 1654.
Thomas was a resident of Springfield, Mass. in 1678.
William was a mason at Cambridge in 1635 and Charlestown in 1658.
William was at Portsmouth, N.H. and Dover, N.H. by 1644.
William was a lawyer who was born in 1624 England before locating at New Haven, Conn. by 1660.

Jordan, Jorden
Francis was at Ipswich in 1634.
James was a resident of Dedham, Mass. pre-1655.
John is seen at Guilford, Conn. in 1639.
John is at Plymouth in 1643.
Robert was a clergyman from Worcester, England who came to Richmond Island, Maine in 1641. He then went to Portsmouth, N.H. by 1675 and died at Portsmouth, N.H. in 1679.
Stephen came to Ipswich in 1634 and Newbury after.

Josselyn, Jocelyn, Joslin
Henry was the son of Sir Thomas and was born at County Kent, England. He was an agent of Mason and Sir. Gorges by 1658 and died at Pemaquid, Maine in 1682.
John, brother of Henry, came to Boston in 1638 but returned to England in 1672. He was the author of New England Rarities.
Richard was at Saybrook, Conn. in 1669.
Thomas was born in 1592 England before coming to N.E. in 1635. He first settled at Hingham in 1637 and then at Lancaster, Mass. by 1654.

                                                  1780 New Hampshire currency

Jacob resided at Fairfield and Killingworth, Conn. by 1673.
Thomas was a carpenter at Boston inn 1638.
Walter was an inhabitant of Milford, Conn. in 1650.

Joyce, Jesse, Jose
Christopher was at Isle of Shoals, N.H. in 1651 and Portsmouth later.
David was a goldsmith and married at Boston in 1698.
John settled at Lynn and Sandwich, Mass. by 1637, later found at Yarmouth, Mass. by 1643.
Walter was at Marshfield, Mass. in 1667.
William is at Windsor, Conn. and Springfield, Mass. He drowned at Enfield Falls, Mass. in 1645.

John was a resident of Boston in 1657.

Roger resided at Boston in 1638.
Samuel was married at Hingham, Mass. by 1667.
Thomas was at Gloucester in 1651.

Samuel was the son of Michael of Horton, Yorkshire, England and lived at Dedham in 1646.
William was born in Yorkshire, England before coming to Concord in 1634. He removed to Hartford, Conn in 1638, Stratford and New Haven, Conn. later.

                                              Old maple sugar camp of New England

Richard was at York, Maine in 1670.

John came from Southampton, England in 1638 to Hingham, Mass. where he died in 1650.
Robert was born in England in 1595 and died at Boston in 1656.
William was a resident of Bosont in 1656.

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